Terri Ross – Accounts Payable

Terri Ross

If Terri could use two words to describe herself it would be honest and organized. After seeing her office, it is clear that Terri is one busy lady with multiple stacks of papers on her desk, and she is indeed very organized.

After working at several different accounting jobs, this year will be Terri’s second year on the FTJ team. Terri was seeking change and was excited to learn about a new opening at FTJ which allowed her to pursue something she was passionate about. With Alzheimer’s in her family, she is very aware of the struggles that family and the resident go through with Alzheimer’s. Terri wanted to bring her background and knowledge to FTJ by helping others and being part of something bigger. She admires the people and residents with whom she gets to work with daily and is constantly reminded of her purpose of being at FTJ.

“The residents are just fabulous and nothing like I have seen before. We care about them and they care about us. It’s an extremely supportive environment and that’s one reason why I love working here.”

As our Accounts Payable person, a typical day consists of compiling and analyzing invoices, making sure all the payments are made on time and helping out with other departments depending on who needs help. Her favorite part of the day is when she gets visitors – all kinds of visitors! Not only is Terri a people person, but she happens to be a very big dog person, too. The residents will frequently stop by her office to say hi, and their dogs know right where to go. Terri keeps special treats for all of the dogs on campus which makes everyone happy.

Although Terri is very busy when working, she stays pretty busy at home with her seven pets. Yes, I did say seven! She has four dogs and three cats that she absolutely loves. Some of her other hobbies include: scrapbooking, quilting and trying to keep up with her grandson.

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