Making A Difference Recipients

April – June, 2021

Shirley Robbins, Concierge Shirley Robbins, Concierge

She is such an important part in our community and a great representative for it.  She helps guide our lives, always with a smile.  She is completely trustworthy to keep the secrets we think we have hidden from her watchful eyes and ears.  (Resident)

Krista Dumas Krista Dumas, Waitstaff

Krista is one of the best, if not the best of the food service staff.  She has a wonderful outgoing personality and always remembers the resident’s likes and dislikes.  It is always a pleasure to have her as my server. (Resident)

Larry Wood, Driver Larry Wood, Driver

He is very good to us, always goes beyond the call of duty and I greatly appreciate his efforts.  (Resident)

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann and Dining Staff

Going above and beyond during COVID lockdown!  The dining staff that delivered the meals were always cheerful, masked and polite.  Their service meant a lot.  The “Mindful” meals were really good and helped break up the monotony.  I give my heartfelt appreciation, thanks and praise to Jim and crew for keeping us cheered, fed and continuing on through the pandemic. (Resident)


Jeff McQuay and Tony DeMarco, Building Services Jeff McQuay and Tony DeMarco, Building Services

Unbelievable kindness! They solved my problem of not being able to get my feet on the floor sitting on the bed because the mattress was too high.  Now I don’t have the fear of falling.  Thank you, Jeff and Tony! (Resident)

Steve Barrett, Lead Maintenance

Steve Barrett, Lead Maintenance

A call came in from a duplex resident about the great detailed job Steve had don’t cleaning her back deck.  Steve has fixed many things for us, the maintenance crew here is terrific and bend over backwards to help us and do everything so cheerfully. (FTJ Manager & Resident)

Al Burnett, Dining Services Al Burnett, Dining Services

Al has done a wonderful job to make our residents in Memory Care feel special.  Something as simple as an afternoon snack stands out because of the care and attention from Al stepping up to make a difference.  He is great – team player all the way.  (FTJ Staff)

Triss Tibeau, Cook Triss Tibeau, Cook

I have like her since she arrived as a server, she was always so friendly and got the orders right.  Now, as a cook, she continues that!  She makes sure that I get what I ask for, her vegetable are never mushy, she tends to their texture.  I am always glad to have her on the job. (Resident)

Alyssa Becerra and Kristine Baxter Alyssa Becerra and Kristine Baxter, Housekeeping

Two housekeepers who work together as a tight team.  They are fast, efficient, thorough, kind, pleasant, friendly, diligent, and cheerful… what could be better than that!  These two are so uplifting I just love to see them arrive every week. (Resident)

Lina Corpus Lina Corpus, Housekeeper

She is always happy!  She recalls my preferences and satisfies my day by cleaning.  (Resident)

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley, Dining Room Lead

Heidi is always going out of her way to make sure the resident’s needs are met plus more.  She not only does her job but others as well.  She always has the resident’s well being at heart.  She is an amazing employee and person.  (FTJ Staff)

Holly Landowski, Waitstaff Holly Landowski, Waitstaff

I have been here since 2013(Is that possible?).  We have had servers come and go but there are always one or two that stand out and Holly is that standout.  Since the pandemic and restrictions I have seen Holly shine.  She rolls with the punches, helps everyone who needs a hand and always keep her cool with a smile.  She is a great asset to the dining experience!  (Resident)

Nalani Brown Nalani Brown, Philanthropy Coordinator

While all the employees here at FTJ do a wonderful job, Nalani enjoys taking thing to a new level.  He is joyful, delightful and happy.  This carries over into how creative she is on making our day so special.  She takes an extra moment to visit and see how we are too!  Thank you for having her here!  (Resident)

Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan, Housekeeper

While Priscilla’s job is room cleaning she brings her smile to brighten all our lives.  For those of us that get a paper, she is our paper delivery person during this pandemic and brings her warm smile with the paper.  I appreciate her dedication to her calling.  Thank you Priscilla.  (Resident)

January –March 2021

Nalani Brown Nalani Brown, Philanthropy

“Nalani is always willing to fill in wherever she is needed. The Garden Apt residents are so grateful for her. Nalani’s cheerful disposition, enthusiasm, and flexibility have enriched our campus community. Residents believe that her energy and team spirit should be recognized.” (From Resident)

“Nalani has been wonderful to keep an eye on all of us in the Garden Apts – and has done it with such enthusiasm. Her positive attitude and cheerfulness are inspiring!” (From Resident)

“Nalani is just a delight! She is joyful, positive, and always willing to help us. FTB is very fortunate to have Nalani and so are we.” (From Resident)


Colin Deck & Sarah Doerner Colin Deck & Sarah Doerner, Wellness Center

“I appreciate what these two have done for all of us during this pandemic. Their zoom classes have kept us moving (not an easy task)! I am so grateful that they have included non-resident community members as well.” (Resident)

Amanda Wilson Amanda Wilson, C.N.A.

“Amanda took the initiative to rearrange a resident’s room so the resident would be more comfortable after calling the family to ask if it would be ok. It really improved the resident’s day and the family was extremely happy.” (Team Member)

Tanya Jones Tanya Jones, Dining Services

“Tanya always goes above and beyond to create amazing salads and comes through for her fellow employees with a smile, even when we are forgetful and order our meals late. Thank you for loving us through your food!” (Team Member)

Delphine Hall Delphine Hall, C.N.A.

“Delphine has a specialness about her! Regardless of how she might personally feel that day, she always greets everyone with a smile. She truly shows her love and her passion to lift others up. She is a treasure!” (Resident)

Asha Johnston Asha Johnston, Housekeeping

Asha is so thorough and efficient, a real leader! She is helpful, polite, cheerful and a very hard worker. She deserves special recognition.” (Resident)

The Dining Services Team

“Many special thanks were given this past quarter to our amazing Dining Service Team. From the servers to the cooks and Chef, they are all exceptional and there is not an indifferent or lazy one in the group. The food that is served is attractive, creative, delicious and no short cuts are ever taken. The entire team deserve accolades for their exemplary skills, dedication and service!” (Resident)

All FTJ Staff

“Most every staff member is going above and beyond their normal duties at this time! Tray deliveries, taking temps, disinfecting, visiting with residents, delivering newspapers, and anything else that needs to be done. Thank you FTJ staff, you are all doing a great job!” (Fellow Team Member)

January - April 2020

Dani Garcia Dani Garcia

“Dani is a great caregiver and really makes life meaningful for all of us.” (Resident)

“Dani is one of the most caring C-NA’s at FTJ. She is always asking residents how she can help them—listens to their needs and their stories and will laugh (and cry) along with them.” (Team Mate)

“Dani goes the extra mile. She is always smiling and pleasant—she brightens my day and is a good listener.” (Resident)


Holly Elton Holly Elton

“Holly was super supportive as my mom transitioned into Memory care. We were all so thankful for her support.” (Resident’s family)

Edith Richards Edith Richards

“ Edith has such compassion for the residents. I am happy she is a part of the FTJ team.” (Team Mate)

Melissa Murphy Melissa Murphy

“Melissa is truly a great person—very caring towards our residents and always offering to help out. Melissa is very dedicated to FTJ.” (Team Mate)

Linda Tonjann Linda Tonjann

“Linda is always so helpful with any questions or concerns I might have. I really enjoy working with her.” (Team Mate)

Jana Wennstrom Jana Wennstrom

“Jana has expanded the subjects and settings and her enthusiasm And positive attitude is reflected in these programs.” (Resident)

“Jana has made great improvements in the Senior University. She is making a positive difference for us residents and for the community.” (Resident


Grant King Grant King

“Grant always has a big smile on his face and I look forward to seeing him. He is always so positive.” (Team Mate)

Nelma Vallero Nelma Valero

“Nelma does a really good job in housekeeping. We are grateful to her and her charming attitude.” (Multiple residents)

Jeanie Rogalski Jeanie Rogalski

“Jeanie is the best! She knows what we like to eat and makes suggestions when there is something she thinks we might like. She also shares good stories.” (Residents)

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers

“Tyler is very efficient and genuinely cares about us, He makes us feel confident about his ability to take care of us all. “ (Resident)

Imelda Crawford Imelda Crawford

“She is the nicest person. Her kindness and gentle manner help her to do her job so well.” (Resident)

Paige Zarate Paige Zarate

“Paige is efficient and super fast. She is studying to become a nurse and hearing about her goals is mentally stimulating and interesting to me.” (Resident)

Elvira Peterson Elvira Peterson

“Elvira always helps me start my day out right and reminds me to smile.” (Resident)
April 2020

The entire dining and kitchen staff

A resident took the time to recognize each and every one of the unsung heroes in our kitchen and dining staff! This resident specifically mentioned the dedication demonstrated during COVID. Nice work, kitchen and dining—your efforts have not gone un-noticed!

Dining and Kitchen Staff

October – December 2019

Linda Koessler Linda Koessler

“I would like to nominate Linda Koessler for her work in assisting employees with so many questions all year ‘round and especially for chairing the Holiday party Committee. Her organizational skills were and are phenomenal and she made the party a tremendous success. Linda creates a personal, professional and positive experience for long-term employees and a welcoming presence for our new team members from initial phone calls, to pre-hire and onboarding activities. She was given a shout out by a member of Senior Staff to the Board members for her tremendous efforts in streamlining the hiring process.” (Team Mate)

“Linda deserves a big thank you from all of us at FTJ for her contributions to making the Holiday party a huge success. She really put in a lot of extra time and effort to make this a fun event for all of us. Thank you Linda, for all your do for FTJ.” (Team Mate)


Jeanie Rogalski Jeanie Rogalski

“Jeanie is a fantastic employee! She makes each and every resident feel as if they are her only responsibility. Without a doubt, my wife and I are happy in the dining room when she is there. Simply the best.” (Resident )

Candace Gustafson Candy Gustafson

“Candy is always supportive if her team. She went out of her way to care for a resident’s cat when they had to go out of town which helped put the resident’s mind at ease.” (Team Mate)

Melissa Morse Melissa Morse

“Melissa does “Bang-up” job of taking care of all the issues that come up—not just nursing. Ask her a question and she will get you the answer—no nonsense—always follows through—always helpful. “ (Resident)

Robert Hemetewa Robert Humetewa

“What a great receptionist. He is the nicest one—always smiling and helpful. Residents love him—Staff loves him. “ (Team Mate)’

“Robert is sincere, helpful and always does his best. Everyone likes him and trusts him. “ (Team Mate)


Lina Corpus Lina Corpus

“Lina is a ray of sunshine every day! You can tell she enjoys being of service and being in contact with the residents.” (Resident)

Amanda Wilson Amanda Wilson

“Amanda has that special something—that happy glow when working with each of us. We look forward to he help and miss here when she is off.” (Resident)

Allisha Navarro Allisha Navarro

“Allisha lights up each day with her delightful personality and hard work. When she works, she never complains even when she has to do a double. Other CNA’s should copy her.” (Resident)

Vicki Weaver Vicki Weaver

“Every time I ask Vicki for something, I always get a courteous, friendly response! I realize how big FTJ is and how many requests she must get and greatly appreciate her responsiveness and kindness. She is a gem!” (Resident)

Sarah Miller Sarah Miller

“Sarah puts together fun and worthwhile activities to keep us engaged. She really gets us involved and helps us enjoy whatever is offered.” (Resident)

Patricia Moore Patricia Moore

“Patricia provided positive, encouraging words whenever we see her—So encouraging—always aware of residents and their families.” (Resident)

“Patricia organized a great trick-or-treat event at our care center! She even made homemade treats! Kudos to Patricia for this wonderful event!” (Team Mate)


Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley

“Heidi is always ready to help others. She promotes quality of life for residents and really makes a difference.” (Team Mate)

Diana McKenna Dani Garcia

“I have noticed that Dani has taken extra time and effort in helping my step-mother. Her extra time and effort has allowed my step mother to keep her beloved cat and maintain a close relationship with another living creature.” (Resident family member)

Jim Tonjann David Weisfield Jim Tonjann and Chef David

“I forgot to submit an event planner for a Resident event where 30-40 people were expected to attend. With everything else going on, Jim and David put together a wonderful, beautiful and delicious tray of food and saved the day! Thank you!! (Team Mate)

The entire team who was involved in the new care center opening

“I want to give an enormous shout out to every team member who was involved in the move to the new Care Center. I saw so many smiles on the faces of residents and family members. There were some glitches, but I can’t believe how smooth it went because I was expecting total chaos!” (Team Mate)


Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss

“Victoria is very committed to her job and to the residents. She shows her integrity by living out her promises and commitments to the residents.“ (Resident)

“Victoria is very committed to residents and to her job. She establishes schedules and gets her work done effectively.” (Resident)

“Victoria us very upbeat and her personality makes you smile and be happy. She does an excellent job and is just great. “ (Resident)


Priscilla Cabutotan and Victoria Hotchkiss Priscilla Cabutotan and Victoria

“They work well together as a team and are happy and friendly.” (Resident)

July - September 2019

Shirley Robbins Shirley Robbins

“When Shirley heard the Garden Apartments were having a Potluck Picnic, she made sure we had tables and chairs. She helped with set up and clean up. She really went the extra mile for us.” (Resident)

“Shirley pitched in and helped us organize our Potluck Picnic in the midst of everything that she had going on in July.” (Resident)


Charlotte “Charly” Whitman Charlie Whitman

“’Bistro Charlie’ always has a smile on her face and knows most of us by name. On hot days, she makes sure to provide a cup of water for thirsty dogs. Bless her thoughtfulness!” (Resident)

Marianne Monette Marianne Monette

“Marianne is very kind and always ready to help. She is the best team member I have ever had.” (Teammate)

Lorna Wert Lorna Wert

“I am very thankful for Lorna’s speed and quality of her work doing my laundry and ironing.” (Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss

“Victoria does a great job cleaning and is always ready to help out in any way.” (Resident)

“Victoria has been very helpful to me. She is so willing to talk and listen to how I want something cleaned and how I like my bed made. Also, her friendly manner is delightful!” (Resident)

Skip Gibson Skip Gibson

“Hats off to Skip! He assisted several of us residents in helping another back to her apartment. He also got my refrigerator fixed with a new filter!” (Resident)

“Skip is always helpful and always answers my questions. I feel that her really cares.” (Resident)

Melissa Murphy Melissa Murphy

“Melissa has a friendly way of making residents feel at home every day. Mom loves joking with her.” (Resident’s family)

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann

“Great job coordinating food service for the annual picnic. Food was excellent and served efficiently by the service team. Jim is always friendly and helpful in the dining room and residents feel welcome under his leadership and his team of friendly servers.” (Resident’s family)

Shelby Roberson Shelby Roberson

“Shelby is a hard worker who puts others first. She is kind and caring and has been a great person to work with. She has made FTJ a joy to work for and has made me a better person by showing me how to do my job well and with care.” (Teammate)

Robert Hemetewa Robert Humetewa

“Robert always has a smile for everyone! You never feel like an interruption to him. Robert shows his compassion for others like no one else. It is always a pleasure to see Robert sitting at the desk!” (Resident’s family member)

Tracy Relic

“Tracy goes above and beyond to make sure residents are cared for. She makes residents smile with her amazing attitude.” (Team Mate)

“Tracy is always ready to help—you can see the difference she makes by the smile on the faces of our residents.” (Teammate)


Nelma Vallero Nelma Vallero

“Nelma works quickly and efficiently without upsetting my order of things. She cleans with a smile on her face and makes her visits on Monday pleasant with her cheerful ‘Happy Monday’ greeting.” (Resident)

Herna Tellez Herna Tellez

“Herna goes out of her way to help others She makes it easier for me to do my job.” (Teammate)

John McAlexander John McAlexander

“John came to our home and zipped through a list of annoying tings we needed done. He was pleasant, friendly and efficient. He is a credit to FTJ. (And he has a very cool car, Du-u- ude!)” (Resident)

Linda Tonjann Linda Tonjann

“I have a problem—I am not a manager and can’t pass out “atta boy” pins to people. Linda T needs like 10 pins. Seriously, she is always on the ball and keeping me on track when stuff gets crazy—which is only 4-7 times per day—she deserves all the recognition in the world!” (Teammate)

Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan

“Priscilla is a very hard worker and I’m always very satisfied with her work She also exhibits a pleasant and friendly personality.” (Resident)

April - June 2019

Terri Ross Terri Ross

“Terri is an inspiration to me. She is the definition of making every day meaningful. She remains positive through any challenge. She works so well with the Senior population, tending to their needs and concerns. When someone walks in and needs something, she is quick to help. When we were on quarantine, she took time to help pass out meals. She makes a point to let people know when they are doing a good job. She makes me want to do a better job every day. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation, Terri.” (Teammate)


Amy Petschke Amy Petschke

“Amy does an exceptional job every single day. She is professional, approachable, kind and compassionate. She is a savvy problem solver and when there is a problem, she helps find a solution. When we were on quarantine, she lent a helping hand without hesitation. She is a shining star.” (Teammate)

Jana Wennstrom Jana Wennstrom

“Jana radiates happiness and joy. You can tell she loves her job, the people she works with and the residents. She has brought so much life and diversity to the Senior U Programs. The events on culture and different countries has been phenomenal, and we are lucky to someone like Jana on our team. Thank you, Jana, you are one of a kind!” (Teammate)


Monica Turner Monica Turner

“It is admirable how Monica always sees projects through from conception to completion. She’s always so friendly and can find the answers on any questions you may have. She is always calm and extremely patient. FTJ would not be the same without her!” (Teammate)

Anne Marie Leighton Anne Marie Leighton

“Anne Marie was very helpful when a resident injured her leg.” (Resident)

Linda Rossell Linda Rossell

“Linda is the woman behind the curtain. We may not see much of her, but she is working her tail off. She is always friendly, and she treats people with dignity and respect no matter who they are. She is great team player and collaborator and we are lucky to have her complete the accounting team at FTJ.” (Teammate)

Katie Schott Katie Schott

“Katie is efficient about her driving—consistently parking near the curb and tirelessly helping us with engaging compassion and is quick to comprehend and meet special needs.” (Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss

“I am very impressed with my housekeeper Victoria Hotchkiss. I have never seen anyone as good as Victoria!” (Resident)

“We have a double room apartment and she cleans it really well. We could not ask for better service!” (Resident)

“Victoria is one of the best housecleaners there could ever be! She does not miss anything—we really like her.” (Resident)


Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan

“When Priscilla leaves, the house is spotless! She does everything and we really like her.” (Resident)

“We thank Priscilla for her extra smiles and work she provides. We are sure she has made a difference in the whole Franke Tobey Jones Community.” (Resident)

Priscilla Cabutotan and Victoria Hotchkiss Priscilla Cabutotan and Victoria Hotchkiss

“These two have been helpful and courteous to me for years. They do a thorough and careful cleaning of my room every Tuesday and I think they deserve a BIG thank you from both me and the entire FTJ staff.” (Resident)

Sarah Doerner Sarah Doerner

“Sarah’s patience in teaching us the Thai dance was excellent—the results being we were able to perform as a group and enjoyed the entire learning process. I would definitely recommend this class to others and also hope there is another class that provides more in-depth dance. FTJ is very fortunate to have Sarah on the staff at the Wellness Center. She is a treasure.” (Resident)

Herna Tellez Herna Tellez

“Herna is a great team player. Any time I need help with a resident she responds with enthusiasm, willing to go the extra mile. You can find her making beds, providing personal service, or just making a resident laugh.” (Teammate)

Lina Corpus Lina Corpus

“Lina is a great person with a good personality. She is very respectful of team members and the residents love her. She is thoughtful and reliable. Everyone loves her—she is great!” (Teammate)

Krista Dumas Krista Dumas

“Krista regales us with stories about Esmerelda, her special fish. We look forward to the new tales of Ez’s exploits, but more than that, we look forward to Krista’s special talent of serving us food and friendship. We are fortunate to have Krista as a friend, an excellent server and a great human being. Thank you, Krista!” (Resident)

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley

“Starting the day with a good breakfast is a must and having a wonderful server is a blessing. Her attitude is positive and her smile contagious. Her demeanor is a wonderful gift to us all—she knows what we want to eat before we do!” (Resident)

Heidi Rowley and Krista Dumas Heidi Rowley and Krista Dumas

“For the past 3 months, these two have served us. They provide excellent service, are pleasant and respond to our needs. They remember our favorites and team up well. Most of all, they make dining a pleasant experience—they are the best of the best.” (Resident)

Quennly Watson Quennly Watson

“You will often see Quennly with a smile on her face. She is dressed nice and neat, ready to start the day with a cheerful personality. She is polite with the residents in her care and is a team player. She helps ensure tasks are completed, paperwork is done, and communication is passed on to the next nurse. She is fantastic!” (Teammate)

Kristina Atkins Kristina Atkins

“Kristina is an outgoing nurse, her concern for residents is great. She is a good nurse and easy to work with.” (Teammate)

Melissa Morse Melissa Morse

“Melissa is absolutely amazing! She spends extra time with residents and always goes the extra mile. She is easy to go-to with questions and will make sure everything is followed up on. We love her!” (From 3 Teammates)

Edith Richards Edith Richards

“Edith has shown the sincerest compassion to our mother. We have noticed that Edith is dedicated to the highest quality of life not only for our mother, but for all residents at Lillian Pratt. Thank you, Edith, for your pleasant personality and expert care!” (Resident’s family members)

February - March 2019

Entire Maintenance Crew Entire Maintenance Crew

“During our huge snow event, the Maintenance Crew have been out salting roads, walks and driveways. Every one of them were so cheerful and willing to help with anything. Today (2/14/2019) Jim simply appeared to help me shovel the drive so that I could get the car back in the garage. He was in such a great mood and I was so thankful for his help. I am so blessed to be a resident in this lovely neighborhood!” (Resident)

“During the last two weeks, the guys have worked tirelessly to dig us out from all the snow and ice. They shoveled before, during and after the snowfall in sub-freezing weather and they did it happily. They dug out my front walk and driveway at least three times and kept us from being completely housebound!” (Resident)

(Photos top to bottom, left to right, Robert Beckham, Jim Rivinius, Steve Barrett, Skip Gibson, John McAlexander)


Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann

“I would like to nominate Jim because during the weekend of snow, he shoveled the walkways in the HCC parking lot. The residents in OP and I also observed him shoveling the walkways between the LP building leading to the GA Building.” (Team Mate)

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers

“One of our residents told Tyler that they could really go for a nice bowl of chili. Tyler, after his shift was over, went and got the resident some chili. This isn’t a “one time” thing—Tyler goes above and beyond every shift.” (Team Member)

Tiffany Murphy Tiffany Murphy

“I have been very impressed by how Tiffany makes sure everyone has fresh water every day. Sometimes we can forget how the people who do little things make a big difference. Hydration is so important in health care and Tiffany makes sure everyone is hydrated. I can’t express how grateful I am to have a team member with this dedication.” (Team Member)

Charlotte “Charly” Whitman Charlotte “Charly” Whitman

“I was at the Wellness Center when I saw Charly go from the Bistro to the door of Wellness. I asked her if there was a problem and she said she was just checking to make sure a resident could get back to Toby Jones. This happened during the snow storm when the grounds were slippery. Despite being new to the company, Charly displays a caring attitude to the residents and deserves a nomination in the Making a Difference Recognition.” (Team Mate)

“Charly is such a joy to work with! She has such a bright, cheery demeanor. She is always so happy to help. I was just finishing up with a Committee meeting in the LP Conference room and I had less than 10 minutes to clear the breakfast items from the room and then to prep the room for the next meeting! I was in such a rush and asked her to call Dining Services to assist me. Instead, she just jumped right in to lend me a hand. We got the room ready just in time! I couldn’t have done it without her help! Thank you, Charly!” (Team Member)


Steve Barrett and John Mc Alexander (Maintenance Department) Steve Barrett and John Mc Alexander (Maintenance Department)

“As we were bringing someone in to the facility, we discovered we were unable to get him out of the car and using his walker. Because he was ready to fall, we sat him on the sidewalk. John was passing by and stopped to help. He radioed for help and Steve came. The two of them were able to get him safely into the house and sitting down. We are so grateful for their response.” (Resident)

Sarah Doerner Sarah Doerner

“Sarah Doerner always appears to enjoy her work with us. During group exercises she is clear on instructions on the progression through movements and the number of repetitions. It is obvious that she has prepared in advance of our sessions. I asked for some private instruction from Colin Deck and went to the gym to practice. One day, when I was practicing with Colin, Sarah came by and told him she had seen me practicing alone many times. It made me feel good having my efforts acknowledged. One day, Sarah announced that she would give a class on Dances in Thailand at the gym. 8-10 of us showed up. At the class, she took the trouble to set up a projector and showed a film in beautiful color of dancing being done in Thailand in native costumes. Sarah proudly explained the culture which featured these dances in Thailand done differently in different stages of life. Some language was introduced. Then, we performed a simple beginner’s dance in unison to native music in some costume. A finishing touch was added when we made long fingernails and wore them in costume dancing for others. Sarah’s work is meaningful, engaging, instructive and shows a genuine interest in my health—physically and mentally.” (Resident)


Sandra Stevens Sandra Stevens

“Sandra is a hard-core worker. I see her all the time making sure all surfaces are dust-free, carpets are spotless and floors in the dining rooms are really clean. During activities, she stops by at the Parlor making sure trash is empty. She doesn’t waste time and always makes sure that her assigned tasks are immaculately clean before she clocks out. Her good attitude does make a difference.” (Team Mate)

Delphine Hall Delphine Hall

“Delphine helps me do my job better every day. I especially love how she goes out of her way on busy days to do something special for our residents. She really helps make each day special for the people who live here and is a great example of how we make our residents have a better day.” (Team Member)

Melissa Morse Melissa Morse

“Melissa Morse is a thoughtful, kind and helpful advocate for our mom. Melissa has built a positive and professional relationship with mom. Melissa watches out for our mom’s health and welfare and anticipates her need for supplies and advises us of her needs and current medical concerns. Melissa’s professional skills are consistently accurate, and she answers our questions with reassuring accountability, data and good judgement.” (Resident’s family)


Robert Humetewa Robert Humetewa

“I was very worried about something and felt anxious and talked with Robert and he was so kind and listened to my worries. It made me feel much more relaxed and not so worried. He is not the kind of guy who is angry or doesn’t smile at you—he is always so kind and understanding and always has a kind smile. He is consistently kind every day.” (Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss

“Victoria is a wonderful lady and has helped us so very much. All employees are recognized by us.” (Resident)

The Entire Franke Tobey Jones Team

“I look at your faces and am aware that each person I come in contact with makes my life meaningful. That’s what I tell people who are interested in FTJ. Not one person who works here has ever made me feel that I am asking too much. No one gets impatient with us here—not even the youngest high school student serving us in the dining room. Bless you all!” (Resident)

December 2018 - January 2019

Jeanie Rogalski and Steve Barrett: 

Jeanie Rogalski and Steve Barrett “I would like to recognize an amazing team effort by Jeanine a server at the Tobey Jones Building and Steve from maintenance on 1-9-19.  Jeanine sprang into action when a resident began seriously choking.  She called to Steve who was taking down the Christmas tree in the solarium and asked him to call health care while she worked with the resident.  He made the call as he rushed in and applied the Heimlich maneuver.   Very quickly 2 staff people arrived from health care and found the resident had begun responding.  Thanks to Jeanine and Steve. They whole scary scene was handled calmly, competently and compassionately.  Franke Tobey Jones at its best!!”   (resident)

“On January 9th a resident choked and needed the Heimlich procedure.  Jeanine called Steve and between them they handled the incident in a very calm and professional manner.  Jeanie stayed with the woman for while a while to make sure she was all right.  I was pleased to see how professional the staff handled this emergency.”  (resident)

 “On January 9 I started choking and was unable to cough out a small piece of food.  This might have ended my life as I could not breathe!  Jeanie saw my situation and called Steve.  Steve came in a hurry and immediately started the Heimlich maneuver.  I was able to breathe, finally.   Steve is a keeper!   I nominate him for an award!”  (resident)


Colin Deck , Sarah Doerner and Ann Marie Leighton Colin Deck , Sarah Doerner  and Ann Marie Leighton: are a great team.  They make coming to the center enjoyable.  Workouts are excellent—they challenge us, they make us laugh and there is always something new and engaging.  Attending classes at the M.J Wicks wellness center has made a positive difference in my life.  Thank you for hiring and supporting these three talented people.  Colin is a very capable and positive team leader.” (Resident)


Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers: “I attended the Memorial service of a resident who recently passed.  One of her 6 children told me the family would be forever grateful for the kindness. Tyler Rogers showed not only their Mom but also the family.”  (Resident)

Delphine Hall Delphine Hall: “Delphine Hall cares for the residents she helps.  Del consistently uses good judgment and personal knowledge of what residents need and prefer when they are in her care.  She is proactive and smart—preventing problems and minimizing crisis events.  She is collaborative with family and other team members making daily activities the best they could possibly be.”  (Resident)

JJ Alvarez and Holly Landowski JJ Alvarez and Holly Landowski: “Brought in Christmas decorations from home and they both decorated the little tree outside of Franke Tobey Jones Building and made it so beautiful!   Afterwards I don’t know who but he or she strung Christmas lights all around the tree.  Super Special!”  (co-worker)

Imelda Crawford Imelda  Crawford: “Imelda is a very special CNA, reliable, trustable  a great worker.  She never refuses to help others even though she is very busy, she can work in challenging environments and still work.  That’s rare to find such a wonderful worker.  Thanks for working here and making our facility look great.” (co-worker)

Angel Smith: Angel Smith: “A new resident in the TJ Building shared a story today about our Dining  room Staff member Angel.  A resident is soon moving to AL was distressed about downsizing and moving.  Angel showed her sincere affection and told the resident that she is loved and will be missed. The New resident was so impressed with Angel’s kindness being shown to the person moving she made point to tell me about what she saw.”  (Co-worker)

Charly Whitman Charly Whitman: “Charly is a wonderful addition to the Bistro staff.  She is a competent barista and is always cheerful and give you a sunny smile and a warm greeting.  She is definitely an asset to the Franke Tobey Jones Team!”  (resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss: “Victoria does a wonderful job in my building.  Not only does she clean my apartment well, she is always cheerful and prompt.” (From a resident)


October - November 2018

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley – “She is simply the best! I sometimes must get room trays for AL and Heidi goes out of her way to make sure I have everything I need for the trays for the residents. She is gracious and very willing to assist. I know I can depend on her to ensure the residents have what they want/need.” From a coworker.

Dani Garcia Dani Garcia – “Dani is very welcoming to all. While FTJ is a wonderful place, it is hard to transition from your home to an assisted living facility. Dani’s ready smile the friendly personality help make our new home a wonderfully warm and loving residence. Thank you, Dani!” From a resident. AND “Dani frequently attended my mother in AL. She brings trays when mom feels too weak to go to the dining room; she is consistently cheerful and upbeat no matter how peevish Mom my get; and Mom feels that Dani is sympathetic and trying to be helpful. As a family member, it is a relief and comfort to know that Dani is concerned and looking out for my mother when I can’t be there. We all appreciate her!” From a family member.


Cassi Cobble Cassi Cobble – “Cassi is open for discussion on multi-disciplinary issues, is cheerful and positive and has a can-do attitude which has made a huge difference for residents, family members and team members alike as we work to meet the needs of our new admissions. We are fortunate to have her working with us on these! And when our residents need help, (I saw her working with a resident who fell), she was professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and did a fantastic job!” From a coworker.

Robert Beckham Robert Beckham – “Robert always has a can-do positive attitude even when taking care of things outside of his maintenance responsibilities. When a TJ resident fell, he was right there immediately asking if there was anything he could do. He stayed with the resident until the nurse came and stayed to assist the nurse in any way he could. I was very proud to be part of a team and witness this team work!” From a coworker.

Shirley Robbins Shirley Robbins – “Shirley always brings her A-Game to work, but when there was no ARR Director, she stepped up to new heights. She worked diligently to ensure Admissions ran smoothly, brought in several new residents, grew our wait list and help coordinate internal moves. She seemed to be everywhere at once! We are so incredibly lucky to have this dedicated, heartfelt, amazing team member! Thank you for all your hard work!” From a coworker.

Sarah Doerner Sarah Doerner – “We were a little apprehensive when we first visited FTJ Wellness Center as we are ‘community’ members. From our first visit we were made to feel welcome by the Wellness staff. For much of the time we have worked with Sarah. She is a wonderful representative! She is both instructive and encouraging. Thank you FTJ for opening your center to those of us in the community who wish to improve our fitness. The Wellness Center is staffed with excellent people! Thank you, Sarah for your support on our journey.” From a Community Member.

Linda Koessler Linda Koessler – “Linda works very hard and is incredibly organized! She learns people’s names – employees and residents both. She takes time to check up on your and ask how things are going. I think she is the lady behind the curtain for a lot of things that happen. I feel comfortable talking with her about anything. I appreciate her for who she is and what she has to offer FTJ!” From a coworker.

Kristie Dowdy Kristie Dowdy – “I am incredibly grateful for her! If it weren’t for her, I may not be a FTJ employee today! After looking over my resume and application, she called to follow-up by asking about my education, experience and background, and she matched me to a different job opening that better fit my expertise! I couldn’t be more happy and thankful for this opportunity to work, learn and grow. I appreciate you!” From a coworker.

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss – “She is very friendly, prompt and always informs me if there are any changes. She has done a more than satisfactory job! She has a great team and are doing a great job for me!” From a resident.

Skip Gibson Skip Gibson – “Our apartment heat wasn’t working and Skip came to check it out. He was very courteous and professional. He not only fixed it but returned several times to be sure all was satisfactory. Thank you!” From a resident.

Jeanie Rogalski Jeanie Rogalski – “For those of us, from the Garden Apartments, who regularly take lunch in the Tobey Jones building, I want to compliment Jeanie and Angel for their patience, good humor and for their great service to us. We applaud their efforts to make lunch service as pleasant as possible for all. Bravo!” From a resident.

Angel Smith Angel Smith – “For those of us, from the Garden Apartments, who regularly take lunch in the Tobey Jones building, I want to compliment Jeanie and Angel for their patience, good humor and for their great service to us. We applaud their efforts to make lunch service as pleasant as possible for all. Bravo!” From a resident.

July - September 2018

Linda Koessler Linda Koessler – “We can count on her to ‘drop everything’ to help all of us!  From clarifying benefits, to getting cash advances or vacation payouts to us immediately, to coordinating and orienting our new hires to FTJ, patiently helping us get on iPay– the list goes on and on.  And let’s not forget paying us correctly!  Thank you, Linda”.  From a coworker.

Shelby Roberson Shelby Roberson –  “On my first day to the laundry, a young lady peeked around and introduced herself.  She has been a help ever since.  She epitomizes the women who work, often out of sight, to make us feel at home.”  From a resident.  AND “She makes a point to say “hi” every time she sees us – her smile lights up the day. She is caring and shows interest in anything we talk about.”  From a Resident’s care giver.

Chelsei Gilmore Chelsei Gilmore –  “She is one of the best coworkers that I have worked with!  She works above and beyond and keeps her job within scope.  She helps with staffing, anticipates needs, know who to call (maintenance), helps others, welcomes family and visitors with assurance and always helps with their inquiries, questions or concerns.  Above all she delivers high quality care with compassion and gentleness making sure residents have their needs met and that they are comfortable and safe.” From a coworker.  AND “She’s proactive and takes initiative.”  From a coworker.

Tyanna Babbs Tyanna Babbs  – “She is a warm and caring dining room server who brings a welcome smile every day.  She knows what we want before we do it seems, and delivers not only food but her caring attitude every day.”  From a resident. 

Lina Corpus Lina Corpus –   ” When my mother was moved to the Health Care Center I met Lina.  She told me how my mother had talked about her sculptures and told her in detail how she made them.  With Lina’s description and affirmative affect I knew my mother was doing well with her transition.”  From a family member.  AND “She is very helpful, giving love to residents, letting staff know when she notices something with a resident and the residents love her!  And her cleaning and keeping the facility clean is appreciated.”  From a coworker.

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley – “We had a resident meeting in the parlor and somehow there was no event planner.  Heidi jumped into action making a fresh batch of cookies while preparing beverage.  She delivered it all while the cookies were still warm!  She is always there to help making every day meaningful for residents and staff!”  From a coworker.

Cheyanne Clinton Cheyanne Clinton – “In a very short time, she has become an excellent server!  She is friendly but maintains her space.  She listens and is accurate in bringing the food requested.  As a new staff member, she demonstrates excellence at every shift and is deserving of recognition!”  From a resident. AND “Chi brings a wonderful and caring attitude to her work!  She makes each person feel special and her smile is warm and professional.  She takes time to talk with us making our meal time a wonderful experience.”  From a resident.

Chany Cockrill Chany Cockrill – “She does an amazing job especially when we’re short staffed.  She makes residents feel comfortable and treats everyone as her friend/family.  She goes the extra mile!”  From a resident.  AND  “Chany constantly goes out of her way to make residents and staff happy.  She treats every resident as if they were family, taking time to get to know them, and we love working with her!”  From a coworker.

Cynthia Santos Cynthia Santos – “She has been a dedicated worker for many years.  She has filled our mailboxes and cleans our dining room faithfully.  She always has a smile for us and a gentle disposition.”  From a resident.

Robert Hemetewa Robert Hemetewa – “We had a phone problem one evening and repairs were going to take hours – well after his clock out time.  When this was determined, Robert agreed to stay, without hesitation, until repairs were made.  This was a selfless, professional act done behind the scenes that helped keep our residents safe.” From a coworker.

Imelda Crawford Imelda Crawford –  “She is ALWAYS cheerful and pleasant consistently providing high quality care to us.  She never takes a short cut and happily performs her duties.  We appreciate you!  A resident and family.  Imelda is a real asset.  If she sees anyone in trouble she immediately seeks to help whether it’s confusion or real trouble.  She is outstanding! She checks on us off and on to see if we’re alright, brings trays of food – whatever we ask or need, she takes care of it!”  From a resident.

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers – “He is always courteous, helpful and gracious with a pleasant demeanor.  He is knowledgeable and puts people at ease.  We love his attention to detail and the way he treats every resident with dignity and respect.  We appreciate you more than words can say!”  From a resident and family member.

Melissa Murphy Melissa Murphy -“When I have a problem or am confused, I go to Melissa for help.  She is never too busy and always takes time to help.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she finds out and lets me know!”  From a resident.

Carol Roach Carol Roach – “Carol is one of our many employees who work hard to make a positive difference to FTJ and all of us who live and work here.  Her friendly demeanor and wonderful smile brighten our days whether in laundry, on the floor or in the departments!” From a resident.

Jeanie Rogalski Jeanie Rogalski – “Jeanie is prompt, courteous, helpful, good natured – she manages walkers and reads menus to help.  She is a real jewel.  (I found this in a drawer I was cleaning out.  I originally wrote it in 2017 but never submitted it.  Nothing has changed!  Jeanie is still the best ever!)”  From a resident.

Sarah Doerner Sarah Doerner – “She did an excellent job jumping in to make the Wellness Walk a huge indoor success with a great deal of enthusiasm and good humor!”  From a resident.  AND “I want to congratulate Sarah on her very successful Thai final dance recital.  It was an impressive and lovely performance after only 12 weeks of classes!”  From a resident.

Anne Marie Leighton Anne Marie Leighton – “She did an excellent job jumping in to make the Wellness Walk a huge indoor success with a great deal of enthusiasm and good humor!”  From a resident.

Victoria Hotchkiss and Priscilla Cabutotan Victoria Hotchkiss and Priscilla Cabutotan –  “With their help my embarrassment was curtailed quickly (omitting details).  My thanks are for their concern for my overall well-being and their quality of care.”  From a resident.

April - June 2018

Megan Christiansen Meagan Christiansen: “Meagan is a KEEPER! She has an excellent memory and cares about each of us. She remembers ‘likes’ and ‘dis-likes’ as well as quantity. She could be a ballet dancer as she moves between the tables and servers carrying a loaded tray without wincing. She is amazing – and always with a smile.” From a resident.

Kristina Stockwell Kristina Stockwell: “She is always helpful, respectful, knows how to listen to people and responds nicely. She is always responsible and accountable to the job even though that’s not her duty. People always seek her for questions and help, and she is always ready to help and smiling. She has gained my trust and admiration.” From a team mate.

Wyatt George Wyatt George: “There is a new waiter in my dining room – he is tall and handsome, always cheerful and helpful. And he is a fast worker. I am 90 years old and he treats me with a cheerful and respectful attitude.” From a resident.

Imelda CrawfordImelda Crawford: “She help(ed) me shower, did peri care, brings me coffee and many other things. She is a good gal!” From a resident. AND from a team mate: “She always ensures residents are cared for. Having her on our team makes all the difference. She is dedicated, reliable and valuable!”

Anne Marie Leighton Anne Marie Leighton: “She is an excellent addition to the Wellness team…kind, caring and considerate. She plans, designs and leads quality classes for residents and community members. She is an incredible yoga teacher, introducing new and unique concepts for students in a safe environment. She is a great motivator and helps students find the tools to accomplish their physical and emotional health goals. She is committed to the wellness of her students!” From team mates.

Colin Deck Colin Deck: “He is not only a fine wellness and exercise leader, he goes out of his way to extend kindness and listening to every person he encounters. He is never too busy for a warm hug or to stop and genuinely inquire about your wellness whether in his office or coaching individually. He is a fine young man.” From a resident. AND from a team mate: “His dedication inspires residents and community to keep exercising!”

Marjorie Smith Margie Smith: “She keeps me aware of everything that’s going on that I might want to participate in. Also she makes me feel very comfortable when helping me with personal hygiene issues. I am very happy that she works here!” From a resident. AND from a team mate: “Thanks for always getting the tasks done! Her extra effort is always and greatly appreciated. Margie is such an important part of our team!”

Delphine Hall Delphine Hall: “She has really assertively stepped in with orienting new and/or agency staff focusing on specific care needs of each resident. She works as a team with other staff building respect and trust. She is quick to help and is easy to work with. She took the lead to ensure runs were updated with care plans and care needs; asks if she doesn’t know what nursing changes are being implemented; and has been taking residents on walks, filling ice pitchers; and introducing herself to new residents whether they are on her run or not.” From a team mate.

Shirley Robbins Shirley Robbins: “Her everyday demeanor is hard to top! She does so many jobs well: concierge, marketing rep, helping people move in, out and/or around. When we want to do something special, she steps in to help with setup, tear down, and food! I observe that every day she does something over and above to make things meaningful for residents! And this is the truth! From a resident.

Lorna Wert Lorna Wert: “I always do 2-4 loads of laundry a day and Lorna has gone out of her way to help me. When I have a question – she’s there. When I don’t get back down (stairs) timely, I often find she’s put clothes in the dryer and many times, she taken them out of the dryer and folded them for me too. She keeps check on the loads, gives me laundering advice for tough stains and shown me a lot. She is kind, fun and extremely hardworking. I always look forward to seeing her when I do laundry!” From a resident’s helper.

Cynthia Santos Cynthia Santos: “She is not only a housekeeper but a resident advocate as well! We recently sent out resident invitations and missed a few. She noticed and made a list of those residents that were missed, called us and gave us the list! She took it upon herself to make sure each resident was treated equally. She is an incredible asset!” From a team mate.

Herna Tellez Herna Tellez: “Herna is an outstanding member of the healthcare team. She works hard to provide quality care to the residents and they comment on her thoughtfulness and her care. She goes out of her way to answer call lights and assist her coworkers going above and beyond her own duties. She is appreciated by the residents and the HCC staff.” From a team mate.

Cat Chilton: “She brings a great attitude to her job each and every day. Her smile is catching and she is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Cat for making our day!” From a resident.

Paige Brown Paige Brown: “She help(s) me in giving me showers, peri care and many other things. Another very good gal!” From a resident.

Carole Velez Carole Velez: “When I hear ‘making a difference,’ I think of Carole. She has a heart of gold. When a resident was hospitalized, she gave the son a ride there. He has special needs and it would have been challenging without her help. This is just one of the many examples of her service. And it’s always nice to see her big, genuine smile.” From a team mate.

February - March 2018

Linda Tonjann Linda Tonjann: “Always super friendly and a great listener for residents and staff. She always goes above and beyond and I generally feel happier when she’s around.” Linda demonstrates the Promise by personally creating special and meaningful ‘thank you’ packages and ‘goodies’ that  totally brighten the days of her teammates. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! (Teammates)

Maria Cruz Maria Cruz: Maria created a going away party for Chef Tim during the LP Happy Hour, (Tim’s last day).  She performed a native dance from her country as well as a Hawaiian farewell hula complete with costume and headpiece. She also honored both Tim and the residents, by creating a personal card for the residents to sign and add personal messages for Tim. Thank you for your thoughtfulness for Tim, a teammate, and for the residents! (Teammate)

Jeff McQuay Jeff McQuay: “When the weather turned cold and roads were dangerous, Jeff went out and picked up some of his housekeeping staff to see them safely to work. This is certainly going the extra mile and all of us were grateful to him.”  (Resident)

Allisha Navarro Allisha Navarro:  “My wife is a resident and while she appreciates all the Aides, she truly loves to have Allisha care for her. She is caring, concerned and patient and can calm her down when her day is going poorly.” “She is kind, inclusive and helpful to all of us. Thank you for taking special care of my dear, long-time friend.” “She is prompt, professional and a delight.” (Resident’s family and friends)

Colin Deck Colin Deck: “You really have a tremendous asset in Colin Deck.  I have personally benefited from his knowledge, tact, and caring demeanor…. And I am not the only one.” (Community Member(s)

Patricia Moore Patricia Moore:  “Patricia consistently demonstrates kindness, good judgement and professionalism with all the Memory Care residents I observe her with. She   understands the uniqueness of each person she assists.  She brings happiness and many meaningful and appropriate activities to our mother and others. She is a real credit to your staff.” (Resident’s family)

Jeanie Rogalski Jeanie Rogalski: “She is simply the best of the best!  She remembers names, likes and dislikes, deals happily with the gripes and special requests and works through any ‘personal situations’ she may have. If I go through the Promise elements, Jeanie scores a 10 out of 10 on all of them. I give her a gold medal.” (Resident)

Diana McKenna Diana McKenna: “Diana enhances life for FTJ residents by going the ‘extra mile.’ She accommodates emergencies cheerfully, listens to us and helps us in every way while staying patient!   have seen her stop and help a resident with a ride home, encourage another resident to please get emergency medical treatment and help out when other drivers were unavailable.  She exceeds expectations!” (Resident)

Diana McKenna Danyiel Garcia: “I was able to witness the devoted, compassionate, empathetic and caring nature of Danyiel.  While she liked all the aides, I saw a real difference in Mom when Dani worked. The twinkle in Mom’s eye was a bit brighter when being cared for by her. When Mom didn’t want to be left alone (during hospice care), Dani sat and held her hand – very moving and endearing to us. Things like this make a huge difference to a grieving family. She has a heart of gold.” (Family member)

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers:  “I want to compliment Tyler on his attention to me and my skin condition. He is attentive, conscientious and has a wonderful attentive attitude.  He always makes sure his residents are well cared for.”  (Resident)

December 2017 - January 2018

Steve Barrett:  “FTJ employees are held to a high standard, so sometimes ‘over and above’ is hard to define.  But not in this case.  He is willing to assist with any and all things that make a resident’s life easier – having dog treats, noticing that heat needs to be adjusted or turned on, and doing all of this politely and respectfully.” (From a resident)

Michael Cooper:  “Having Michael on the NOC team makes a huge difference – he is selfless!  Once caught up in AL, he comes to HCC to help with residents; he takes the time to have conversations with residents and always addresses their concerns, or reports back immediately to the nurse; he pays attention to resident change in condition.”  (From a teammate)

Phillip DeBord:  “I am commending Phillip for his courtesy,  extra time and positive attitude in responding to my request (that was not on a work order).  He took the extra time and effort to get me squared away!”  (From a resident)

Robert Humetewa: “He is the man behind the TV screens we depend on for information and reminders and they are beautiful and very creative – I appreciate the artistry used in service to residents.  AND he also reminds us of FTJ events  so we can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities.  He motivates and       inspires us.”  (From a resident)

Allisha Navarro:  “Always does an outstanding job taking care of the residents; always quick to help. When I was assisting a resident with her drink, Allisha went through all the different cups to help give the resident something to drink; and always answers calls and responds to calls.” (From a teammate)

Tracy Relic:  “She is always quick to help with resident care and always with a smile on her face making residents and staff feel supported and valued.  We can always count on her.  She puts the residents first and you can tell when she’s cared for them… they look appropriate and they are smiling and happy.”  (From a teammate)

Carlos Valdiva:  “Always smiling and pleasant, greeting residents and staff by name. He keeps things on time.”  (From a teammate)


This award is a shout out to employees for whom doing their job is routinely making every day meaningful. It recognizes Franke Tobey Jones’  employees whose action are noted to exemplify any of the values listed in “My Team Member Promise: Make Every Day Meaningful.” These values reflect actions that promote quality of life for each Resident, teamwork among our employee Team and employee Self development!

Complete the Application right here! Click on the Making a Difference Nomination Form then click the “Submit Form Now” button. OR if you need to download the Making a Difference Nomination Form: Right-click on the PDF link and click “Save Link As”. Choose to save the PDF to your desktop. Once downloaded, open the PDF from your desktop using Adobe Acrobat. When you’ve completed the PDF form, click the “Submit Form Now” button on the last page of the form. This will open your email program and create an email that will be sent to (NOTE: Having troubling opening the PDF? Be sure you have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)