Art Expression Class –FTJ Holistic Wellness Program

group of residents holding up their handmade art

One of our newest FTJ wellness programs is the Holistic Wellness Program which started several months ago.  This very popular program consists of several components including meditation, restorative yoga, tea tasting, sound bath, Art Expressions and more. 

“As the holidays approach we may be feeling all kinds of emotions,” says Sarah Doerner, FTJ Holistic Wellness Coordinator. “Sometimes simply stating what you’re experiencing or feeling isn’t enough. In order for emotions to move through us freely, they must be accepted and expressed. Doing so fuels our creativity. One way to do this is by expressing emotion through art by whatever creative means allows you to open up and bare your soul.”  This month in her FTJ Art Expression Class, Sarah is challenging participants to express themselves through art and writing, as they share new ideas and uncover different ways to express themselves. No experience necessary.

Better Up, a holistic consulting firm, states “The holistic wellness definition is a departure from how we traditionally see health. Particularly in Western society, wellness is typically associated with physical health. We define health as the absence of illness or disease. However, that’s only part of the story. Health — and wellness — can only be understood as parts of a whole, and all of the dimensions are inextricably connected.”

Holistic wellness is important because it helps individuals conceptualize illness by looking at all aspects of their lives and implementing changes to promote healing and prevention.  The most efficient method to implement a holistic lifestyle is through behavioral changes, development of habits and developing self-awareness and self-regulation. Through the FTJ Holistic Wellness Program, residents and community members are learning the many aspects of wellness and are able to participate in very interesting classes that expand their knowledge, enhance their lives and improve their overall health and happiness.

If you are interested in learning more about the FTJ Holistic Wellness Classes, please contact Sarah Doerner at 253-756-6241 or at


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