Senior University May Class Highlights

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Fridays, May 12,19 and 26

Meaningful Journaling —To Enhance your Well-Being
Sometimes Journaling can seem pointless and redundant or becomes more like a diary of the weather or everyday events. This class will introduce participants to the importance of Mindful Journaling and how the practice of it can enrich our lives.

Participants will learn:

  • What Mindful Journaling is.
  • How Mindful Journaling can contribute to mental health.
  • Steps to take to begin a Mindful Journaling practice.
  • How to reflect on life experiences in a way that brings understanding and meaning.

Students are asked to bring a journal to write in and a pen or pencil. There will be opportunities to practice journal entries and share them with others.

10:00 am, Bristol View 1st Floor Bowditch Room

Thursday, May 18

Dao (Tao) and Health
Dao (Tao) is a Chinese name used by East Asian cultures to describe the ways things work in the universe, or the underlying natural order of the universe. Received texts from 3000 years ago describe ways in which human beings can have a harmonious relationship with nature, cosmos, and each other.

We will look at translated quotes from the ancient texts and use simple practices of breathing and meditation to build practices for health, self-cultivation, resilience, and renewal.

10:00 am, Zoom

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Passcode: 845170

Wednesday, May 24

Infinity Rehab Series: Floor Recovery and Best Exercises for Seniors
This class will cover the 10 best exercises every senior should be doing, including getting up/down from the floor. A Physical Therapist explains the best exercises to prevent or decrease some of the common musculoskeletal issues in aging adults. Participants will learn about industry benchmarks that indicate an increased fall risk, risk of mobility disability, risk of repeat hospitalizations.  A home exercise program requiring no equipment or assistance will be provided. Dress to participate if desired.

11:00 am, Bristol View 1st Floor Gathering Room

Wednesday, May 31

The Chemistry of Chocolate*
Do you love eating chocolate and want to know more about how it’s made? Come learn about the science of chocolate and what makes it so delicious! We’ll talk about the humble origins of the cacao seed pod and how chocolate is made through a series of fermentation, roasting, refining, and tempering steps.

11:00 am, Bristol View 1st Floor Gathering Room

To attend you must register with Jana Wennstrom at 253-756-6219


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