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We are currently upgrading several pieces of fitness equipment in our Wellness-Fitness Center which will be added to our already amazing array of exercise equipment. “We are excited about the new additions to our Wellness Center,” says Colin Deck, Wellness Coordinator.  “These new pieces include an adaptive motion trainer, a rowing machine with built-in trainer, a cardio strider and a multifunctional cable strength machine. These pieces will add variety for our members and provide safe and more functional exercise options to our fitness programming.”

Our wonderful Wellness-Fitness Center is open to the general public for anyone age 55 and better. Aside from our great fitness equipment, we teach many, many classes each month to all skill levels, and you are able to have a personal fitness trainer as well.  For Franke Tobey Jones residents, our Wellness-Fitness program, classes, equipment and personal trainers are free.  For those who don’t live at FTJ, the cost is $40 per month or $60 per couple.  Personal trainers can be scheduled for $100 for 10 sessions or $25 for individual sessions.

Franke Tobey Jones is a leader in Senior Wellness in Pierce County with a comprehensive program developed by a nationally recognized wellness consultant. We offer a holistic, preventative Senior Wellness Program that improves quality of life and maintains independence as long as possible. Wellness is the cornerstone of health and encompasses a holistic approach. Exercise helps maintain mental and physical health and enhances the quality of life while prolonging independence. Participating in exercise programs results in improved self-esteem, self-confidence and intellectual performance. Socialization encourages a more positive emotional well-being and participants enjoy a strong sense of pride.

The Senior Wellness Program has been a hallmark of our campus since 1998. In 2004, the state-of-the-art 6,000 square foot MJ Wicks Family Wellness Center opened with wild success. Wellness Center participants have nothing but rave reviews for the exercise classes, personal training and experienced and attentive staff. They say the staff have a magical ability to make exercise fun and special!

Recent studies indicate that older adults who are active and socially engaged maintain their independence, improve physical and mental functioning, stay healthier and live happier more complete lives. Based upon these ideas, Franke Tobey Jones offers a multi-faceted Wellness Program that improves quality of life.

Four Main Types of Training at FTJ

  1. Strength training for increased independence and confidence
  2. Flexibility training for increased mobility and greater range of motion
  3. Cardiovascular training for healthy heart and lungs
  4. Balance training for increased stability and decreased risk of falls and injury

A large indoor walking track runs along the inside perimeter of the building allowing participants to stay active regardless of the weather outside. An open, spacious classroom gives participants ample room to take part in the classes taught by our energetic and knowledgeable certified instructors. Participants appreciate the lockers, showers and handicapped accessible restrooms.

For more information about our Wellness-Fitness program or to become a member, please call Colin Deck our Wellness Coordinator at 253-756-6279.

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