Grads, Dads, Summer Fun Family Drive Through Parade Lifted Spirits

graduate riding in a car and waving

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With horns blaring, balloons flying, streamers waving and enthusiastic cheering, Franke Tobey Jones hosted an amazing Grads, Dads, Summer Fun Family Drive Through Parade on June 18th with well over 100 cars, fire engine and police cars.  The line of cars waiting to participate started behind the new Bristol View Apartment building and snaked all the way down Vassault Street.  Residents lined the 20-acre campus all six feet apart wearing masks, to welcome all the enthusiastic family members, friends and loved ones in a summer celebration like none before.

“We were celebrating grads, dads and summer in a way that accommodated everyone to gather while social distancing, “says Christine Hall, Franke Tobey Jones Sr. Director of Marketing at PR.  “With the no visitors’ guideline still in place, it was a terrific opportunity for family members and residents to get eyes on each other, to wave, cheer and celebrate together.” 

One family member said “I can’t thank your team enough for the organization of the parade yesterday.  I was overwhelmed and was so very grateful to see my mom.  Thank you again for all you are doing!!!!!”

Franke Tobey Jones team member graduates participated in the parade as did resident family member grads,  And, there was plenty of love for dads ~ resident dads, family member dads and team member dads.  People were grinning ear to ear in a non-stop parade of smiles, joy and happiness. 

“All hands were on deck yesterday for this heart-warming parade,” says Judy Dunn, FTJ President and CEO.  “It was so exciting to see an entire community pull together for the lifting of spirits!  We just want to thank everyone for participating, and for all our team members who were so looking forward to being part of such an uplifting experience.”

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