Making A Difference Recipients

July, August, September, 2023

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann & The Chef’s Buffet Staff

What a treat!  The food was amazing and the service was impeccable.  Kudos to Jim, Chef and Hostess.  So good to see this room being used again and for such a delightful evening’s event, thanks to all!  (Resident)

FTJ Dining Service

The FTJ annual picnic provided a great opportunity for the residents to socialize, dance, laugh and enjoy excellent picnic foods.  The collective dining staff outdid themselves with cheerful service and great food.  I nominate the whole dining staff for doing an outstanding job.  To Jim and everyone else… Thank you! 😊 (Resident)

Sandra Stevens, Housekeeping

I arrived at Lillian Pratt last fall, I was very anxious about being alone. My housekeeper arrived smiling and helpful, wanting to know which rooms I wanted cleaned first and she did a perfect job.  Since then, Sandra has done so many things for me with her thoughtful help and friendship.  I have relaxed and am Sandra Stevens enjoying my home.  Thank you FTJ for Sandra Stevens!  She is a very special lady. (Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss, Housekeeping

She is very polite when talking to me and other residents.  She is always helpful and assists residents whenever requested.  She goes out of her way to assist. (Resident)

Today I’d like to recognize Victoria Hotchkiss in Housekeeping.  She is hard working, punctual and always with a cheerful attitude.  It is a pleasure to see my room after she has cleaned it.  We are very lucky to have her.  (Resident)

Victoria keeps our apartment exceptionally clean.  She is always willing to do anything for us or get whatever we need with a smile on her face.  We appreciate her happy personality.  (Resident)

Victoria is the best!  She is always accommodating and pleasant and she does an excellent job cleaning my apartment.  It’s a pleasure to know her.  (Resident)

Angela Wilcox Angela Wilcox, Clinical Services

Angela is a very caring, efficient and friendly CNA.  She has a positive approach to life and her caregiving is superb!  She makes sure that I am on time for meals, events and appointments.  We have fun choosing my outfits for the day and she makes sure I get outside to sit in the sun.  Angela is willing to do whatever is needed and more to be sure I get the best of care and she makes everyday meaningful! (Resident)

Vicki Weaver Vicki Weaver, Building Services

She toils quietly from an office buried in the bowels of Maintenance answering the phone, checking email and responding to a wide variety of requests, large and small.  Things get done and life goes on but rarely do we truly appreciate the enormously, complex job that Vicki does.  So, my deepest appreciation and thanks to you Vicki!  (Resident)

James Valero James Valero, Dining Serivices

Recently a resident was having a medical emergency in the dining room.  James recognized it quickly and jumped into action.  He notified the Nursing staff immediately. (FTJ Employee)

Tracy Relic Tracy Relic, Clinical Services

Tracy was so welcoming and helpful to me as well as the student nurses.  Any questions we had we knew we could go to her.  Her knowledge and dedication are evident in everything she does.  Thank you. (Student Instructor)

John Swingle/Ross Chen-Johnson John Swingle/Ross Chen-Johnson, Maintenance

These two are exceptional maintenance employees.  One of them working on my refrigerator for several hours on a Saturday and the other coming back on Sunday to finish the job.  What a great team!  They were both pleasant and so helpful!  Thank you! (Resident)

Leah Moore Leah Moore, HK/Laundry Supervisor

Leah went the extra mile when she stepped in to clean my apartment on a day that a housekeeper was not available.  Despite wearing a immobilizing boot on her foot she came and cleaned my apartment.  That is service way beyond expected especially since I was already aware that my housekeeper would not be available that day and I was ok with it.  But then, Leah stepped in and did the scheduled cleaning, I am beyond grateful, what a wonderful gift of time and effort!  Thank you Leah! (Resident)

Leah steps up to the plate when her department is short staffed.  She comes in on her days off when there is any kind of issue.  She is the definition of a team player.  (FTJ Employee)

Lisa McRae Lisa McRae, Clinical Services

She always goes above and beyond to help others and strives to make the resident’s lives enriched.  She goes out of her way to help others on her team to make their jobs easier.  She always notifies her Nurse when any issues arise. (FTJ Employee)

Lisa McRae is the epitome of a caring, loving, giving human being.  She cares for my husband in the Memory Care Unit.  Even when I know she is exhausted, she gives her all to the residents.  I also see her exhibit a soul of cooperation, sharing and caring with other staff members.  If I were a resident of any sort of care center, I would want Lisa there by my side to bring comfort and joy to my life.  She is the best!  (Resident’s Family)

Wanya Day Wanya Day, Dining Services

Today I’d like to compliment Wanya on her work in the TJ Dining Room.  She Is pleasant, remembers my orders and during the meal checks up to see that everything is going well.  She has even helped me outside the dining room.  Thank you Wanya! (Resident)

Little by little our dining rooms are available for guests and family members.  Last week I had 3 community guests (now on our waiting list) here for a lunch meal.  This morning they told me that the meal was delicious and their server was exceptional, it was Wanya Day.  Earlier in the day she had shown me where my guests would be sitting, she was ready.  My guests also said that Wanya gave everyone the same great service!  (FTJ Employee)

Linda Koessler Linda Koessler, Human Resources

She has been working very hard to get our new payroll system up and running.  She has been working 6 and 7 days a week.  Linda is a very dedicated employee, always putting others before herself.  Thank you for all you do! (FTJ Employee)

Larry Wood, Driver Larry Wood, Driver

He has safely delivered and picked me up many times over the past 3 years since I quit driving.  Recently he saved me when all of my family was away.  I had stiches that needed to be taken out and Urgent Care appointments can only be made the day before.  I made the appointment, Larry on very short notice worked me into his schedule.  He was very kind and helpful getting me in and out of my appointment.  I am so grateful for his assistance and kindness. (Resident)

Kristina Henderson Kristina Henderson, Clinical Services

Kristina is always so pleasant, even when she has had a trying shift.  She stayed over on evening shift with me to help so I wouldn’t have a whole unit alone.  She is such a team player!  (FTJ Employee)

David Jolibois David Jolibois, Clinical Services

David toes above and beyond to ensure the care of our residents is top notch.  He takes his time with the residents in Memory Care and his compassion and great sense of humor is an essential part to their everyday lives.  FTJ is lucky to have him on the team!  (FTJ Employee)

Paula Johnson Paula Johnson, Clinical Services

Paula is a pleasure to everyone she works with.  She stayed and worked another shift today at the last minute when coverage was not available.  Great team player! (Agency Staff)

Sue Turner Sue Turner, Dining Services

She is always upbeat and extremely kind and patient with everyone in the dining area.  She checks in on our grandmother throughout her meals, encouraging her to eat as well as drink more liquids.  She also gives positive affirmations during meal time and knows what foods our grandmother likes and makes positive suggestions for her meals.  We are very grateful to Sue.  (Resident’s Family)

Ashlyn Bacon Ashlyn Bacon, Clinical Services

Ashlyn is always attentive to the resident’s needs.  She goes out of her way to help co-workers and residents even when she doesn’t have to.  Her compassion and care show in every interaction.  She encourages those around her consistently and takes time to go above and beyond. (FTJ Employee)

I appreciated Ashlyn helping to make me and the Nursing students welcome here at FTJ.  She answered our questions and let us know the routine and what we could do to help.  (Student Instructor)

April - June 2023

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann & Kitchen Staff

I had planned a reception and gathering four our Pastor who was being transferred.  About 20 people gathered to visit with her and everyone raved about the food that was provided.  Some asked if the food was always this good at FTJ and were told, “Of course!”.  So many thanks to Jim and the kitchen crew who made our gathering extra special by providing snack food for our souls. (Resident)

Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan, Housekeeping

Priscilla brings a wonderful presence to the Garden Apartments.  She cleans with a continuous smile and is always polite and patient as she waits for the room to be ready.  Her punctuality is appreciated, you can depend on her.  Thank you Priscilla 😊 (Resident)

Terry Allman Terry Allman, Residential Accommodations

Although I have met many members here that make “Everyday Meaningful”, today I would like to recognize Terry Allman.  Terry is always pleasant, thoughtful, friendly, and kind.  She is always herself and the most amazing thing if that if you go to her with a problem… it will be resolved in a pleasant way.  We are all lucky to have her in our world!  (Resident)

Karina Bernal Karina Bernal, Clinical Services

Karina was asked to demonstrate making a meal from her home country and she worked hard to make it.  The day before she brought tamales to my room to evaluate, since I am in a wheelchair and couldn’t attend.  She came back to see what I thought.  It was very good.  I thought that was wonderful that she chose me.  (Resident)

Kelley Maxfield Kelly Maxfield, Executive Assistant

Kelly is the keeper of the minutes for the Board and Resident Council meetings.  In addition, she is the connector for all virtual meetings via Zoom or Teams.  She does all things behind the scenes, virtually unknown to the residents.  I want to commend and cheer for Kelly for her competence, good humor, cheerful demeanor, and hard work.  Kelly is amazing and I am grateful for her patience.  (Resident)

Melissa Murphy Melissa Murphy, Reception

My smoke alarm battery beeper went off on Friday at 7pm and I could not reach maintenance.  It chirped once every minute.  I call the front desk and Melissa said she would be off duty at 7:30 and she would come down with a step ladder and battery to fix it.  Since this was on her own time, I was so appreciative.  Above and beyond her call of duty or job description I am sure.  Thank you Melissa!  (Resident)

Andrea Cole Andrea Cole, Clinical Services

She is always on time.  I am as independent as possible, she lets me dress myself but she always helps willingly with the difficult steps.  She can’t stand to see me struggle, she is always courteous and calls me by my name.  (Resident)

Nhu Tran Nhu Tran, Clinical Services

She is always on time and calls me by my name.  Nhu will make sure that all my containers are empty when throwing them away even though it takes extra time.  She is very thoughtful. (Resident)

Maggie Conley, MSW Maggie Conley, Social Services

Since day 1, fresh out of college, Maggie has been there not only for residents and staff, she oversees all three buildings and their families need with no complaints.  To know her you would think she’s been a social worker for a long time.  No matter what she goes through, her smile is what you see first.  Truly a great asset to FTJ.  (FTJ Employee)

Leah Moore Leah Moore, HK/Laundry Supervisor

She has come to the facility and has made improvements with making sure residents have what they need.  If I call her on a weekend she comes in and steps in to help out.  She is always smiling and friendly. She cares for her staff.  Keep up the great work!  (FTJ Employee)

Monica Turner Monica Turner, Finance Manager

Monica works quietly behind the scenes and her work is largely unknown to residents but her work on our annual audits keep us in great shape.  As a Board member, I am aware of her work and admire her labors on behalf of FTJ.  She reports monthly to the Board keeping us appraised of occupancy, costs, and overall how we’re doing.  Thanks Monica for the work you do!  (Resident)

Zachary Zinda Zach Zinda, Dining Services

Zachary starts out my days at FTJ with a smile.  He greets me with a smile and a good morning.  Zach remembers what I usually order, and if he is working with a newer employee, he is always pleasant as he directs them how it is done and what we like.  Zach is always well groomed and looks fresh!  I hope he stays for a while!  (Resident)

Jon Swingle Jon Swingle, Maintenance

He is always thoughtful and helpful every time I see him, even in the halls.  He made 3 separate trips to help install my AC including down to the basement locker and even ordered replacement parts to get my AC working.  (Resident)

Colin Deck Colin Deck, Wellness

Colin excels in inspiring residents of FTJ to maintain health by regular exercise.  He does this by making the session more like play than work through encouragement and assistance where needed. When I had a problem while in class, Colin took control, made sure I was not in danger and when recovered, insisted that I could not return to class until I had permission from my doctor. (Resident)

Sarah Doerner Sarah Doerner, Wellness

Sarah meets and exceeds the definition of excellence in performance in her work.  She excels in both exercise classes and in her Holistic programs.  She greets each resident by name and provides a big smile and a few words of encouragement.  She inspires both residents and community participants to maintain fitness in all aspects of their lives.  (Resident)

Joel Torres Chef Joel Torres

Every time I see Chef Joel he is smiling.  He always asks how our day is going and is a very nice person.  Joel likes to make work more enjoyable for all the dining staff and I truly enjoy working with him.  Joel is an outstanding employee, he works quick and efficiently and has a very kind, positive attitude at work.  He is always willing to help the other cooks and has great teamwork skills.  (FTJ Employee)

Amy Petschke Amy Petschke, Accounting

Amy has an abundance of friendliness, helpfulness and general kindness for residents as well as for our pets. Together these raise our quality of life and brighten our days.  She always seems to have time to show an interest in and consideration for everyone, which makes her a good role model for others.  (Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss, Housekeeping

Miss Hotchkiss is a great help to me in keeping my apartment clean, fresh and welcoming.  She does this with a pleasant and cheerful attitude, doing a very good job.  This is now feeling truly like my home.  (Resident)

Peyten Canty Peyten Canty, Bistro

She is such a sweet, loving person.  She makes sure everyone’s coffee is ready before we even get there.  She always has a smile and is pleasant to talk to.  Peyten is a great Barista!  (Resident)

Adelia Nunn Adelia Nunn, Concierge

She has been a refreshing arrival at the Garden Apartments.  She is so capable and positive.  In addition to her regular job duties, she does so many extras.  For example, she runs out the FTJ bus to help shoppers in with their groceries, she brings packages to your door.  If you have a question or a concern she will work on answers and solutions.  We love having her!  (Resident)

Nolan Gaspard Nolan Gaspard, Custodian

Nolan has been a great addition to the Housekeeping/Maintenance Team.  He has been a gift to the residents in the Tobey Jones building.  Staff and residents alike appreciate that he is never idle, always looking for and finding something to clean.  He is always engaging with the resident when distributing the mail.  Although he has not been here long, his work ethic is obvious and we are glad he is here at FTJ.  (FTJ Employee)

Shirley Robbins Shirley Robbins, Concierge

Shirley recently went out of her way and embarked on the task of organizing/cleaning the Garden Apartments basement.  This included packing boxes, multiple trips of donations to a thrift store and several loads of trash to the compactor.  Shirley always goes above and beyond in the most cheerful, helpful, meaningful ways.  I truly appreciate her and all her help.  (Senior Manager)

January - March 2023

Adelia Nunn Adelia Nunn, Residential Accommodations

Adelia has a way of making every day meaningful even when she isn’t here.  For the Superbowl knowing that several residents were going to watch the game together she decorated the lounge in team colors and left some snacks for us. Adelia’s preparation helped make this informal gathering a joyous occasion.  We deeply appreciate her care and thank her for thoughtful setup. (Resident)

Shirley Robbins, Terry Allman, Carole Velez Shirley Robbins, Terry Allman, Carole Velez, Residential Accommodations

I thought I would let you know I’m pretty well settled in and enjoying my new home. I feel fortunate to have a duplex that has been so nicely upgraded and welcoming and I’m looking forward to some warmer weather to enjoy the deck and back yard.  Thank you again for your help and please extend my thanks to your staff, particularly Shirley, Terry and Carol who were all so helpful in making my transition go well.  Any of you are welcome to stop by to check out the place.  (Resident)

Ron Yaden Ron Yaden, Senior Center

Ron has far exceeded expectations of his position.  He is constantly helping the volunteers at the front desk even when he is busy, and he always does so in a kind and caring way.  Participants are always asking him for help when he doesn’t have time, but he always stops what he is doing and helps them. He has taught classes at FTJ and provided tax service and computer help even when people have not been able to leave their home.  Ron never seems to have a bad day, always having a smile on his face and conversation to offer to anyone who approaches.  In general, Ron makes the Senior Center a fun and welcoming place to come. (Manager)

Larry Wood, Driver Larry Wood, Driver

Another 5-star day for Larry Wood.  He is prompt, gracious, a fine driver and very polite.  He is so skillful at getting us old folks into and out of the van for our appointments.  Many thanks, Larry!  (Resident)

Kelly Maxfield Kelly Maxfield, Executive Assistant

Not being skilled on a computer as I should be I often have to ask Kelly for the code for meetings, she is always gracious and sends me what I need.  Her note taking is exceptional as she catches all relevant information and gets this done quickly.  For Kelly, her efficiency, graciousness, patience and help, she should be recognized. (Resident)

Fern Krystalyn McClendon Fern McClendon, Dining Services

During times when we aren’t fully staffed with servers or when someone is stressed while working, she is always willing to help out and is a positive coworker.  Fern is always a joy to be around.  (FTJ Staff)

Patricia Moore Patricia Moore, Life Enrichment

I would like to talk about Patricia, Activity Supervisor.  She has always been cordial and prepared.  She is the most organized of any Activity/Life Enrichment Professional that I currently work with.  Patricia helps make the events more enjoyable, she is always courteous and polite.  She takes care of me.  (Resident)

Terri Ross Terri Ross, Accounts Payable Specialist

Terri works incredibly hard all the time.  In the middle of an unpredictably busy financial season, she still made reimbursements a priority.  Terri goes out of her way to be kind to her co-workers.  She is a great person and a great employee.  (FTJ Employee)

Frankie Thomas, Philanthropy

Frankie put so much time and effort into the senior center “Superbowl” fundraiser.  She advertised, recruited volunteers and ran errands for this event.  I am so impressed with her work ethic and positive attitude.  Through her and Shelley’s work, 100 local seniors received bags of food.  Thank you for all you do Frankie!  (FTJ Employee)

Elvira Peterson Elvira Peterson, Clinical Services

Elvira always starts my day asking if I’m alright or if she can help me with anything.  She was more of a best friend than a caretaker.  She is helpful to all of us, and we like to start out our days with her.  (Resident)

Kristina Henderson Kristina Henderson, Clinical Services

She is so upbeat and is always willing to help where it is needed.  She makes sure that the residents are cared for, even if they are not in her section.  Kristina is a team player and I am so glad that I get to work with her.  (FTJ Employee)

Shirley Robbins Shirley Robbins, Residential Accommodations

FTJ staff is always ready to step in and help out.  In this case, Shirley got a call asking to help with morning coffee in the Garden Apts and Shirley happily agreed to set it all up as she had done for many years prior.  The residents were all so pleased to see her and grateful that our morning routine was as always with coffee and treats.  (Resident)

Sue Turner Sue Turner, Dining Services

Sue is a huge asset to the SN team!  She ensures that residents have what they need to have an enjoyable, healthy and appealing meal each and every meal.  For my mother, who can be texture-picky, Sue goes over and about to ensure she has food that is edible for her palate and offers suggestions for alternatives. (Resident’s Daughter)

Al Burnett, Dining Services Al Burnett, Dining Services

Such an excellent fellow to have interacting with SN folks!  I have watched Al dance, sing and interact with the residents with such kindness and a caring attitude putting a joyful smile on resident faces.  While he preps, serves and cleans up, he it talking with residents, by name, making sure they have what they need.  My mother’s face lights up when he leans over to greet her!  (Resident’s Daughter)

Marianne Monette Marianne Monette, Clinical Services

What a terrific Aide! Marianne is kind, professional and an expert in reading my mother and what she needs!  Marianne reassures residents with her skill, kind words to them and her confidence.  She effortlessly reassures and comforts instilling trust.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Quennly Watson Quenlly Watson

After my mother’s fall, with fractured ribs, we moved her into skilled nursing.  She was confused, impulsive and not her best self.  Quenlly was instrumental in Mom’s acclimation from the hospital to SN with her drole humor, ability to “read” Mom, professionalism and kindness.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Edith Richards Edith Richards, Clinical Services

This lady has a heart of gold which, coupled with her nursing expertise, make Edie a nurse of the highest caliber.  I watched her deal with my parents with empathy and strength while they adjusted to life in Assisted Living after living independently.  Edie was caring and respectful as they adjusted going over and above what might be expected.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Sandra Stevens Sandra Stevens, Housekeeping  

Sandra is a quiet giant among housekeepers, moving through her area, efficient and professional – no job too big or too gross, no “it’s not my job”, no request that Sandra doesn’t flex to get done if needed.  Sandra goes over and above to accommodate residents and their families.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley, Dining Services

Heidi is another one of those quiet angels at FTJ.  One day in the dining room, a resident was very confused and anxious.  Heidi took a great deal of time help this resident, encouraging, bringing what seemed like endless renditions of oatmeal (one with sugar, one with less sugar, one not so hot, one with no sugar, one in a smaller dish, etc) to help encourage this resident to eat.  Thank you Heidi, you lovingly rock!  (Resident’s Daughter)

Jade Roberts, Clinical Services

Jade helped with everything with my Dad, even when he was his most cantankerous.  Jade would poke her head in his room to make sure he was “fine” almost every time she walked by his room.  If asleep, she’d adjust the recliner to ensure his feet were elevated, check his food tray and even just look in after him.  She is one of the most conscientious and caring aide!  (Resident’s Daughter)

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers, Clinical Services

Many thanks to Tyler for his patience, skill, professionalism and humanity in caring for my mother and father.  Tyler develops a trusting relationship with the residents – essential in guiding them through their infirmities, challenges and balking, one that makes each resident feel safe, secure and cared for.  That trust is also extended to family and I can’t describe how important that is to a family.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Kevin Reed Kevin Reed, Clinical Services

What an asset Kevin is to FTJ!  His experience and professionalism and his ability to distract and redirect residents having challenges is top-notch. Kevin knew what to say to me during those middle of the nights calls to reassure me that he’d take care of Dad who was sundowning.  He routinely communicated back to me to keep me aware of what was happening.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Linda Tonjann Linda Tonjann, Reception

How does one adequately thank and/or describe the woman, who as my Dad said, “She runs the place, she’s the big boss”.  When staff are not visible or busy, Linda is always there to help the residents and the families.  I’ve watched her help tie shoes, redirect and calm an anxious resident and belly laugh with the people in front of her desk.  She provides endless direction to the bathroom, to the dining room to the parlor etc… Not everyone can do this and it’s not something you train on or part of a job description – it’s something from the heart.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Heidi Hardin Heidi Hardin, Clinical Assistant

Heidi is customer service on steroids.  I needed assistance picking up my mother’s laundry and called Heidi.  She arranged getting it from my mother’s apartment to the front desk and then outside where I could pick it up.  When I brought the clean laundry back… she did the whole thing backwards!  What a huge help as I had to be away from SN for 6 days.  Absolutely over and above what one might expect!  Thank you!  (Resident’s Daughter)

Heidi Hardin Heidi Hardin, Clinical Assistant

Heidi makes my day whenever I call the front desk.  She has a cheerful voice and is always willing to help and answer my questions.  I feel she is so loyal to FTJ and very sweet to residents.  Thank you Heidi.  (Resident)

Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan, Housekeeping

Priscilla always shows up at the right time with a very friendly, cheerful greeting.  She works hard and is very careful and efficient.  She asks if there is anything we need and leaves our place in perfect order.  (Resident)

Vicki Weaver & Skip Gibson Vicki Weaver & Skip Gibson, Building Services

I called building services to report my broken toilet.  I stopped Vicki on my first dog walk of the morning and asked her for a new toilet seat and she said she’d send someone over.  By 8:50am Skip knocked on my door with a new seat in hand and when I came back from coffee, it was fixed.  I am deeply grateful for the quick response.  Thanks to Vicki and Skip for taking care of this so quickly for me.  (Resident)

October - December 2022

Chris Hall Chris Hall, Marketing

She has taken the time to bring a very special cheer to residents through music. Collaborating with a resident who plays the violin, Chris shares her beautiful voice and music knowledge with us, all the while accompanying herself on the piano. There is such peace, harmony and joy in the music they share with us and it is deeply appreciated. (Resident)

maintenance team Heidi White, Tony Demarco & Maintenance team

This is a shout out to Heidi, Tony and the maintenance team for, once again, putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into making our campus so beautiful during the holidays. Planning, putting up and decorating 21 trees and getting outside lights on all the buildings is no small feat! It’s a real joy for everyone to experience… Thank you! (FTJ Senior Manager)

maintenance team FTJ Maintenance Team

This message is being forwarded from a newer resident, she and her husband have had a challenge lately and their issues were considered “high priority” and the issues were resolved immediately. They are sending the maintenance team a very heartfelt thank you. (Resident)

Isabel Vivas Isabel Vivas, Housekeeping

Thank you for making our mom feel so special through the many ways you showed your genuine caring. Your daily visits, checking in on her, bringing her flowers… all these examples of how you loved her. You made a positive difference and you are a beautiful human being. (Resident’s Family Member)

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann, Director of Dining Services

This is a shout out to Jim and his team for preparing food for all the extra parties in December. Despite not having a Chef and being short-staffed, Jim managed to pull off a miracle and fulfill every food/beverage request we had. THANK YOU JIM for all your time, efforts and your dedication to our residents. (FTJ Senior Manager)

Ross Chen-Johnson Ross Chen-Johnson, Maintenance

I have had to call maintenance the past two weekends for help with a problem. Both times, Ross has responded quickly to the message and has solved my dilemma in a positive, cheerful way. This week, with terrible weather I discovered my groceries were delivered to another building. When I told Ross, he promptly said, “no problem” and in a short time I had my groceries. This certainly isn’t in his job description. (Resident)

Vicki Weaver Vicki Weaver, Bldg Services Coordinator

My apartment had at least a half dozen things that needed maintenance. Vicki does her job very well! Vicki is positive, organized, has a great grasp of what needs to be accomplished, she is polite, experienced and those in her department follow her example. She runs a tight ship! (Resident)

Vicki Weaver Vicki Weaver, Bldg Services Coordinator

I believe that Vicki has one of the most difficult jobs here at FTJ. Each day, all day, she deals with problems, complaints and questions. Over the years I have had occasions when I needed to contact maintenance and without fail, Vick is always patient, friendly and I always feel better after talking to her. Vicki is a real asset on the FTJ staff. (Resident)

Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan, Housekeeping

I am always happy with the quality of work that Priscilla does. I am not sure that you could find someone better. Besides cleaning well, she has an excellent attitude toward her job and is always pleasant and cooperative. She cares about the people she cleans for and tries to please them. (Resident)

Adelia Nunn

Adelia Nunn, GA Concierge

The residents of the Garden Apts like to congregate together and when something special happens, more attend. Adelia just accepts the change and sets up more chairs and whatever needs to be done to accommodate more residents. We thank Adelia for her work in making every day meaningful for the GA family and are glad she is a part of us. Kudos for her care! (Resident)

Steve Barrett, Lead Maintenance

Steve Barrett, Maintenance

I have many examples of how Steve is always going above and beyond for the residents. He has gone the extra mile for me more than once, most recently turning his whole tractor, towing the garbage bins around when he saw me coming so that he could get the gate open for me. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, Steve. (Resident)

Selena Caruso Selena Caruso, Dietary Aide

Selena goes above and beyond what she is required to do. Whenever I see her work, she obviously put her all into the task at hand. She always puts smile on the residents faces and works through any problems she faces. She deserves so much for what she gives. (FTJ Employee

Melissa Murphy

Melissa Murphy

 I asked Melissa if she would be available to help cutting the inserts for the holiday bonus checks, she said she had a cutting board and would be happy to. The next morning, I found that she had cut over 300 inserts all by hand because the cutting board wasn’t working properly. I so appreciate Melissa for going the extra mile and saving me a ton of time. (FTJ Employee

Cheryl Parkinson-Hummel, Driver

Cheryl is very attentive to my safe boarding and offboarding. She walks me to my door and will meet me in the doctor’s office. She will even help get my groceries unloaded to my apartment. (Resident)

Cynthia Santos Cynthia Santos, Housekeeping

She is so thorough and pleasant. I never have to worry when she is in my apartment. Cynthia is so respectful and so kind. (Resident)

Larry Wood, Driver Larry Wood, Driver

He always helps me board and offboard and keeps me safe. He is a knowledgeable driver and a good communicator. Larry never complains and goes above and beyond to care for my needs and will even stop at the credit union or drugstore for me. I feel so safe with him, he is such a professional. (Resident)

Andrea Cole Andrea Cole, Clinical Services

Andrea has been incredibly thoughtful and welcoming to a new resident. The daughter of this resident emailed me to say that Andrea has been so attentive. Her mom was awoken gently by Andrea and offered a cup of coffee and orange juice while she was still in bed. Thank you Andrea for your loving kindness! (Resident’s Daughter)

Monica Turner Monica Turner, Finance Manager

Every year the resident volunteers gather to stuff envelopes with cash for our employees. There are so many stories of long hours and recounts when money was left over. Thanks to Monica, a new system has made it so much easier to engage in this great task. So, our appreciation to Monica for her advance work that makes the distribution of the employee appreciation monies easy. Blessings to all who participate. (Resident)

Skip Gibson Skip Gibson, Maintenance

He is always helpful and informative. I can’t count the times that he has adjusted the heat and the temperature changes. I live on the top floor and he has helped regulate temperatures often. He has help with hanging heavy items on my walls also. Skip deserves recognition. (Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss, Housekeeping

She always check with me about needing to empty my garbage between cleanings. Victoria is so efficient and conscientious about her job and I appreciate her helpfulness. She is pleasant to be around, she has a big job and keeps the Tobey Jones building in order. (Resident)

Nhu Tran Nhu Tran, Clinical Services

Nhu was not only SO thoughtful in the care of my dad, but she was also consistently concerned about how I was doing during his final days. I appreciate her so much! (Resident’s Daughter)

Karina Bernal Karina Bernal, Clinical Services

Karina gave my dad a shower Saturday before he passed away, she was so incredibly gently and kind. She was also there the evening before he passed and the evening of his death. I can’t thank her enough for being there. (Resident’s Daughter)

Al Burnett, Dining Services Al Burnett, Dining Services

Al always appeared to “dote” on mom and she SO LOVED his little conversations at the dining table with her. I can’t thank him enough. (Resident’s Daughter)

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley, Dining Services

Heidi was always SO kind to my dad, even when he was impatient or being rude to others she knew what he liked. I so appreciate that and her. (Resident’s Daughter)

Heidi Hardin Heidi Hardin, Clinical Assistant

Heidi was so gracious to me, my siblings and my mom. She always had a smile on her face and was so very pleasant to chat with. I also noticed that she treated EVERYONE that way. It didn’t matter if she knew you, your family, staff or delivery personnel. (Resident’s Daughter)

Taylor Brodahl Taylor Brodahl, Dining Services

When faced with difficulties within the workplace, this server handled herself with maturity and a level head. She showed respect towards others even when the same was not done for her. (FTJ Employee)

James Valero James Valero, Dining Services

James always shows competence in handling dining room service. He maintains a friendly and professional manner even when dealing with difficult situation. I appreciate his clear and polite communication, his willingness to adapt to unexpected situations and his hard work for each of us. I know that we are in good hands when he is our server. (Resident)

July - September 2022

Steve Barrett, Lead Maintenance

Steve Barrett, Maintenance

Steve is always helping residents with whatever we need regardless of the task at hand.  He never  complains about helping us and is a fast and hard worker.  Steve is always pleasant and makes my life here a real pleasure.  (Resident)

Jordan Felkner Jordan Felkner, Dining Services

Jordan is a hardworking and a very nice employee/co-worker.  He is behind the scenes so not many residents meet him, but here is here working hard for them. (FTJ Employee)

Bridget Flakes Bridget Flakes, Dining Services

Bridget is an asset to the FTJ dining staff.  She is     diligent, thorough and communicates well with the residents.  My moms’ eyes light up when Bridget talks to her and mom tries to engage in conversation as best as she can.  We are so grateful for  Bridget who has taken the time to get to know mom and is patient with her.  Thank you for being  a bright spot in Mom’s day.  (Resident’s Daughter)


Kelly Maxfield Kelly Maxfield, Admin

Sometimes the most competent among us get overlooked because we come to take their excellence for granted.  Kelly has kept us informed about Resident Council and FTJ Board meetings, she has linked us in by internet technology and keeps wonderful meeting minutes.  Her work should be recognized and applauded.  My appreciation and thanks.  (Resident)

Chris Hall Chris Hall, Sr. Director of Marketing & PR

Chris and her team sure stepped up and broke down chairs after the concert, she was also our official photographer too.  Cheers to you and the team for  giving back to us after a day of work at FTJ… that is dedication! (Resident)

With the first concert in 3 years, the Tacoma Concert Band was just wonderful.  Chris and all of the FTJ staff worked so hard to put this together and make this possible, it was so great to see people we haven’t seen in years.  What a wonderful “New Beginning.” Thank you Chris.  (Resident)

Zachary Zinda Zach Zinda, Dining Services

Zach is a huge asset to the FTJ staff.  He is

professional, takes pride in his work, and always shows up with a pleasant attitude.  He engages each of the residents and they all respond so well with him.  For the residents in the Care Center, the dining experience is an important part of their day, and Zach makes it even better.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Sean Lee Sean Lee, Building Services

Not being used to or knowing my dog, Sean heard her barking on my patio and he worried that it might be an indication that her owner needed help.  He came to my door and knocked to check on me and I assured him I was ok.  For his going out of his way to check on a resident shows his kindness and caring.  (Resident)  Sean comes weekly helping Victoria to clean our apartment. He is quick, efficient and friendly.  (Resident)

Melissa Morse Melissa Morse, Clinical Service

She is always on top of things and still finds time to support and encourage.  Melissa really understands concerns and know her residents.  (Resident) 

We love Melissa!  She anticipates needs and is  thorough in communication with me about mom’s care.  She is compassionate, patient and is the standard by which we judge other nurses.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Shelley Harris Shelley Harris, Director of Philanthropy

Shelley is the type of person who works in the background never taking credit but continually building meaningful and deep relationships with residents, family members and staff.  She got the ball rolling when we talked about having a bell on campus and the Celebration of Life Circle has become a deeply meaningful experience for so many.  Shelley works diligently to help our Point Defiance~Ruston Senior Center, and she is always the first person to say, “Can I help you?” Shelley embodies our FTJ Team Member Promise!  (Senior Manager)

Colin Deck, Sarah Doerner and Katie Lodge  Wellness Staff ~ Colin Deck, Sarah Doerner and Katie Lodge 

This team has adjusted to many changes through the past 3 years and have created new programs for us.  They made the first Wellness Walk in three years the best for all of us even though we all woke up to rain that morning.  Thank you to all  of you for a job WELL DONE!!  (Resident)

Lina Corpus Lina Corpus, Housekeeping

Lina takes great care of my mom and always ensures mom has what she needs.  She takes care of the flowers in mom’s room and always keeps mom stocked.  I really appreciate that Lina looks out for my mom the way she does.  (Resident’s Daughter)

 Aliyah Keys  Aliyah Keys, Dining Services

Aliyah always shows up with a lovely smile and a can-do approach to her work.  She also has great floor vision and is aware of everything going on in the dining room.  Last week she and another co-worker engaged with a fall risk resident who was getting up and were able to get him refocused to sit down.  That level of awareness and skill is to be commended. (Resident’s Daughter)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss, Housekeeping

Victoria does a wonderful job!  She is on time, efficient, thorough, friendly and quick. (Resident) 

Victoria is thorough beyond the call!!!  ALWAYS pleasant!!!  (Resident)

Sue Turner Sue Turner, Dining Services

Sue goes out of her way to talk to my mom and engage her in conversation.  Having staff like Sue who are professional, efficient and make the effort to engage the residents adds so much to their quality of life.  Thank you sue!  (Resident’s Daughter)

Heidi Hardin Heidi Hardin, Clinical Assistant

Heidi does a great job as front line to the Care Center.  She’s always cheerful, upbeat and ready to go out of her way to find a solution and give directions. Her  can-do approach to her job is a blessing to all the families who come in.  (Resident’s Daughter)

Michelle Olafson Michelle Olafson, Director of Admissions and her team

I thought that you and (your very hard-working staff) might like to know that all your hard work is  making a huge difference.  I got a text from my sister saying that I sound happier than she has heard me sound in years.  Michelle, you and your staff take wonderful care of us and make our lives so much better that this is the result! (Resident)

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann, Director of Dining Services

Our building planned on having our own picnic for the 4th of July but a few days before we had to cancel due to an unforeseen circumstance.  Jim saved the day and our picnic!  Not only was the party on, but the corn was roasted and not boiled.  The food was all great and Jim made sure that we had all the fixings for our get together.  Thanks to Jim, we all had a great time getting better acquainted with new neighbors and catching up with old, we cannot thank you enough.  (Resident)

Kathleen Petrich Kathleen Petrich, Clinical Services

Kathleen is an excellent communicator.  She always  explains what is going to happen, so I know what to expect.  She is very kind and compassionate and very gentle when she adjusts me.  She never makes me feel like I am a bother, and she is always very attentive to my needs.  (Resident)

Heidi White, Jim Tonjann Heidi White, Jim Tonjann and FTJ Team

 It takes a village to serve a village, and the August 5th picnic was such a welcome event after years of isolation.  The food was perfect, and everyone helped serve and made us blissfully happy.  I know it took a lot of work by a lot of people and I wanted to go on record that it was deeply appreciated.  Thank you all, each and every one who helped.  (Resident)

Allisha Navarro Allisha Navarro, Clinical Services  She is always so positive and always supports the residents and their families.  (Resident)

Allisha is one of the best CNA’s I’ve ever encountered.  She loves her job and brings her energy, empathy, compassion and delivers care with great competence.  She anticipates needs and I often observe her taking care of something for my mom or another resident before being asked.  Allisha leads by example, and she represents the best care that FTJ can offer.  Thank you, Allisha!  (Resident’s Daughter) 

Allisha is positive, caring, concerned and helpful.  She goes the extra distance for the residents.  For her, it is not just a job, it is the care of who she is serving.  We know she cares!  (Resident)

Kristina Atkins Kristina Atkins, Clinical Services

We have been highly impressed with Kristina.  She is so responsive, whenever we express a concern or need, she immediately takes action to resolve the issue.  She is very kind and compassionate, she listens carefully and is an excellent communicator.  Kristina is an excellent Resident Care Supervisor, and we are so thankful for her presence in our mother’s life. (Resident’s Family)

Becky Schneidt Becky Schneidt, Clinical Assistant

We would like to recognize Becky for her welcoming presence at the front desk in Skilled Nursing.  She always greets us in a friendly manner, she is very helpful and responsive to our questions.  We have observed her working so diligently to make things run smoothly, especially with all the challenges brought by COVID. (Resident’s Family)

Skip Gibson Skip Gibson, Maintenance

FTJ employees exhibit a remarkable ability to go above and beyond – Skip is a great example.  Skip went out of his way to warn dog owners of a skunk that had been hanging out in the dog park.  This is not in his job description, I am certain, but his thoughtfulness and extra effort was very much appreciated by the dog parents.  (Resident)

April-June 2022

Quennly Watson Quenlly Watson, Clinical Services

Quen has consistently been a wonderful nurse.  She is very attentive to my needs and always responds when I need help.  She treats me like I’m family, with patience, kindness, and compassion and is also very professional.  She is cheerful and doesn’t treat me like I am a bother, she works really hard.  (Resident)

Heidi Hardin Heidi Hardin, Clinical Assistant

Heidi is so cheerful and positive in her role at the Skilled Nursing Reception desk.  She always greets me with a smile and a friendly conversation.  She makes me feel welcome and wishes us a positive visit with our love one.  Heidi is the essence of hospitality. (Resident’s Daughter)

Tiffany Murphy Tiffany Murphy, Clinical Services

Tiffany responds to requests I make in interacting with my mother.  My mother is hard of hearing and due to Tiffany’s interaction with her, my mother respects her and will follow direction from her which to me is very important.  She does a great job of walking the line with my mom.  Tiffany is highly professional and efficient, thank you Tiffany!  (Resident’s Daughter)

Patricia Moore Patricia Moore, Life Enrichment Team

Patricia is so creative, positive and friendly.  She is energetic and interesting.  I like the ways she tries to include everybody in the activities, she tries to wake people up when they are sleeping using her sense of humor.  I feel like Patricia takes a personal interest in each person, genuinely curious about our life stories and interests.  (Resident)

Cheryl Parkinson-Hummel, Building Services Driver

Cheryl went above and beyond to help me with an eye emergency recently.  She took me to my appointment at a moment’s notice, to another appointment the next day, back to the hospital after that and then onto the pharmacy with no questions asked for such a long journey.  I feel so grateful to have her here to help me with so much.  Off again today for another appointment, what more can I say except…Thank you so much Cheryl!   (Resident)


Sean Lee Sean Lee, Building Services

Sean has been very valuable help while we look for a Housekeeping Supervisor.  He has taken on the responsibility of training new employees, helping coordinate between management and his coworkers.  He enthusiastically takes on any project or task asked of him, he has demonstrated what team work is.  Thank you so much for going above and beyond during this challenging time.  (FTJ Supervisor)


Diana Rhodes & Linda Koessler Diana Rhodes & Linda Koessler, FTJ HR Team

I know that we have all been through a lot during the past two years, but I can’t imagine working in HR during the time of the “Great Resignation”.  After making it through the height of COVID and two of the most challenging years in history, now not only are people not going back to work, but to add insult to injury, the healthcare industry has extra hiring requirements which makes hiring that much more difficult.  I want to applaud both Diana and Linda for working TIRELESSLY and UNDETERED during this incredibly stressful, challenging time.  Their dedication and ability to forge ahead each day in what appears to me to be a thankless job, determined to increase our staffing levels is commendable at least and heroic at best.  THANK YOU!  (FTJ Senior Manager)


Sandra Jackson Sandra Jackson, Clinical Services

Here is one young woman who practices what she preaches.  She is a kind and caring person and is also interested in what goes on in the resident’s lives.  It is very busy at Franke Tobey Jones and Sandra keeps up with the pack.  It is wonderful to thank these hard workers and praise them for their endeavors.  (Resident)

Shelley Harris Shelley Harris, Director of Philanthropy

Shelley has a large job but goes a step beyond in noticing that a certain demanding dog who visits periodically loves fresh jerky.  This is definitely not in her job description and her thoughtfulness and kindness are deeply appreciated by the dog, who races down the hall knowing something special will appear.  Thank you Shelley!   (Resident & Mac)

Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan, Housekeeper Building Services

Priscilla continues to keep us clean with a wonderful smile during the past upheaval and staff shortages.  We do love her for all she does for us, not an easy job anytime but she works so hard and makes us feel she loves us back.  The joy of a clean apartment when I return makes me happy and I thank my lucky stars for this special woman who sees a stopped up sink and offers to call maintenance.  Priscilla is the best!  (Resident)


Imelda Crawford Imelda Crawford, Clinical Services

This little gal is a real joy.  She is always happy and kind to residents.  She is very caring, whenever I need help with dressing, housekeeping in my room, or picking up things in my room that I am not able to pick up, she is happy to aid me and others.  (Resident)

Zoe Rowley Zoe Rowley, Dining Services

Tonight we only had 2 servers for the dining room.  Zoe took care of our side, 32 residents, she really hustled!  She was so very calm and efficient and patient with those who needed extra help.  She really went above and beyond tonight.  (Resident)

Fern Krystalyn McClendon Fern Krystalyn McClendon, Dining Services

I appreciate Fern!  I have seen this young woman handle difficult residents, unexpected situations, incredible demand, efficiently and patiently.  I have admired her graciousness in every difficult situation with each resident.  She demonstrates poise and grace and maturity beyond her years.  (Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss, Housekeeper Building Services

Victoria is dedicated to helping others before herself.  She treats residents like family.  She does her housekeeping for me with the same respect and honor as though she was caring for her own father.  (Resident)

James Valero James Valero, Dining Services

James is an excellent server.  He is fast, dependable, polite to diners and remembers individual diner’s preferences.  He is patient with everyone, overcomes and adapts to changes in procedures, seating, menu etc… and “He shows up to work”!  (Resident)

Allisha Navarro Allisha Navarro, Clinical Services

Allisha brings friendship and peace to the residents.  Nursing care is only part of her gifts to them.  She is always willing to do what she can to give the resident a feeling of calm and caring.  The residents know that she personally values them and is there to make life better for them no matter what their conditions.  Her friendship is as much a gift as her service.  (Resident)

David Weisfield Chef David Weisfield, Dining Services

Chef David goes above and beyond to prepare very special treats for our independent residents happy hour events.  No challenge is too great!  He puts his heart and sould into making these treats exceptionally beautiful and yummy.  Everything from beautiful appetizer plates, baked apples in pastry with streusel topping to cowboy cookies for Father’s Day… and so much more.  Thank you David for sharing your special baking talents with us and making everyday meaningful for our residents!  (Senior Manager)


Sandra Stevens Sandra Stevens, Housekeeper Building Services

Sandra is pleasant and works hard.  She cleans every studio immaculately.  (Resident)

January-March 2022

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann, Dining Services

 Despite staffing shortages and COVID protocols, Jim made it possible for the Garden Apts residents to share breakfast in December.  This helped weld the residents into community and reminded of us times before COVID.  Our house is closer and more like family thanks to these food centered events.  Jim’s efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated in this difficult pandemic time.  Food warms hearts, cheers souls, and nourishes our FTJ family.  (Resident)


Pamm Silver Pamm Silver, Residential Accommodation Asst.

Pamm replaced Shirley as our inhouse Concierge.  She has worked hard to learn Garden Apartments customs, practices, and people.  She mastered morning coffee and Thursday’s happy hour to everyone’s delight.  She does a good job keeping us all notified of events, changes, and campus wide announcements.  Pamm has been cheerful in taking on the very big shoes she had to fill.  Kudos to Pamm for becoming a real asset to the Garden Apartments. (Resident)


Krista Dumas Krista Dumas, Waitstaff

Thank you for your service in the dining room!  You always know what I need and what I really like.  (Resident)

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley, Dining Room Lead

My mom always comments that you always know exactly what she wants and exactly what she needs.  Thank you for all that you do!  And she says you’re fast!!!  (Daughter of a Resident)

James Valero James Valero, Waitstaff

Thank you so much for all your help with my wife when we eat!  And you are fast!  (Resident)

Sophie Cusick Sophie Cusick, Waitstaff

I vote for Sophie!!!  I believe that she has grown, matured and learned her duties quickly, she is always ready for the tasks at hand.  She gets along with everyone, she is helpful and her awareness is sharp.  I believe that she has made a difference!!!  (Resident)

Ross Chen-Johnson Ross Chen-Johnson, Maintenance

A resident reported to the Director of Building Services that Ross had been by that day.  He was installing CO2 detectors in all of the apartments.  He was so polite and kind.  He went about his business with such a friendly attitude.  He is a great addition to the team!  (Resident)

Skip Gibson Skip Gibson, Maintenance

He makes every day meaningful for Residents at FTJ.  Recently when a couple moved from their apartment to another apartment it was only Skip that they wanted to help hang pictures in their apartment and get them settled.  They always ask for him by name because he has taken such good care of them.  (Senior Manager)


Tracy Relic Tracy Relic, CNA Clinical Services

Tracy is amazing!!  She is always quick to help with whatever is needed.  She is positive and caring towards and goes above and beyond when caring for them.  Whether she is greeting a new resident, assisting with a shower or taking a resident to a doctors appointment, the impact she has with the resident shows on their face…They always have a big smile (Clinical Supervisor)


Steve Barrett, Lead Maintenance

Steve Barrett, Skip Gibson, Jon Swingle, Maintenance & Sean Lee, Custodian

I would like to nominate our Maintenance team for “Making a Difference”.  They deal with many tasks behind the scenes, and here is an example of a very recent unpleasant job.  Due to a city driver deciding to dump trash from the large compacter, our guys had to shovel up the piles and mess left behind.  Hats off to our maintenance guys!  (FTJ President)

October-December 2021

Colin Deck Collin Deck, Wellness Program Manager

He is a master teacher, supportive but never critical.  His energy and enthusiasm provide the nudge that we older folks need.  He sees us and know us as individuals.  During the COVID lockdown and we were confined Colin and his staff brought exercise to our hallways and provided personal instruction where needed. (from a Resident)

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers, Nurse

Tyler is dedicated, committed and professional while exhibiting care for his residents. My parents have presented some significant challenges including settling in to their dementia. My father calls him “the man” and not because he can’t remember his name.  Dad trusts him and feels they have a special “man” bond.  Thank you Tyler from all of our family.  (from a Resident Family Member)

This is a message on behalf of K. Parks. She has been very appreciative of all the support and guidance received from Tyler, far beyond the call of duty. She always appreciated Tyler and cherished his additional attention and friendship.  (from a Resident)


Melissa Morse Melissa Murphy, Receptionist

She is joyful and a fun professional, full of laughter and light while still doing the work of the front desk.  She delights my mother and laughs with my father.  She provides families with eyes and ears on their loved ones when they’re away which is a blessing for us.  Thank you! (from a Resident Family Member)

Elvira Peterson Elvira Peterson, CNA

Elvira is an angel.  She has very quicky adjusted to my mother’s desires and the way that she likes things. (Not an easy feat) She has been able to soothe my Mom during extremely difficult situations, explains (sometimes many times) what’s going on and is able to calm her. I’ve seen Elvira, when Mom is angry and frustrated, reach out, touch her shoulder and says words that let Mom know that she is on her side.  Thank you!  (from a Resident Family Member)


Linda Tonjann Linda Tonjann, Reception Supervisor

She is a critical member of the AL team.  She is a family’s eyes and ears when we are not there – a true blessing. She empathizes with staff and family when things are not going particularly well and she celebrates with us when there’s an upturn with my folks.  She is quick to communicate and always has a kind word for the residents passing by. Thank you!  (from a ResidentFamily Member)

Edith Richards Edith Richards, AL LPN

She is a calm and professional presence with my parents.  My father trusts her to show up “on time” with his meds and help him, he knows he can relax when she is there.  Edith was so helpful in helping my folks acclimate to a whole new environment and marital living situation.  Thank you.  (from a Resident Family Member)

Lauro Cabutotan Lauro Cabutotan, Housekeeper

Wanted to say how much we appreciated the cleaning yesterday.  Larry was a wonder!  Once in the door, in 10 seconds or so he was cleaning bathrooms like a cyclone. Reminded me of the sci-fi flicks where the alien gets moving so fast he’s no longer visible to the naked eye.  This guy is astonishing!  Hope we can get him on a regular basis. (from a Resident)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss, Housekeeper

She is very thoughtful and considerate.  Victoria and Sean work very well together. Very excellent cleaning throughout, the best cleaning I ever had.  Thank you Victoria for doing such a good and great job!  (from a Resident)

Sean Lee Sean Lee, Custodian

He is very thoughtful and considerate.  Sean and Victoria work very well together.  Very excellent cleaning!  Thank you Sean for doing a good job.  (from a Resident)

Linda Koessler Linda Koessler, HR Assistant

Linda is not only a great asset to the HR Department, she is an awesome asset to FTJ.  She always manages to get all of her work done even after accommodating managers with hiring needs at a moment’s notice.  She is always positive and willing to help any employee even when they just appear in her doorway.  She always goes above and beyond to help where needed with a positive attitude and a smile.  Thank you Linda for all that you do!  (from a Senior Manager)


Tracy Relic Tracy Relic, CNA

As a new employee Tracy was very helpful to me in putting out fires with the schedule and I really appreciated the help. Whenever I see her on the floor she is always smiling and being really friendly, just as she was with me when I started at FTJ.  Thank you Tracy! (from an Employee)

Lina Corpus Lina Corpus, Housekeeper

Lina is always helping to create a clean and home like environment for the residents.  She is very conscientious and complete with her work. She has always shown respect to all residents, staff and family members.  She presents with a very kind and nourishing spirit to all!  (from an Agency Nurse)

July - September 2021

Linda Tonjann Linda Tonjann, Reception Supervisor

“She greets the public, vendors and relatives of residents with a smile and words of welcome. She does so many things that keep the place running (with never a hint of ageism or impatience. In short, she “Makes a Difference” every day. (Resident)

Sean Lee Sean Lee, Custodian

Many thanks and praises to Sean for being careful, thorough and efficient in cleaning our duplex. He even went above and beyond and did additional things that were so helpful to us. (Resident)

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers, Nurse

He is very knowledgeable, caring, efficient and willing to go the extra mile. Residents are always in good hands when Tyler is on duty…very hard worker! (Resident)

Shirley Robbins, Concierge Shirley Robbins, Concierge

She treats each resident like part of a very special family. Shirley is always willing to lend a hand, even when she is busy managing several duties. She is a fine example of why this community leads the way in exceptional service to seniors. (FTJ Staff)

Carole Velez Carole Velez, Community Relations

Carole makes each day meaningful for residents by being warm, considerate, and enthusiastic about the care and quality of life at FTJ. She is an all-star team member, a complete joy to work alongside, and an inspiration to others simply by being authentic, kind, and self-motivated… she is unstoppable! (FTJ Staff)

Chany Cockrill Chandra Cockrill, Dining Services

Since my first day at FTJ and as my trainer she has made me feel so welcome and excited for this job. She is an amazing teacher with a positive and outgoing personality. She has helped everyone here in one way or another and has created an easier, comfortable work environment. Chandra is a strong leader and deserves to be appreciated. (FTJ Staff)

Triss Tibeau Triss Tibeau, Cook

What a team player Triss is! When all available peach pies at the store were frozen she stepped up along with all her other duties and made beautiful pies. Everyone gave a big round of applause for Triss’ help and snack time was more than fabulous in Memory Care that day. I am truly grateful, what a great place to work when each of us take the time to serve on another. Thanks Triss, you’re a real peach!! (FTJ Staff)


Sarah Perkins Sarah Perkins, CNA

The compassion and understanding that Sarah showed to our family was exceptional. She did not treat my father like “just another patient” and when she was in his room she gave him and us her full attention. She would stop by each night before she left at the end of her shift to be sure my dad was comfortable. Her selfless care and attitude towards patients and family did not go unnoticed. (Resident’s Daughter)


Melissa Morse Melissa Morse, Nurse

Melissa has done an exemplary job of caring for my mom. She is detailed, thorough and professional in all of her interactions that I’ve observed both with mom, our family and other staff. We appreciate how Melissa adapts her approach to mom depending on how sleepy or alert mom is and we rest easy when we know Melissa is managing the unit. She exemplifies the quality of care and environment that FTJ is known for… thank you Melissa! (Resident’s Daughter)


Terry Allman Terry Allman, Residential Accommodations

Terry’s work ethic is appreciated by residents and staff alike. She is dependable, kind-hearted, and a personable individual that cares for this community beyond normal work hours. Thank you, Terry, for your positive attitude, your valued work, and your teamwork/leadership! (FTJ Staff)

Victoria Hotchkiss Victoria Hotchkiss, Building Services

Victoria went beyond the call of duty. Excellent, excellent, excellent… Perfection!!! (FTJ Staff)

Lina Corpus Lina Corpus, Building Services

We met Lina the day we moved mom into Skilled Nursing. She opens mom’s blinds, refreshes the water in mom’s flowers and goes above and outside her job. It makes us feel grateful that this housekeeper represents the best values that FTJ espouses. (Resident’s Daughter)

Quennly Watson Quenlly Watson, Nurse

Quenlly is one of the best nurses we’ve encountered since mom fell ill. She is professional, exceptionally competent and has a can-do attitude about whatever we bring to her with regards to mom’s care.We are so reassured leaving mom in her exceptionally capable hands in this caregiver shortage. We hope FTJ takes good care of exceptional talent like Quin. (Resident’s Daughter)

Allisha Navarro Allisha Navarro, CNA

She is very friendly and consistent. Her treatment is thorough and very accommodating. She does the work of two people so often and she is such a wonderfully, kind person. She listens to me and I do appreciate that. Allisha is a real gem! (Resident)

Allisha Navarro Allisha Navarro, CNA

Allisha is talented, capable and very professional in all that we’ve observed in the care for mom. She is caring & compassionate in all of her interactions with mom and we love that she take time to engage, speaks to her and draws her out in communication. We are grateful for the way she treats mom like a person and not just a patient. FTJ is lucky to have this caliber of staff choosing to work here. (Resident’s Daughter)


Zachary Zinda Zachary Zinda, Dining Services

Zach is a credit to the values that FTJ espouses. He is professional in his appearance and how he goes about his duties. I’ve observed him engaging with the residents he serves, treating them with compassion, dignity, and respect. We are impressed by this level of attention to detail for the care of the residents he serves. (Resident’s Daughter)

Amanda Wilson Amanda Wilson, CNA

We are so pleased to have Amanda as a consistent caregiver for our mom. She is thorough, professional, and detailed oriented. We feel like she treats our mom the way she’d want her mom to be treated. Amanda represents the best of the work ethic, care & compassion that FTJ can offer. (Resident’s Daughter)

Ashlyn Bacon Ashlyn Bacon, CNA

Ken gets a warm feeling each morning he sees Ashlyn come into his room, and helps him get a nice, positive start to his day. Thank you for your positive attitude and understanding of Ken’s likes and needs. (Resident Family Member)

April - June, 2021

Shirley Robbins, Concierge Shirley Robbins, Concierge

She is such an important part in our community and a great representative for it.  She helps guide our lives, always with a smile.  She is completely trustworthy to keep the secrets we think we have hidden from her watchful eyes and ears.  (Resident)

Krista Dumas Krista Dumas, Waitstaff

Krista is one of the best, if not the best of the food service staff.  She has a wonderful outgoing personality and always remembers the resident’s likes and dislikes.  It is always a pleasure to have her as my server. (Resident)

Larry Wood, Driver Larry Wood, Driver

He is very good to us, always goes beyond the call of duty and I greatly appreciate his efforts.  (Resident)

Jim Tonjann Jim Tonjann and Dining Staff

Going above and beyond during COVID lockdown!  The dining staff that delivered the meals were always cheerful, masked and polite.  Their service meant a lot.  The “Mindful” meals were really good and helped break up the monotony.  I give my heartfelt appreciation, thanks and praise to Jim and crew for keeping us cheered, fed and continuing on through the pandemic. (Resident)


Jeff McQuay and Tony DeMarco, Building Services Jeff McQuay and Tony DeMarco, Building Services

Unbelievable kindness! They solved my problem of not being able to get my feet on the floor sitting on the bed because the mattress was too high.  Now I don’t have the fear of falling.  Thank you, Jeff and Tony! (Resident)

Steve Barrett, Lead Maintenance

Steve Barrett, Lead Maintenance

A call came in from a duplex resident about the great detailed job Steve had don’t cleaning her back deck.  Steve has fixed many things for us, the maintenance crew here is terrific and bend over backwards to help us and do everything so cheerfully. (FTJ Manager & Resident)

Al Burnett, Dining Services Al Burnett, Dining Services

Al has done a wonderful job to make our residents in Memory Care feel special.  Something as simple as an afternoon snack stands out because of the care and attention from Al stepping up to make a difference.  He is great – team player all the way.  (FTJ Staff)

Triss Tibeau, Cook Triss Tibeau, Cook

I have like her since she arrived as a server, she was always so friendly and got the orders right.  Now, as a cook, she continues that!  She makes sure that I get what I ask for, her vegetable are never mushy, she tends to their texture.  I am always glad to have her on the job. (Resident)

Alyssa Becerra and Kristine Baxter Alyssa Becerra and Kristine Baxter, Housekeeping

Two housekeepers who work together as a tight team.  They are fast, efficient, thorough, kind, pleasant, friendly, diligent, and cheerful… what could be better than that!  These two are so uplifting I just love to see them arrive every week. (Resident)

Lina Corpus Lina Corpus, Housekeeper

She is always happy!  She recalls my preferences and satisfies my day by cleaning.  (Resident)

Heidi Rowley Heidi Rowley, Dining Room Lead

Heidi is always going out of her way to make sure the resident’s needs are met plus more.  She not only does her job but others as well.  She always has the resident’s well being at heart.  She is an amazing employee and person.  (FTJ Staff)

Holly Landowski, Waitstaff Holly Landowski, Waitstaff

I have been here since 2013(Is that possible?).  We have had servers come and go but there are always one or two that stand out and Holly is that standout.  Since the pandemic and restrictions I have seen Holly shine.  She rolls with the punches, helps everyone who needs a hand and always keep her cool with a smile.  She is a great asset to the dining experience!  (Resident)

Nalani Brown Nalani Brown, Philanthropy Coordinator

While all the employees here at FTJ do a wonderful job, Nalani enjoys taking thing to a new level.  He is joyful, delightful and happy.  This carries over into how creative she is on making our day so special.  She takes an extra moment to visit and see how we are too!  Thank you for having her here!  (Resident)

Priscilla Cabutotan Priscilla Cabutotan, Housekeeper

While Priscilla’s job is room cleaning she brings her smile to brighten all our lives.  For those of us that get a paper, she is our paper delivery person during this pandemic and brings her warm smile with the paper.  I appreciate her dedication to her calling.  Thank you Priscilla.  (Resident)

January –March 2021

Nalani Brown Nalani Brown, Philanthropy

“Nalani is always willing to fill in wherever she is needed. The Garden Apt residents are so grateful for her. Nalani’s cheerful disposition, enthusiasm, and flexibility have enriched our campus community. Residents believe that her energy and team spirit should be recognized.” (From Resident)

“Nalani has been wonderful to keep an eye on all of us in the Garden Apts – and has done it with such enthusiasm. Her positive attitude and cheerfulness are inspiring!” (From Resident)

“Nalani is just a delight! She is joyful, positive, and always willing to help us. FTB is very fortunate to have Nalani and so are we.” (From Resident)


Colin Deck & Sarah Doerner Colin Deck & Sarah Doerner, Wellness Center

“I appreciate what these two have done for all of us during this pandemic. Their zoom classes have kept us moving (not an easy task)! I am so grateful that they have included non-resident community members as well.” (Resident)

Amanda Wilson Amanda Wilson, C.N.A.

“Amanda took the initiative to rearrange a resident’s room so the resident would be more comfortable after calling the family to ask if it would be ok. It really improved the resident’s day and the family was extremely happy.” (Team Member)

Tanya Jones Tanya Jones, Dining Services

“Tanya always goes above and beyond to create amazing salads and comes through for her fellow employees with a smile, even when we are forgetful and order our meals late. Thank you for loving us through your food!” (Team Member)

Delphine Hall Delphine Hall, C.N.A.

“Delphine has a specialness about her! Regardless of how she might personally feel that day, she always greets everyone with a smile. She truly shows her love and her passion to lift others up. She is a treasure!” (Resident)

Asha Johnston Asha Johnston, Housekeeping

Asha is so thorough and efficient, a real leader! She is helpful, polite, cheerful and a very hard worker. She deserves special recognition.” (Resident)

The Dining Services Team

“Many special thanks were given this past quarter to our amazing Dining Service Team. From the servers to the cooks and Chef, they are all exceptional and there is not an indifferent or lazy one in the group. The food that is served is attractive, creative, delicious and no short cuts are ever taken. The entire team deserve accolades for their exemplary skills, dedication and service!” (Resident)

All FTJ Staff

“Most every staff member is going above and beyond their normal duties at this time! Tray deliveries, taking temps, disinfecting, visiting with residents, delivering newspapers, and anything else that needs to be done. Thank you FTJ staff, you are all doing a great job!” (Fellow Team Member)

January - April 2020

Dani Garcia Dani Garcia

“Dani is a great caregiver and really makes life meaningful for all of us.” (Resident)

“Dani is one of the most caring C-NA’s at FTJ. She is always asking residents how she can help them—listens to their needs and their stories and will laugh (and cry) along with them.” (Team Mate)

“Dani goes the extra mile. She is always smiling and pleasant—she brightens my day and is a good listener.” (Resident)


Holly Elton Holly Elton

“Holly was super supportive as my mom transitioned into Memory care. We were all so thankful for her support.” (Resident’s family)

Edith Richards Edith Richards

“ Edith has such compassion for the residents. I am happy she is a part of the FTJ team.” (Team Mate)

Melissa Murphy Melissa Murphy

“Melissa is truly a great person—very caring towards our residents and always offering to help out. Melissa is very dedicated to FTJ.” (Team Mate)

Linda Tonjann Linda Tonjann

“Linda is always so helpful with any questions or concerns I might have. I really enjoy working with her.” (Team Mate)

Jana Wennstrom Jana Wennstrom

“Jana has expanded the subjects and settings and her enthusiasm And positive attitude is reflected in these programs.” (Resident)

“Jana has made great improvements in the Senior University. She is making a positive difference for us residents and for the community.” (Resident


Grant King Grant King

“Grant always has a big smile on his face and I look forward to seeing him. He is always so positive.” (Team Mate)

Nelma Vallero Nelma Valero

“Nelma does a really good job in housekeeping. We are grateful to her and her charming attitude.” (Multiple residents)

Jeanie Rogalski Jeanie Rogalski

“Jeanie is the best! She knows what we like to eat and makes suggestions when there is something she thinks we might like. She also shares good stories.” (Residents)

Tyler Rogers Tyler Rogers

“Tyler is very efficient and genuinely cares about us, He makes us feel confident about his ability to take care of us all. “ (Resident)

Imelda Crawford Imelda Crawford

“She is the nicest person. Her kindness and gentle manner help her to do her job so well.” (Resident)

Paige Zarate Paige Zarate

“Paige is efficient and super fast. She is studying to become a nurse and hearing about her goals is mentally stimulating and interesting to me.” (Resident)

Elvira Peterson Elvira Peterson

“Elvira always helps me start my day out right and reminds me to smile.” (Resident)
April 2020

The entire dining and kitchen staff

A resident took the time to recognize each and every one of the unsung heroes in our kitchen and dining staff! This resident specifically mentioned the dedication demonstrated during COVID. Nice work, kitchen and dining—your efforts have not gone un-noticed!

Dining and Kitchen Staff


This award is a shout out to employees for whom doing their job is routinely making every day meaningful. It recognizes Franke Tobey Jones’  employees whose action are noted to exemplify any of the values listed in “My Team Member Promise: Make Every Day Meaningful.” These values reflect actions that promote quality of life for each Resident, teamwork among our employee Team and employee Self development!

Complete the Application right here! Click on the Making a Difference Nomination Form then click the “Submit Form Now” button. OR if you need to download the Making a Difference Nomination Form: Right-click on the PDF link and click “Save Link As”. Choose to save the PDF to your desktop. Once downloaded, open the PDF from your desktop using Adobe Acrobat. When you’ve completed the PDF form, click the “Submit Form Now” button on the last page of the form. This will open your email program and create an email that will be sent to (NOTE: Having troubling opening the PDF? Be sure you have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)