Meet Team Member Carole Velez – Community Liaison

Carole Velez

Her name is Carole Velez, but you can just call her the busy bee! Carole is rarely in the same spot for more than an hour and is always sharing her love for Franke Tobey Jones with the community.

Before working with FTJ, Carole used to work in sales. After talking with Carole and getting to know her warm and welcoming personality, you would agree that she could talk to anyone about anything. After holding the same position for over 20 years, she wasn’t actively seeking a new position but was open to change. Before she knew it, this position fell into place and FTJ could not be happier!

Every day is something new and exciting. Carole spends most of her time away from the FTJ campus while engaging with the community. She attends many events, listens to community members speak, and also informs people about Franke Tobey Jones, what we do, and what we stand for. This comes very natural to her since she is very proud to work at FTJ.

“Just by wearing my FTJ jacket when I’m out getting coffee or buying groceries, people warm up to me quicker. Since they know I’m affiliated with FTJ, I get warm smiles and more conversations from strangers. We both know the message the logo stands for and that makes me so proud to work for such a great organization,” said Carole.

One of her favorite qualities about FTJ is the deep-rooted history and her admiration for Mrs. Franke Tobey Jones. Not a lot of people can say they work for an organization that is almost 100-years-old. Ms. Jones had a heart of giving and cared deeply for people. Her strong passion for the elderly and their well-being was made very clear, which is a good standard Carole lives by today. 

Some of Carole’s hobbies include going on walks, cooking and watching Netflix…she loves getting into different stories and keeping up with her shows.

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