Resident Ambassadors

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No matter what age you are, it’s never easy moving into a new city or community.  Often we don’t know how to get around, where the best stores and restaurants are, what there is to do in the area and so on.  At Franke Tobey Jones we have a wonderful group of residents called the Resident Ambassadors who help welcome new residents, show them around and befriend them.

The Resident Ambassadors call and meet new residents and are the new residents’ connection for the first 2 or 3 days (or 2 or 3 weeks). They answer questions or concerns, sit with new residents at meals, invite them to classes, act as tour guides around campus and just make new residents feel totally welcomed and embraced.

“We want to make each person’s move-in as stress-free as possible, and we want everyone to feel right at home very quickly,” comments Michelle Matz, FTJ Senior Director of Residential Accommodations. “Each Resident Ambassador has business cards that they give out for easy access, and they each have a name tag so they can be easily spotted. The Resident Ambassadors are a very special part of Franke Tobey Jones, and we appreciate them very much!  I was recently told by a new resident that they couldn’t have made it without the help of their Resident Ambassador.  The daughter of this new resident came in and told me personally what a great help the Ambassador was to her mother and how much easier it was for her to get settled.”

There are currently thirteen Resident Ambassadors from all areas of campus including the Duplex Cottages, Garden Apartments, Tobey Jones building and Lillian Pratt building.

“The Resident Ambassador program is equally good for new residents and the ambassadors,” says Resident Ambassador and Tobey Jones building resident Yvonne Zubalik.  “I really enjoy getting to know new people and acquainting them with life here.  For them, it helps to have a person who will make sure they know about the schedule, will accompany them to classes, etc., and get them started.  Very soon they will make friends and feel at home.”