Two Senior University Classes of Note in March

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Thursday, March 24

Going on the Attack: Negative Campaign Advertisements in American Politics

Voters often bemoan the tone of political advertisements in American politics. In this session, we will discuss the history of negative advertisements, examine some contemporary examples of negative advertising, and discuss whether or not there is anything useful that voters can learn from these ads.

2:00 pm, Zoom

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Tuesday, March 29

Our Place in the Cosmos*

If you could zoom out, what would our universe look like? Cosmology reveals elegant structure, even at unfathomably large scales. Physics tells the story of mathematical elegance and the surprising simplicity of the laws of nature. This talk will cover the physics behind our understanding of space, the effect it has on time, the plausibility of time travel, and the mysterious link between these ideas. Dr. Hay is also the author and illustrator of an astronomy book for children called “Little Bear’s Big Night Sky.” She encourages everyone to look at the stars and wonder what’s up there.

2:00 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

You must register to attend.  Contact Jana Wennstrom to register at or at 253-756-6219.

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