group of kids hands painted with smily faces

Our volunteer program supports our mission to enrich our residents’ quality of life by providing a dedicated corps of volunteers who share our commitment to excellence.

Each resident is a unique individual with special interests, talents and needs. They are also members of a group who need to be connected to their community. A volunteer program is an effective way to address these needs and maximize quality of life. With assistance from a Volunteer Coordinator and other staff, volunteers creatively put their energy and talents to work.

Volunteers have a significant impact on the lives of our residents, their families, staff and the community by:

  • Carrying out a wide variety of activities to meet the interests and wishes of our residents
  • Providing companionship, the most basic human need, thus allowing residents to be “heard” and unconditionally accepted
  • Promoting community involvement through service and intergenerational programs and activities that break down generational walls and stereotypes

Volunteers have always been important members of our team, and their contributions are greatly valued.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently not accepting volunteer applications.  However, if you would like additional information, please contact Nalani Brown, Philanthropy Coordinator at 253-756-6327, or by email, nbrown@franketobeyjones.com.