Don’t be Scammed! Tips to Prevent Fraud

'Scam' infographic

Recently more and more people are being scammed, especially seniors.  Please beware!  It’s easy to think that callers and emailers are legitimate.  They make their “scam” feel so real using company logos, official branding and everything they can think of to make their scam look legitimate.

General Tips To Prevent Fraud

  1. Never give out personal information to anyone by phone, mail or internet.  Never respond to an offer that you do not understand.
  2. Ask for invoices in writing and pay only when you have received a performed service.
  3. Shred credit card receipts and statements before throwing them in the trash.  Close unused credit card or bank accounts.

Healthcare and Health Insurance Fraud

  1. Do not sign blank insurance forms or give blanket authorizations.
  2. Do not do business with telephone or door-to- door sales people.
  3. Do not give your Medicare or health insurance information to just anyone.
  4. Check with your doctor if a prescription looks suspicious or has an adverse side effect.

Investment and Reverse Mortgage Scams

  1. Do not respond to unsolicited requests.  Do not sign any documents from unsolicited persons.
  2. Be wary of anyone offering unusually high interest or dividends.

Funeral and Cemetery Fraud

  1. Don’t let the sales people pressure you into immediate purchases.
  2. Understand contract terms, basic fees and extra services.

Telemarketing Fraud

  1. Hang up if the caller offers something free or deeply discounted, or if they say you must act immediately.
  2. Don’t buy from unknown companies.
  3. Don’t pay for anything until you receive it.

Charity Scams

  1. Do not disclose any personal or financial information.
  2. Learn about charities before you give.  Both and are good resources.

Source: 2017 Better Life Line

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