FTJ Senior University – July Class Highlights

Karen Haas

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Thursday, July 11

Aging Well: Tips and Strategies to Live Healthier as We Age*
Simply living longer isn’t enough. We want to stay healthy enough to continue doing the things we love. It’s never too late to make changes to help you live a longer and healthier life. 

2:00 pm, Bristol View 1st Floor Bowditch Room

Thursday, July 25

Pretty Gritty Tacoma Lectures: The Blackwell Family*
Quite possibly one of the most influential families that nobody talks about in Tacoma. The first people to arrive in Tacoma by train, the operators of Tacoma‘s first hotel, and the founders of multiple philanthropic societies. This was a family forged in courage and hardship, but that name has been forgotten, until now. We are proud to offer this class in celebration of the Franke Tobey Jones Centennial this year.

3:00 pm, Bristol View 1st Floor Bowditch Room

Tuesday, July 30

Franke Tobey Jones: Building a Destiny– A Living History Performance by Karen Haas*
Frances Martha (Franke) Tobey Jones is most often remembered as the generous wealthy woman who founded what became a beloved senior living community in Tacoma. But Franke’s life was not all prosperity and ease. Karen Haas portrays this vibrant woman as she reminisces about New York, Wisconsin, Tacoma and how she spent her life Building a Destiny. We are proud to offer this class in celebration of the Franke Tobey Jones Centennial this year.

3:00 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

Tuesday, July 30

Five Watercolor Techniques: Images from the Backroads of Washington*
Five One-hour classes (July 30 – August 27) teach and practice specific watercolor techniques using images from the book Backroads of Washington and new local views. The instructor is the author of this guidebook and brings information about our beautiful state into her lessons. Each watercolor painting reviews common procedures and results in a finished piece depicting familiar scenery. All materials are provided for each class.

10:00 am, Tobey Jones Craft Room

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