Meet Resident Paul Carbaugh

Paul Carbaugh

Paul was born in Indiana.  Two years later his family moved to a nearby farm where they lived until Paul was a junior in high school. 

After  graduating from the University of   Michigan with a degree in Forest Management, he served during the Korean War for two years before beginning his career in forestry working in the Olympics. 

Paul met Joanne one Sunday at church.  She was in town visiting her aunt.  Although Paul and Joanne lived 200 miles apart, they courted and were married in April of 1958.  The couple moved to Oregon for Paul’s work and then back here to Washington with the Forestry Service helping the Army manage the forest land at Fort Lewis. 

During this time, Joanne was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which meant she had to have both adrenal glands removed.  They were told that she would certainly miscarry if she ever became pregnant.  However, a few years later Joanne was the first woman in the world, with both adrenal glands surgically removed, to carry a baby to full-term.  A miracle baby!

Paul and Joanne were both raised as Christians as was their daughter.  They attended Life Center Church in Tacoma where Paul continues to worship and volunteer. 

After Joanne’s passing, Paul was invited to be a volunteer in our FTJ Wellness Center. He did such an amazing job, he was hired to teach wellness classes for our skilled nursing and memory care residents.  Every day he shared tidbits from his joke books.  They are his daily dose of medicine.  “Laughter is the best medicine and has no bad side effects!” Paul says.  He believes in loving life and enjoying it while you have it! 

In 2018 Paul retired for the last time and moved to Franke Tobey Jones.  He is very happy here and still exercises in our Wellness Center.  He especially loves not having to cook and enjoys the FTJ food. 

Paul lives each day to the fullest, one day at a time, taking things as they come.  He is a happy and fulfilled man, and we’re glad he’s here!

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