Notes from Philanthropy

Cheryl Parkinson-Hummel

FTJ Employee Scholarship Committee: Investing in our Team Members

Thanks to the go ahead from the Franke Tobey Jones Employee Scholarship Committee, Cheryl Parkinson Hummel was recently able to achieve a personal and professional goal that she had wanted for several years ~ enrolling in a commercial drivers school and getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL).  Until now, the cost of school tuition, testing and state licensing fees, combined with time off from work had always been cost prohibitive.

“There were only a limited number of people who had qualifications to drive the FTJ diesel bus,” says Cheryl. “  As a driver for the smaller vehicles, I realized that I could be a more valuable employee if I had my CDL.  I knew FTJ had an Employee Scholarship Program and I submitted an application this year.  I was thrilled when I learned the Employee Scholarship Committee approved my request and funding that covered school tuition, testing and license fees.”

“The Employee Scholarship Committee is committed to helping FTJ employees pursue further education and build on their skill sets,” commented resident Committee Chair Jack Falskow.  “We are very pleased that we could provide this exciting opportunity for Cheryl.”

“I am so grateful to the Scholarship Committee for believing in me and helping me achieve my goal, “added Cheryl. “It was great to feel the support of residents and co-workers. As soon as the COVID restrictions lift, I look forward to driving the residents on all sorts of excursions!”

A special thank you to the resident Committee Chair Jack Falskow, Joan Brown, Shelby Clayson, Orv Harrelson, Gwen Phibbs, and Anne Roberts for their time and the encouragement of our FTJ team/students!

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