National Study Points to Wellness Benefits of Life Plan Communities

By Tim Regan, Senior Housing News

Residents of life plan communities (Continuing Care Retirement Communities) say they have greater levels of wellness than older adults in both home and community-based settings.

That’s according to newly released first-year results from the Age Well Study, a collaboration between the Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging. The ongoing, five-year study asks residents of life plan communities about health and wellness metrics through an annual survey including questions about emotional, social, physical, intellectual and vocational wellness. Survey responses are from more than 5,000 residents who reside at 80 life plan communities in 29 states.

In short, the survey showed life plan residents reported healthier behaviors than their home – and community – based peers. In fact, 69% of residents said that moving to a life plan community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness.

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October 18, 2018

More about Life Plan Communities:

Why Life?
Life shows that our communities are about so much more than care; they are about living life to the fullest.

Why Plan?
Plan captures the unique “safety net” advantages that a Continuing Care Retirement Community offers through advanced healthcare services.

Why Community?
Community means connectedness. It’s where “planning” and “living” merge and allow for living life to the fullest.

What Exactly is a Life Plan Community?
Life Plan Communities offer a similar design with many of the same amenities as active adult communities. These might include art and education programs in a cultural center, a wellness and fitness suite, a game room, and/or a fully-equipped salon and spa. In addition, interior and exterior home maintenance is included. Independent living at a Life Plan Community is perfect for continuing to live your life as you do now, but without the concerns of maintaining a house, plus the assurance of future care, if needed. You have your own home, you can entertain when and how you want, guests can always visit, and you’ll have more time to pursue your favorite hobbies.

If, at some point, you need more assistance on a daily basis, you can transition to assisted living. You’ll still have your own home, but you’ll also have additional help, which can include assistance with personal care, medication monitoring, dressing, personal mobility, cleaning and laundry, and other daily activities, as needed. Also, Life Plan Communities have long-term skilled nursing available on campus.

While Life Plan Communities aren’t for everyone, for those who are looking for maintenance-free living for now and assurance for the future, they can be the perfect retirement option. Franke Tobey Jones is a perfect example of a Life Plan Community. If you would like to see and experience what we have to offer, please call us at 253.752.6621.

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