Senior Center Updates

Holiday Closures

The Senior Center will be closed on the following days:

Presidents Day                     Labor Day 

Memorial Day                       Thanksgiving 

Independence Day               Christmas 

If a holiday falls on a weekend, the closest business day to the holiday will be observed.  (Friday for Saturday or Monday for Sunday)


July 28 2021

Yes, we are finally reopening; and we can’t wait to see you!  As we reopen, your health and safety are our priorities.  We are reopening with a graduated process  along with the following guidelines.

Only vaccinated individuals may participate until further notice.  If you have a medical exemption, it is recommended that you remain at home.  Although the mask mandate has been lifted in many places, the Senior Center still requires them.  If you do not have one, one will be provided when you come.


Graduated Reopening

A graduated process will be used to reopen, not only to ensure that participants are safe, but to allow the volunteers the time needed to adjust to new processes and procedures. 

While the Senior Center has not experienced any COVID transmission since it reopened; the case numbers are going up with the new strain.  We are currently offering such classes as Strength and Balance, Yoga, Tap and Line Dance, Drawing, Martial Arts, and others.   You will find the dates and times of these programs in our calendar.  At this time, only those individuals who are vaccinated will be allowed to participate.  While the State of Washington is removing its mask mandate, we still require masks and social distancing.  

Rollbacks:  If, at anytime, someone contracts the virus, the Senior Center schedule will rollback to the previous schedule.  If there is a time lapse in the participant notifying the Senior Center, it may become necessary to temporarily close the Center (dependent on Health Department recommendations).


More Information About Reopening

Entering the Building:  Masks and social distancing are required.  If you enter without a mask, one will be provided.  If you are medically exempt, it is recommended that you remain at home.  Present your vaccination card and complete a monitoring survey with a “clean” pen/computer stylus.  Check into the database with the stylus and place it in the “dirty” cup.  

Monitoring Surveys:  A monitoring survey must be completed each time you enter the building.  Participants may choose to take several surveys home, completing and bringing one back upon each return. 

Limited Occupancy:  Classes will not exceed 20 participants in the main room.  The dining room is limited to 24 participants, and the classroom to six (excluding instructors).

Exiting the Building:  All morning class participants will exit through the back dining room door  to eliminate congestion as people check in.

Infection or Positive Test:  If you become ill or test positive for COVID, NOTIFY THE SENIOR CENTER!  This is extremely important to prevent spread of the virus.

Exercise Programs:  Masks must be worn except during strenuous exercise.  It can be removed only during exercise and must be replaced prior to leaving the exercise area.

Exercise Equipment:  Participants must use a disinfectant wipe on any equipment that is used during classes.  Bring your own Yoga mat.  Mats will not be loaned out unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor. 

Strength & Balance:  Doris Renna will be instructing two Monday and Wednesday classes.  Only one will be offered on Fridays.  

Coffee Service and Breakfast Pastries:  These services are suspended until further notice. 

Games:  All cards and dominoes will be rotated with a minimum of three days between use.  Disposable paper Bingo sheets and daubers will be used.  Please bring your own dauber; however, the Center has a few if you forget yours.

Lunches: Lunches will be served on a drive through basis until further notice.  


For New Senior Center Participants…

The Senior Center reopened August 2, 2021 on a limited basis and will expand with more programs.  If you would like to participate and you’ve never been to the Point Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center, please download the following three PDFs, fill them out and bring them with you.   If you are uncomfortable providing some of the information such as income, please leave those sections blank.  The Wellness Release is only necessary if you plan on attending any exercise programs at the Senior Center.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Photography Release Form Revised 2015 for Senior Center

Wellness Center Waiver & Release Form

Revised Emergency Contact Form 1.2017 (002)


Instructors Needed

The Senior Center is looking for a Strength and Balance instructor for the 11:00 a.m., Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes.  This is a paid position.  If interested, please contact the Director at 253-756-0601.

We are looking for a volunteer Beginning Spanish or Conversational Spanish instructor.  If interested, please contact the Director at 253-756-0601.



From Kate Gray, Director of the Point Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center

Update Your Information

During our closure, many changes may have occurred, including your contact information.  Please print out the Emergency contact form and provide the completed form to the Senior Center.  I have been emailing out a variety of puzzles and the answers for those puzzles, fun trivia games, comics, bad jokes, and much more.  For some, the emails that I had were invalid.  For others, I did not have your email address.  I will continue to email out some of these items, along with the Catholic Community Services Menu and the Senior Center newsletter.  If you did not receive our updates and would like to be on our email list, please complete the Emergency Contact Form and include your email address on it.   

There are many people behind the scenes who have made it possible for some services to continue. . .just in a different format.  When you see these people, please thank them for what they have done during our closure and what they continue to do as we reopen.

AARP Tax Preparation:  Many people sacrificed their Saturdays to prepare community member taxes.  Linda Reiter managed the program at our Senior Center, and she had many volunteers preparing taxes alongside her.  Please be sure to thank them for their continued commitment to our community.  In addition, they have begun a new program.  Once a month volunteers will be available to assist with taxes through September.  Please call the Senior Center for your appointment.

Food Lifeline:  Our food bank program has reopened, items are picked up from Safeway and delivered to Senior Center on Mondays.  Thank you Kathy Cooper, William Mitchell, Barbara Garnes, and Gisela Taranovski for volunteering to pick up the Safeway items both during closure and after reopening.

Gardening: A garden needs maintenance year round and there were volunteers who took on this job.  Jim Hansen, Jackie Garnes, and Bill Kennedy deserve a word of thanks when you see them.

Kitchen:  Catholic Community Service meals have continued thanks to the hard work of Carmen Volk, Jackie Garnes, Erika Parker, Ann Van Gemert, Dick Woodke, and Jim Hansen

Video Class Instructors:  John Havens (drawing and piano), Molly Maddock (Strength & Balance and Sr. Dance Movement), Hal Meng (yoga and canning), Shelley Harris and Nalani Brown (book readings), Maryanne Ellis (line dance), Ardythe Fleener (tap dance), Matt Santelli (Medicare, fraud and scam classes), Dr. Doug Long (movement and the back), Ursula Bannister (calligraphy), and Peggy Castro (poetry and guided meditation).

Social Media:  Thanks to Betty Withrow, our Facebook page was and is constantly being updated.

Wellness Calls:  Betty Withrow, Carmen Paddock, Lucille Smith, Joan Doherty, and Bobbi Lemmer.

Special Thanks:  There is no doubt that it has been an unusual and stressful time for our participants.  Shelley Harris (FTJ Director of Philanthropy) and Nalani Brown (FTJ Philanthropy Coordinator) promoted food drives, the  purchase of gift cards and bags of food and essentials to hand out.  These programs would not have been successful without them, along with Judy Dunn, Bob Beckham, the FTJ Board of Directors, Patricia Mail and Joy Drewfs.

Thanks also goes to Chris Hall (FTJ Sr. Director of Marketing and PR).  She made it possible for the Senior Center to have its own tab on the FTJ website.  Because of that, we were able to post our video classes.

If I have left out anyone, please forgive me.  There were so many wonderful and generous people it is difficult to get them all.  Thanks to each and every one of you!


Catholic Community Services has discontinued lunches on a drive through basis.  Monday through Thursday lunches are available in the dining room beginning June 1, 2022.  Meals begin being served at noon.  A limited number of meals are prepared so don’t be late!

We will see you soon!