Tacoma Senior Living Tour – August 21st

group of elderly people with their arms raised having a good time in a tour bus

Compare the possibilities at five Tacoma senior communities

Seniors and family members will get another opportunity on August 21st to go on the Tacoma Senior Living Tour.  Since 2014 five Tacoma senior living communities have opened their doors for this wonderful educational opportunity to tour several retirement communities in one day.  “In the past five years we have toured over 1,000 seniors during the Tacoma Senior Living Tours.  Most have never stepped inside a retirement community before, and this has given them the perfect opportunity to see first-hand how fabulous senior living communities are these days,” says Christine Hall, Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Franke Tobey Jones.” 

You might have questions such as:

  • What is the monthly rent and what does it cover?
  • Is your community pet friendly?  Does it cost more to have a pet?
  • Is there a waiting list?
  • What is a “buy-in” and is there one?
  • What is the difference between assisted living and memory care?  Or memory care and skilled nursing?
  • What is the highest level of care that you offer?
  • Do you offer therapy?  If so, what kinds?
  • What happens if my spouse needs memory care and I don’t?  Can we still live in your community?
  • What happens to my apartment if I need to go to skilled nursing or rehab for a period of time?
  • When most people think about retirement communities, they conjure up all kinds of terrible images and smells from visiting their mom and/or grandma in a nursing home decades ago. Retirement living is not like that anymore.  Most retirement communities are beautiful, vibrant, active and offer wonderful chef prepared meals, classes, trips, tours and the opportunity to meet new friends and have fun!

Each Tacoma Senior Living Tour is very informative, and attendees walk away having learned a lot about living in a retirement community.  You will get an overview of each community, walk through common areas and see actual apartments.  You will also have the opportunity to taste the food at each community, compare prices and ask as many questions as you want in a friendly, relaxed environment.

It’s very helpful for seniors to see, taste and smell each community first-hand.  The attendees walk away at the end of the day with a totally different perspective than what they started with at the beginning of the day.

The Five-Community Tour will be hosted on Wednesday, August 21st from 9:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The participating communities include:  Franke Tobey Jones, Merrill Gardens, Narrows Glen, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community and The Weatherly Inn.  

There is lots of walking on the tour, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

The vans fill up very fast, so please RSVP to reserve a seat on one of the community vans.  Or, if you’d like to drive yourself, please still RSVP so the organizers will have a good head count for food, brochures, and so on. Compare the possibilities at each community. To be on one of the vans you must RSVP by August 19th by calling Carole Velez at 253-320-4216.

The program of the day is as follows:


  1. Start at one of the five communities.
  2. Hear a short presentation about Senior Living Communities and about today’s activities.
  3. Tour that community.

11am to 3pm

  1. Get aboard the community van or drive in your own car and go to the next community.
  2. Each van will have a representative from that community on the van to answer questions.
  3. Each van will stop at all five locations or drive yourself and visit the communities you choose.
  4. Tour ends. We’ll get you back to your starting community!

“At the end of each of the previous five tours the participants are hugging us and thanking us and so appreciative of all the information,” says Ms. Hall.  “It’s really gratifying knowing that we are providing seniors with information and options that will help them make a decision about moving to a senior living community.”

For more information or to RSVP please call 253-320-4216 by Monday, August 19th to reserve your place on the Tour and/or van. Transportation services are limited so RSVP today!

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