Senior University October Class Highlights

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Tuesday, October 1
Brain Training with Linda Terry

Cognitive trainer Linda Terry helps people of all ages fine tune their thinking skills. Her work features fun, interactive brain exercises and practical lifestyle options to raise brain awareness.

11:00 am (Level 1), Lillian Pratt Parlor

2:00 pm (Level 2), Wellness Center

Thursday, October 3
The Effect of Zero Gravity on the Human Body

This is an interactive discussion of the effects of zero gravity on the human body and the potential applications a zero-gravity environment has in an Earth setting.

3:00 pm, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Thursday, October 3
University Lecture Series: Bison, Bison – Stereoscoping Western History with Art from TAM

In this talk, we will look at artwork (mostly from the Tacoma Art Museum) and explore how it stands in for—or “doubles”—Western history. We will consider four topics—representations of the Grand Canyon, of Native Americans, of racial exclusion, and of our city and region’s bipolar relationship with nature.

6:00 pm, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Friday, October 4
Watercolor Salt Painting Workshop*

Experiment with salt and other techniques that bring texture and interest to your watercolor paintings. Registration Required.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Tobey Jones Craft Room

Friday, October 4
Patch-Work Politics: A Living History Performance of Bertha Knight Landes*

The daring story of Mrs. Bertha Knight Landes, who in 1926 became not only Seattle’s first woman mayor, but the first woman mayor of any major metropolitan city in the United States!

11:00 am, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Wednesday, October 9
Tacoma Historical Society Lecture Series: Tacoma School Names and the Stories They Tell

Join Tacoma Historical Society President Dale Wirsing for an informative discourse on the history behind the names of Tacoma’s schools.

2:00 pm, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Thursdays, October 10 & 24
Creative Writing: Memoir and Biography, Writing the Stories of Our Lives *

Would you like to write your life story or the story of a loved one? Maybe you have already started writing and would like guidance and encouragement to move your project forward.

Please join writer Anthea Karanasos Hubanks for an engaging series of workshops from September 12 – November 21 that will help you transform memories and history into stories for you and your family to treasure. Together, we will explore various storytelling methods and how to get started. Students will have the opportunity to share their writing and will receive feedback in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

2:00 – 3:30 pm, Tobey Jones Multipurpose Room

Friday, October 11
Birding for Seniors: Madrone Feeding Frenzy*

Enjoy a short lecture with seating provided, followed by an optional short walk. The October program will focus on the mixed flocks of birds who feed on the fruit of the Pacific Madrone trees in Point Defiance Park. When the fruits are at their peak, it’s a veritable feeding frenzy! Registration required.

10:00 – 11:00 am, Point Defiance Park; Meet at Gig Harbor Picnic Shelter inside Five Mile Drive (gate opens at 10 am)

Friday, October 11
Fireside Chat with Councilman Anders Ibsen

Council Member Anders Ibsen was elected to the District 1 seat of the Tacoma City Council in 2011 and re-elected in 2015. These quarterly appearances are designed to give residents an opportunity to hear about what’s happening in the City of Tacoma and to bring specific concerns to the Councilman’s attention.

1:00 pm, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Monday, October 14
Edward Jones Lecture Series: Investing in the Late Innings of the Bull Market

This presentation discusses the economy and actions to take today and explores today’s stock market, the importance of asset allocation, preparation for volatile markets and opportunities in the current environment.

11:00 am, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Mondays, October 14 & 21
Wearable Meditative Stitching*

In this two-session class, participants will learn to slow down while stitching a fabric necklace by hand. The first session will focus on learning the basic running stitch and necklace design. In the second session participants will learn finishing techniques to complete necklace construction. All supplies are provided but consider bringing a special piece of fabric to include in your one-of-a-kind necklace. Registration is required.

1:00 – 3:00 pm, Tobey Jones Craft Room

Monday, October 14
Music with Dr. Paul: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We all have different tastes in music, just like we have different culinary tastes.  But what makes music good, bad, or even ugly?  Sometimes it’s the genre.  You may like classical music but not country; or like classical music but not opera.  Your taste may have been influenced by your childhood, family, or education.  It might be related to certain musical elements such as melody, harmony, dissonance, dynamics or even tempo.

This class will explore music from classical, popular and jazz, with examples of music the class will evaluate and categorize as good, bad, or ugly.  Dr. Paul has some real gems ready for you. The tasting menu will include Beethoven, Stravinsky, Charles Ives, Glenn Miller, The Beatles, Miles Davis, along with a few composers you’ve not experienced and probably will not want to experience again.  This class is guaranteed to be lots of fun!

3:00 pm, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Tuesday, October 15
Romeo and Juliet: A Comedy Gone Wrong

Join Richard Wakefield to talk about a well-known play that continues to engage, inspire, and alarm us.  “Romeo and Juliet” has all the makings of a comedy, until around the half-way mark, when the death of Mercutio sends the play down a different path.  The shift is so extreme that Shakespeare even wrote a prologue to prepare his audience.  Yet part of the power of the tragedy is in the way it seems to evolve so inevitably from a comedy gone wrong.

2:00 pm, Tobey Jones Parlor

Tuesday, October 15
Symphony Tacoma Lecture Series: Shakespeare As Heard in Classical Music

Symphony Tacoma Executive Director Karina Bharne gives an overview of how Shakespeare is portrayed by different composers.

4:00 pm, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Wednesday, October 16
Medicare Basics

Whether you are new to Medicare, getting ready to turn 65, or already enrolled in a Medicare health plan, you’ll need to make important decisions at enrollment time and then during AEP (Annual Enrollment period) each year.  Come learn the A, B, C & D’s of Medicare, overview the difference between Medicare supplement insurance and Medicare advantage plans, overview what to look for when choosing prescription drug plans, updates to Medicare, and tips for your first year on Medicare health plan. This program will be repeated on November 26th.

3:00 pm, Tobey Jones Parlor

Thursday, October 17
Genetic Testing Workshop: Your DNA-How to Predict & Prepare

This workshop provides friendly, easy-to-understand education and answering of questions about DNA testing and how it can benefit you and your family. You’ll learn about testing that tailors medication to you and testing that identifies if you and your family are predisposed to any hereditary cancers. Both at no cost, if qualified.

11:00 am, Tobey Jones Parlor

Thursday, October 17
Rock History of the PNW Series: Here We Are Now, Entertain Us – Grunge Takes Over*

Grunge burst onto the national scene in 1991 thanks to a number of sweeping changes in the music industry. We’ll look at grunge’s origins in the Pacific Northwest, changes in the music industry, and grunge’s influence.

2:00 pm, Tobey Jones Parlor

Friday, October 18
How to Sketch*

Explore some of the common sketch making materials and learn how to use them to create drawn studies.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Tobey Jones Craft Room

 Monday, October 21
Northwest Apple Pickers Computer Workshop

The Northwest Apple Pickers is a Macintosh user group that serves Pierce County. Come in and work in small groups with a coach who can answer your questions about your Apple device.

2:00 pm, Wellness Center

Tuesday, October 22
Great Decisions Discussion Group – State of the State Department and Diplomacy

During the Trump administration, the usual ways of conducting diplomacy have been upended. Many positions in the State Department have never been filled, and meetings with foreign leaders such as Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin have been undertaken with little advance planning. What effect are these changes having now, and how will they affect ongoing relationships between the United States and its allies and adversaries?

2:00 pm, Wellness Center

Wednesday, October 23
Indiana Jones, Bones, and the Science of Archaeology

Dr. Ellen Moore will be talking about her work as a forensic anthropologist around the world, including her time with the U.S. Army recovering the remains of U.S. service members from Laos and Vietnam. As part of her talk, she will discuss the methods associated with forensic anthropology as well as what information is available from looking at a human skeleton.

11:00 am, Lillian Pratt Parlor

Wednesday, October 23
Literary League Book Club— Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali

Join us as we discuss Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali by Kris Holloway
About the book: What is it like to live and work in a remote corner of the world and befriend a courageous midwife who breaks traditional roles? This is the inspiring true story of Monique Dembele, an accidental midwife who became a legend, and Kris Holloway, the young Peace Corps volunteer who became her closest confidante.

3:00 pm, Tobey Jones Parlor

Friday, October 25
Urban Sketching Crash Course*

Learn how to quickly find and visually communicate what you come across in your travels.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Tobey Jones Craft Room

Tuesday, October 29
Computer Help with Al

Volunteer Al Lessenger can help with all of your Windows 10 or PC problems. Don’t miss out on this great resource!

1:00 pm, Bascom Library

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