We Are Vaccinated!

Vaccine Photo

We are excited to report that by February 17th the COVID-19 vaccine will have been given to all FTJ residents and team members (who consented to receive the vaccine). This is such positive news! The residents in assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing received their first dose on January 10th and their second dose on January 27th. All other participating residents and staff received their first dose on January 27th and will receive their second dose on February 17th. The partnership with CVS Pharmacy that has been administering the Pfizer vaccine has been efficient. We appreciate and are grateful for their professional staff and smooth-running program.

When planning for the COVID-19 vaccination clinics at FTJ, our team members and residents were informed regarding the vaccination facts and protocols.  Residents and their care givers were encouraged to consult with their doctors to confirm any questions they may still have.

Our residents were thrilled at the ease of the vaccination process.  As we see national headlines of the difficulty of getting appointments, waiting in long lines for hours to receive vaccines and the fear of vaccine doses running out, at Franke Tobey jones our resident and staff proactively filled out paperwork ahead of time, showed up at the scheduled time and received their vaccine.  We are all very grateful for the easy process!

We are continuing to follow DOH and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department guidelines regarding visitations, dining, activities, etc.   Many have asked if things will be changing or “opening up” more since the residents and staff are receiving the vaccine. Currently there is no new guidance regarding a change in regulations. Once we know more, we will be sure to keep everyone updated.

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