Our New State of the Art Care Center Opens

Franke TAobey Jones Campus

Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Residents Transitioned into New Building Mid-November

We are thrilled to announce the final approval of their new Care Center.  In this contemporary, state of the art building, we will deliver care in a more homelike environment where people can live in style, comfort and dignity. The Care Center will be home to 43 skilled nursing residents located on the top floor, and 28 memory care residents on the lower portion of the building with lovely secure, open access courtyards. 

“This week we are transitioning our current Franke Tobey Jones skilled nursing and memory care residents into our new Care Center,” says Judy Dunn, Franke Tobey Jones President and CEO.  “In the next several days we’ll also be moving in many new residents coming from the greater community. We have four memory care rooms and several skilled nursing rooms available, so we encourage people needing care, or their family members, to come take a tour!”

“This has been such an exciting time at Franke Tobey Jones,” comments Bob Beckham, Franke Tobey Jones Chief Operations Officer.  “This highly anticipated move has gone more than smooth with the help of our very capable FTJ team members, resident family members and our Resident Ambassadors.  They have all done an amazing job!  It’s especially gratifying to see so many happy residents and family members throughout our new Care Center, lots of fun activities going on and delicious meals being served!  It’s a proud time for Franke Tobey Jones and the legacy of Mrs. Franke Tobey Jones, who would be very proud if she could be with us today.”

Both the new skilled nursing and memory care areas are designed with small “suites” of rooms clustered around open living spaces where residents and family can enjoy quality time together.  Nearly all the rooms are private suites including a full private bathroom with shower”

Other features that will set this new building apart:

  • No medication carts are in the hallways nor your typical nursing station. Each resident room has a locked cabinet where the resident’s medications will be kept.
  • Nurses, CNAs and other staff are free to engage with residents and family members throughout the day in the various living rooms, dining rooms, activity rooms and other gathering spaces.
  • Chef prepared meals are prepared on-site and served in lovely dining rooms.
  • Lots of windows bathe sunlight throughout the Care Center.
  • Wide hallways, suites of rooms and tall ceilings all provide an open, homelike feel.
  • Two secure outdoor courtyards in Memory Care allow residents can get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
  • Very few beds can be seen from the common areas which provides dignity and privacy for residents and family members.

“This year, as we celebrate our 95th anniversary, we are proud to have a legacy of adding services, reaching out to the community to meet changing needs and continually adapting to fit with the growth of the region,” says Ms. Dunn. “Our new Care Center will help increase services and programs to seniors both on and off campus, making Franke Tobey Jones one of the most comprehensive and integrated senior living communities in the region. As we look to further carry out Mrs. Jones’ original vision and mission, we are proud and truly excited to expand the legacy of a wonderful woman, Franke Tobey Jones.”

To learn more, or for a tour, please call 253-752-6621.

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