Living Independently With Services Might Just Be The Best Thing

Benefits of Independent Living with Services

Do you or your loved one(s) still want to live independently but just need a bit of help?  Our Tobey Jones Building, supported independent living, is a perfect solution!  Our Tobey Jones residents are living completely independently, but are provided several services that make their life easier.

Service Offered at Our Supported Independent Living 


Residents are served three wonderful chef prepared meals every day in our lovely dining room.  They do not need to shop for groceries, unload the car, put the groceries away, cook or even eat alone.  They enjoy the camaraderie of residents with whom they can share their days and stories. 


Also, professional housekeeping is provided once a week by our outstanding and friendly housekeepers.  Our housekeepers continually get top ratings from our residents for their cheerful attitudes and excellent work.


If you have a car or don’t, we provide transportation to local shopping and doctor’s appointments.  We constantly hear kudos from our residents about our nice and gracious drivers who get them exactly where they need to go.

Social Events

Of course, we also have our weekly happy hours, excellent fitness classes, 6,000 square foot gym, Senior University classes, raised garden beds, walking trails, salon, woodshop, craft room and more.  Our nearly 100 year history, incredible reputation and amazing team members earn nearly all five star ratings from residents and family members.

While living in the Tobey Jones Building (or anywhere on campus), if care is needed in the future, FTJ residents have the priority to move to assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing depending on the type of care that is needed.  You would also have the option of hiring a health care agency to bring in the type of care that is needed directly to your Tobey Jones Building apartment.

If you or your loved one(s) want to live independently, need just a bit of help, want to free yourselves from maintaining a home and have more time to enjoy your life, please call us for more information or a tour at 253-652-6621.

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