FTJ Away From the Chaos

Jane playing violin with a deer in the window

If you’re like most of us, you’re thinking the world seems a little (or a lot) crazy right now.  It certainly has been an interesting year to say the least.

In these crazy times, Franke Tobey Jones is offering our residents a lot of peace of mind, serenity, a beautiful atmosphere, care if needed, and a place to enjoy life.  “Sheltering in place on a beautiful campus, bordered by a large city park filled with great trees and trails, and knowing the staff is doing everything they can to keep us COVID-free is an inestimable gift,” says resident Pat Mail.  “And I am so proud and grateful to be a part of a senior community that has been 100% COVID free since March.”

These are extremely challenging times, and we understand that the inability to see family is really tough.  It is human nature to want to be with our loved ones.  We are all feeling it and know that as each day passes, it’s more difficult to be apart from those we love. 

We are hoping that Franke Tobey Jones, which is surrounded by gorgeous landscaping, caring staff, camaraderie while social distancing and a walkable campus, provides a calm and serene place to live in this topsy turvy world we are presently living in. 

“When I get too much of the chaotic noise and craziness I witness on TV, all I have to do is turn off the TV and listen to the incredibly calming silence of living at FTJ,” says FTJ resident Nancy Cook.  “The calm and silence here is the best defense against the chaos and craziness of these times.  I love it here!”

Every effort is being made at Franke Tobey Jones to keep our residents engaged under the set COVID guidelines.  Everything from our Personal Concierge service, hallway happy hours, hallway exercise, virtual meetings, one-on-one meetings, walks with staff and more.  If you are thinking about moving to a senior living community and would like a peaceful life with plenty to do when you want, check out our available apartments at

“Often the campus silence is broken only by the deer munching and the Amazon Prime trucks purring,” comment the Barnetts who live in our Duplex community.  “During these times of social distancing, we see the world through the glass of our tablets or televisions, but we also often have lively Zoom and other discussions with our fellow residents about what we see, and the FTJ staff helps in a dozen ways.”

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