FTJ Team Members Brighten Lives of Senior Center Participants

group of holiday gift baskets

This year, the annual tradition of FTJ team members coming together by department to creative festive baskets to raffle at the Point Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center holiday party continues with much merriment.  The team members really put their hearts into it! 

The “Admin Hall” (Human Resources, Finance, etc.) decided on the theme of Dog Day Afternoon,” says Diana Rhodes, FTJ Director of Human Resources.  “We are a hallway of animal lovers and know how much pets mean to seniors, so we wanted to make sure someone had plenty of things to care for and spoil their best friend.  We included a cozy dog bed and blanket, an ornament making kit for a dog paw prints, plenty of treats, toys etc.  We had a lot of fun!”

Baskets range in themes from Baby, It’s Cold Outside to Dog Day Afternoon to The 12 Days (or more) of Pasta.  Our team members got creative and really enjoyed this project…as we always do!

Marketing, Philanthropy and Residential Accommodations are quite a warm and fuzzy group, says Shelley Harris, FTJ Director of Philanthropy.  “It was only appropriate that as the winter season begins, we filled a portable cooler with our favorite things for a ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside!’ theme.  Rain, snow, or temperatures less than mild, when you look outside your window who doesn’t want to relax with a furry throw, slippers, soup, hot chocolate, and a few activities?!”

“Once again, the FTJ employees/departments have put together amazing baskets to be raffled off at our Holiday Party, comments Kate Gray the Point Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center Director.  “All of our participants who have had the opportunity to see them ooh and ahh over them and cannot believe the beauty and generosity of FTJ staff/departments.  Tickets are already being purchased and I’m sure this raffle will be the best one of the year.  We have had baskets in the past (pre-COVID), but I think the staff/departments outdid themselves this year.  From a 12 Days (or more) of Pasta to a cooler that contained many self-care products to even a pet basket, they were just amazing and extraordinary.  Thank you everyone for your generosity and heart!!!”

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