Pick Now Move Later Program

Pick Now...Move Later Program graphic

You may be ready to move into Franke Tobey Jones, a Tacoma retirement community, now or simply thinking about moving in the near future, but the COVID restrictions and touring restrictions has made it a bit more difficult. To help ease the process, we have put together a Pick Now …Move Later Program.  It’s very easy!  You can either move now or move later.

Go to our website:

  1. Click on Availability on the home page and choose independent living, assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing.
  2. View the available apartment videos and choose which apartment you would like to reserve.
  3. Download the Application and fill it out.
  4. Mail it to Franke Tobey Jones with a $750 per person deposit check.
  5. You can move in now if you are ready, or we will hold this apartment for you until you are ready to move, or until someone wants to move into that particular apartment right away. If you are still not ready, you can choose a different apartment. If you are ready to move in now, you are able to tour in-person the room you selected to make your final decision.  (Note:  You must have a COVID negative test 48 hours prior to moving in).
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