Leading Lady: Franke Tobey Jones

painting of elderly woman in white dress

The Tacoma Historical Society recently published a book honoring a group of women who have strong connections to the history and development of Tacoma. Leading Ladies: Twenty-One of Tacoma’s Women of Destiny is a collection of stories that tell of women who worked for better education, social services, and human rights. 

It is a poignant tribute to our founder Franke Tobey Jones, that her story is featured as a visionary and leader in Philanthropy. Her legacy is one of caring for others. She believed in housing for the elderly, the importance of education, and improving the quality of life in Tacoma. 

Franke Tobey Jones continues to be an inspiration at the senior community she founded in 1925. We are proud that she has been recognized as making history in the City of Destiny. 

For information on how to get a copy of Leading Ladies:  Twenty-One of Tacoma’s Women of Destiny, please contact Shelley Harris in the Philanthropy Office at 253.756.6297.

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