FTJ Loves Pets

Dogs playing outside

With the inspiration of FTJ resident, Pat Mail, who saw both a need and a great space for a dog park, FTJ went to work to repurpose this outdoor space into a small but very functional off-leash dog park for the use of residents and their pets.

“When residents in the previous health care and memory care building were moved into the new Care Center, this already fenced space was unused,” comments FTJ Garden Apartment resident Pat.  “At that time, Mac and I propositioned management to turn the area into an off-leash park.  Maintenance carefully added additional fencing so that small dogs could not slide under the existing fence, and voila!  A nice play space with water for dogs and seating and shade for dog parents.  There’s room to throw a ball, and FTJ thoughtfully provided a doggy waste station in the park.  Mac enjoys this space many times a week!” 

We have several FTJ resident dogs including Mac, Sophie, Honey, Guy, Petra, Mario, Shadow, Gibson, Mimi and others, make good use of the space which is easily accessible from the duplexes and independent living buildings on the east side of the property. 

“Hi, my name is Sophie Sevier.  I want to thank FTJ for giving me the opportunity to tell you about the fun adventures I have at the Franke Tobey Jones dog park.  It is a great place to meet up with my friends Mac and Mimi for a play date.  We run up and down the tree line, chase squirrels and tree a raccoon or two.  What a fun place to romp and play while off the leash.  On the way to the park I love saying hello and sharing a sniff with my friends Guy, Shadow, Honey, Mario and Petra.  Thank you Franke Tobey Jones for this wonderful addition to our campus.”

Gibson, a resident dog, enjoys daily running and playing in the FTJ dog park.  “Gibson really likes the space,” comments his owner.  “It’s a great place to run without a leash and to play with a ball.”

“My Master, Les, asked me to send you the reasons why I love the Dog Park, say’s Mimi.  “They are:  I’m off the lead and can run free and chase my ball, roll on my back on the grass, meet with other four-legged and two-legged neighbors and drink from Sophie’s water bowl.”

“Thanks goes to the Board, Strategic Planning Committee, Judy Dunn (CEO) and Maintenance for making this space available” says Pat.  Thank you one and all.

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