Music Wafting Through Campus

two resident musicans playing violins

On sunny afternoons as I sit at my desk I can hear lovely music wafting through our campus.  That’s when I know residents Jane and Eric are outside in the sunshine playing their violin and recorder! 

Jane began playing the violin at the age of five which started a great journey with music in her life.  She grew up in Wooster, Ohio and won a five-year scholarship for the violin at the College in Wooster from which she graduated.  Jane found opportunities to study and play at Indiana University, and at the University of Minnesota where she played in a Baroque Ensemble and with the Fred Sewell String Quartet.  She also played for twenty years with a piano trio, the Mt. Carmel Trio, in Minnesota.  She has been happily living at Franke Tobey Jones since 2015 and has found several opportunities to continue playing her violin.

Eric started playing recorder just for fun and as a diversion from graduate studies.  The instrument led to early music which he has enjoyed playing off and on for about 40 years with small groups and for English Country Dances in Portland, Oregon.  He’s never had any extensive or formal music education.

He says, “Recorders were very popular with players of all types of music from about 1420 to 1720, pre-renaissance through the baroque period and into the early classical music era.  Recorder has also been popular for secular (dance and folk) music, as well as religious and chamber music and vocal accompaniment.”  Eric and his lovely wife, Donna, moved to Franke Tobey Jones last year.

We’re happy that Jane and Eric found each other so they could make beautiful music together, especially during this challenging time.  They are able to meet outside, socially distance and play music for the rest of us to totally enjoy!

Watch Jane and Eric Music Video

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