Senior University March Class Sneak Preview

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You must RSVP to Jana Wennstrom to attend any Senior University Class.  253-752-6219 or

Friday, March 1, March 8, March 15, & March 22

Discover Drums! Learning Percussion and Drum Circle*

Join us to experience what music making can be like as part of a real drum circle! No prior experience is needed, and all instruments and materials are provided by the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association. Through these classes, you’ll learn the basics of playing percussion instruments, try out instruments such as a djembe, frame drum, talking drum, and more! Grow your drum skills in this fun and engaging environment.

10:00 am, Bristol View 1st Floor Bowditch Room

Tuesday, March 5

Aging Well: Tips and Strategies to Live Healthier as We Age*
Simply living longer isn’t enough. We want to stay healthy enough to continue doing the things we love. It’s never too late to make changes to help you live a longer and healthier life. 

3:00 pm, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Friday, March 15

What is Your Puzzling Passion?*
Crosswords? Jigsaw Puzzles? Sudoku? Scrabble? Share your favorite puzzling pastime and explore how the human brain loves a challenge. Learn the history of mathematics as told through various games and puzzles through the ages. This program is made possible by a generous donation to Senior University.

2:00 pm, Bristol View 1st Floor Bowditch Room

Wednesday, March 20

The Happiness Playshop*
Like a workshop but more fun! Learn why happiness is one of the most important keys to not only your emotional health but also your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We’ll learn how the latest research in positive psychology & neuroscience has been proven to create greater happiness and health against a ‘silent epidemic’ damaging our lives. Participate in our ‘Happiness Playshop Challenge’ to increase your happiness with more accountability to build better habit change.

2:00 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

Friday, March 29

American Music – Hosted by Ian Crocker*

Join organ trio Threocracy as they explore trends in jazz through the history of the music, focusing on the sounds of the Blue Note record label through the years since its founding.

4:00 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

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