As We Celebrate 95 Years We Continue to Welcome New Residents from New and Far

elderly couple smiling for the camera

As we celebrate our 95th anniversary this year and open our two new buildings, we continue to live Mrs. Jones’ vision and embrace her mission and philosophy: To enrich and extend the quality of life for seniors in our community. For 95 years Franke Tobey Jones has made meaningful lives possible. Today, Mrs. Jones’ generosity and revolutionary idea live on in every building on our beautiful campus. We give seniors a meaningful life at every stage of life, and as a not-for-profit organization we invest what we receive back into our community.

People find Franke Tobey Jones from near and far. The Watters lived in Texas and took many months looking across the Pacific Northwest for their most desirable retirement community. We were thrilled when they chose Franke Tobey Jones! “Franke Tobey Jones is a wonderful Life Plan Community located above Point Defiance Park in Tacoma,” says Abbie Watters. “In 2009, my husband and I began searching for where we wanted to spend our retirement years. We knew we wanted to leave the heat and drought of Texas and relocate to the Pacific Northwest. We spent 21 days exploring 20 different retirement communities between Bellingham, WA and Medford, OR, and chose Tobey Jones as our favorite. It had everything we were looking for: congenial people; private, not for profit status; and all levels of care from independent living to full health care. We have lived here since June of 2012 and are very happy with the community. All maintenance is included; there are enrichment activities available; the dining staff is outstanding; the Senior University program helps keep our minds active. Franke Tobey Jones is a great place.”

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