March 30 is “National Take A Walk In The Park Day”

Woman walking her dog

Take a Walk in the Park Day is celebrated annually on March 30, which encourages all of us to invest in our health without spending any money!  Who doesn’t like spending some quiet time in nature?  All you have to do is wear some comfortable shoes, find a walking partner (or not) and go for a peaceful walk in one of your preferred parks.  Did you know that there are 423 national park sites in the U.S.?  Taking a leisurely stroll in the park is a fantastic way to clear your mind of everyday worries and appreciate the natural beauty around you. 

If you lived at Franke Tobey Jones, you would literally be steps away from Point Defiance Park which is a beautiful 760-acre park that includes Point Defiance Zoo& Aquarium, the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Dahlia Gardens, Rhododendron Garden, Iris Garden, beaches, trails, a boardwalk, a boathouse, a Washington State Ferries ferry dock, an off-leash dog park, Five-Mile Drive, Fort Nisqually and most notably a stand of old growth forest.  The American Planning Association designated Point Defiance Park as a 2011 Great American Place.

History of Take A Walk In The Park Day

Take a Walk in the Park Day was founded to reconnect people with Mother Nature.  We all are familiar with the numerous benefits of walking; it also has many therapeutic effects on our health.  But these benefits are often overlooked.  According to new research, individuals who regularly visit parks are reported to have better mental- and physical health.  There were also some studies conducted that proved that people living near parks got along better with different people.

Researchers found that people living in apartment buildings with views of trees were less aggressive as compared to those living in concrete buildings with no views to look at.  We all live in tighter spaces, which makes us interact less with nature.  Due to this, our physical, spiritual, and social well-being is affected to a greater extent.

In the past, people have mostly lived outdoors, in forests and jungles.  Now, the times have changed, and it will keep on changing, so parks will always be a kind of antidote to our busy and crowded lives. This is something that we should think about on this refreshing day.  Consider parks as lifesavers, they are blessings of nature to be enjoyed by the whole community.

What is the Largest Park in the World?

Greenland’s National Park is the largest in the world.  It covers an area of 604,000 miles and has 40 inhabitants and High Artic animal species.

What is the best exercise to strengthen your heart?

Walking is one of the best exercises to strengthen your heart.

What is the best time to walk?

Walking in the morning has numerous benefits that improve your metabolism for the entire day.  It is better to exercise before you get busy in the day.

Interesting facts about walking 

  • Walking is the most popular form of exercise in the U.S.
  • To burn off the calories that you get after eating one M&M candy you will have to walk the length equal to that of a football field!
  • The average walking speed of a person is 3.1 miles per hour.
  • Life of a pair of tennis shoes is 500 miles of walking.
  • 6,000 steps will improve your health, while 10,000 steps will help you to lose weight.

Spring is right around the corner, so it’s a perfect time to get out of the house, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air and exercise after the long winter full of rain.  Enjoy the many parks the Pacific Northwest and Washington State have to offer.  Pierce County alone maintains over 44 park sites that cover 5,200 acres.  Plus, there are 124 State parks and three national parks in Washington.  Dust off your walking shoes and have fun!,health%20without%20spending%20any%20money!