Things to Consider When Moving to a Retirement Community in Tacoma

Moving to a Retirement Community Tacoma
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Moving to a home in a senior living facility in Tacoma is a new beginning in your life. There will likely be some anxiety, uncertainty, and surprise. But, your new home in Washington can also open doors for some exciting new opportunities. So, if you are about to make a move, it’s time to do some planning to get ready.

Things to Consider When Moving to a Senior Community

Plan Your Move to Our Senior Living Community 

What will the size of your new home or apartment be? What will you have room for? What can you do without? It is always a good idea to figure out before you move what furniture and other large items you will want and need to take with you. Most senior homes facilities in Tacoma, Washington have scale drawings available of their residential units. You can get one of these, make several photocopies, and then try out various plans for arranging your furniture and other household items. Remember to measure your furniture to avoid unpleasant surprises on moving day.

Less is More

Trimming back the size of your household can be a negative or positive experience, depending on how you look at it. Deciding what to keep and what to part with always takes time and both physical and emotional energy when you’re moving into a new senior living apartment. However, many in this situation come to welcome the chance to scale back when transitioning to a senior living facility. They call it “living leaner and cleaner!” and it can have its own rewards.

Ask for Help

If you are worried about the work involved in your move to our senior living facility, or the decisions and arrangements you will need to make, ask for help. Family and friends are usually eager to get involved, and they can help the process happen quickly and smoothly. If you don’t have family or friends in Tacoma or nearby, call Senior Information and Assistance or your local senior center. Often, they know of local volunteer or for-hire resources who can lighten your load considerably. Call your local moving companies. Find out the difference in price for the moving companies to do your packing for you. (Unfortunately, you still need to do the sorting ahead of time.) The additional cost may be worth it to you.

Work Through the Details

There are always auxiliary tasks that come with moving into senior living homes that you need to remember for your new housing arrangement. These don’t necessarily have to be dealt with immediately, but you will want to make a list and check off each task as soon as it’s taken care of. Your designed list might include:

  • Notifying people of your change of address. This include both friends and companies you do business with – the phone company, utility providers, insurance carriers, etc.
  • If you are moving to a new area, choosing, and getting acquainted with a new primary care physician.
  • Switching your voter registration.
  • Searching out the best places to shop and take care of errands, especially medical

Getting Acquired at Your Senior Living Community 

Most senior living facilities and communities in Tacoma are welcoming places. Both staff and residents of Washington independent homes and assisted living facilities are accustomed to helping people settle in and providing top of the line services. Franke Tobey Jones active senior living community, has a wonderful group of residents called Resident Ambassadors who help welcome new residents. They answer questions and address concerns, sit with seniors during mealtime, introduce them to people in the community, invite them to classes and activities, and act as tour guides around our Tacoma, Washington retirement community. Most importantly, they often become close friends and provide an immediate sense of belonging in their new housing arrangement.

Variety of Activity Options at our Senior Living Facility 

It’s easy for all of us over the age of 50 to get set in our ways. The old and familiar seem more worthwhile than the new and the unfamiliar. Our active retirement community welcomes you to exercise your curiosity and your sense of adventure, even if they are a bit rusty! Ask all the questions you want. Our assisted living care takers and advisors are here for informational, medical, and overall retirement housing help. For example: Who are my new neighbors? Is there an exercise class? When does it meet? If I’m interested in volunteer opportunities, whom should I contact? What is next on the social calendar? If mobility and safety are not a problem, get out and walk our garden. Explore your new neighborhood, learn more about your senior retirement living community in Tacoma, make sure to secure all medical needs and support from our staff and start living again! Take up a new hobby or learn to play bridge. Try every day to think of positive things to tell yourself about this new transition to a senior living facility. As in so much of life, the attitude you bring to your move and new Washington retirement community will play a major role in how well you adjust and come to thrive in your new environment and place to call home. Call for pricing at our state-of-the-art retirement living facility today!

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