Keeping Your Mind Engaged While At Home

Metropolitan Opera production

From Jana Wennstrom
Franke Tobey Jones Senior University Coordinator

Folks have been kind enough to share some resources with me to pass along to you for helping to make this interim time at home more stimulating. 

Steve Dunkelberger from History Hour with Steve shared: I did a two hour show last Friday that can you watch, at 

You can access Great Decisions video content on YouTube:

Here is a link to live MET opera performances from their catalog:

If you’ve never tried TED Talks, you are missing out! TEDx offers lectures on numerous topics by experts in their fields: .

If you are interested in something ongoing and more structured, like a real class, you can get that through Edx for free:, as well as, Coursera, to name a couple. And here is a link to an article that describes 20 sites for free online education for adults:

If you miss the Brain Training classes, check out Luminosity:

Do you enjoy doing crossword puzzles? Here are up to 40,000 crossword puzzles that you can do online for free and no registration required:

Those are just a few free options for continued learning out there right now. If you have others you would like to share, please send them my way and I will post them in lieu of Senior University offerings until we are back up and running.