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Activity Changes

Leash Brigade is scheduled for September 23rd, September 30th, and October 14th.  Weather Permitting.

Pickleball is scheduled for every Monday through the month of October (Weather permitting).

Sing-Along and Guitar Lessons both of these activities will be every other week.   For the month of September, the days are the 5th and 19th.  For the month of October, the days are the 3rd and 17th.  These events are cancelled for October 31st, because of the Halloween Party.

Friday Yoga time has changed.  It will now be at 1:00 pm on Fridays.

Spades time has changed.  It will now be at 9:30 pm on Fridays.

Mahjong time has changed.  It will now be at 12:30 pm on Tuesday.

Cribbage time has changed.  It will now be at 12:30 pm on Wednesday.

Any activities that have been cancelled will be listed in this section.

Weather Closures   


The Senior Center will follow the lead of the Tacoma School District #10.  If they close due to weather conditions, then the Center will be closed.  If they have a two hour delayed start, the Center will open two hours late.


Holiday Closures

Senior Center Closures

The Senior Center will be closed on the following holidays:

Presidents Day         (February 20, 2023)       Labor Day               (September 4, 2023)
Memorial Day            (May 29, 2023)              Thanksgiving          (November 23, 2023)
Independence Day   (July 4, 2023)                  Christmas               (December 25, 2023)
                                                                               New Year’s Day     (January 1, 2024)

Lunch Closures

Catholic Community Services will not be serving lunches on the following dates:

Martin Luther King Day     (January 17, 2023)           Juneteenth                          (June 19, 2023)
President’s Day                    (February 20, 2023)        Day After Thanksgiving    (November 24, 2023)
Good Friday                          (April 7, 2023)                  Christmas Day                     (December 25, 2023)


New Normal

I am happy to announce that COVID restrictions at the Senior Center have been lifted.  We no longer require vaccinations or masks.  This does not mean masks are still not recommended, they are optional at this time.  Masks and washing your hands are still the first line of defense against catching the Flu or COVID.  In addition, monitoring surveys have been eliminated.  The following is still required.

Entering the Building:  Check into the database with the stylus attached to the computer.  

Infection or Positive Test:  If you become ill, stay home.  If you test positive for COVID, NOTIFY THE SENIOR CENTER!  This is extremely important to prevent spread of the virus.

Exercise Equipment:  Participants must use a disinfectant wipe on any equipment that is used during classes.  Bring your own Yoga mat.  Mats will not be loaned out unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor. 

For New Senior Center Participants…

We are so glad that you are interested in participating at the Senior Center.  There are no membership fees; however, if you would like to participate and you’ve never been to the Point Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center, please download the following three PDFs, fill them out and bring them with you.   If you are uncomfortable providing some of the information such as income, please leave those sections blank.  The Wellness Release is only necessary if you plan on attending any exercise programs at the Senior Center.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Photography Release Form Revised 2015 for Senior Center

Wellness Center Waiver & Release Form

Revised Emergency Contact Form 1.2017 (002)

Instructors Needed

The Senior Center is looking for a Strength and Balance instructor for the Tuesday and Thursday classes.  This is a paid position.  If interested, please contact the Director at 253-756-0601.

We are looking for a Beginning Spanish or Conversational Spanish instructor.  If interested, please contact the Director at 253-756-0601.

The Senior Center needs a new instructor for a gardening class.  Our previous Master Gardener retired.  This is a volunteer position.

Update Your Information

If you have moved, changed phone numbers or emails, please print out the Emergency Contact form and provide the completed form to the Senior Center.  Emails are sent out with center information, along with the Catholic Community Services Menu and the Senior Center newsletter.  If you do not receive our updates and would like to be on our email list, please complete the Emergency Contact Form and include your email address on it.