6th Avenue District

When you’re looking for the latest and trendiest spots in town for dining, dancing, and shopping, look no further than “the Ave” — Sixth Avenue, that is. Stretching from State to Proctor Streets, the Sixth Avenue business district is home to hundreds of shops, restaurants, night clubs, coffee houses and wine bars. During the day, the sidewalks bustle with shoppers who know they can take care of all their business on the Ave, from grocery shopping to banking to hair and nail care. At night, the streets come alive as visitors converge on the Avenue to revel in the energy and excitement.

Each year in July they celebrate the eclectic Art on the Ave, a day-long celebration of art, artists, entertainment and food. The festival and Sixth Avenue’s commitment to public art earned the Sixth Ave. Business District an Award in 2006 from the Tacoma Arts Commission.