How to Have “The Conversation” With Your Parents About Moving to a Senior Living Community

Senior woman with her home caregiver

If you recognize that, in order for your elderly loved ones to live life to the fullest, they should make the move to a senior living community, you may encounter some resistance. Here are some tips on how to have “the conversation” with your parents. These tips work regardless of the topic – whether it’s expressing concern over the fact that they’re still driving or considering moving to a senior living community.

  • Look for opportunities
    It’s likely many of your parents’ friends are experiencing similar challenges. If your mother mentions a friend who is moving to a senior living community, ask how she would feel about doing that and be ready to discuss the many advantages of doing so.
  • Be empathetic to their situation
    Embrace a spirit of compassion and respect. Change is hard for most people and can be particularly hard when it means acknowledging getting older and having to adjust to new realities. Show your parents that you understand their concerns and that your greatest wish for them is for their optimum well-being.
  • Be willing to hear opposing points of view
    While you may be primarily interested in your parents’ safety, they may be more interested in retaining their independence. Stay open and really listen to their concerns and then work with them to find a solution that meets everyone’s objectives.
  • Offer to be a resource
    If you’re meeting resistance, offer to help find solutions. Find some communities in your area and go there with your parents to take a look. Let your parents know they’re not in this alone and you’ll be with them along the way.
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