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New Holistic Wellness Program


Wellness/Fitness at Franke Tobey Jones

Your pathway to good “senior care” as you grow older begins with wellness. The Wellness Program has been a hallmark of our active senior living community since 1998. In 2004, the state-of-the-art 6,000 square foot MJ Wicks Family Wellness Center opened with wild success. Free to our residents and available to community seniors (age 55 and better) for a small monthly fee, wellness participants have nothing but rave reviews for the exercise classes, free personal training, state of the art amenities and experienced and attentive staff that we offer. The staff at our retirement community in Tacoma, Washington have the magical ability to make exercise fun and special!

People of all shapes, sizes and ability levels can join us for yoga, dance, aerobics and much more at our active adult community. The newest exciting additions to the class schedule is Meditation and Chair Yoga which have been very popular.

Active Senior Living Community

If exercise classes aren’t your cup of tea, our active adult community is stocked with commercial strength training equipment, low-impact equipment, elliptical cross training machines and treadmills are top-notch. Instructors are on hand to assist, provide guidance or set up a personalized training routine for you. Informative educational wellness programs are also scheduled throughout the year. Every year we celebrate senior health with a Senior Wellness Walk and Health Fair open to the community.

Recent studies indicate that older adults who are active and socially engaged maintain their independence, improve physical and mental functioning, stay healthier and live happier, more complete lives. Based upon these ideas, Franke Tobey Jones active retirement community offers a holistic, preventative Wellness Program that improves quality of life. We pride ourselves on being one of the best active adult communities in Tacoma, Washington allowing all seniors in the area to participate and improve their health.

Please click here for our current Wellness Calendar.

Franke Tobey Jones also offers Wellness classes in the community, including the Pt. Defiance~Ruston Senior Center.

Please call (253) 752-6621 and ask for our Wellness Director for more detailed information and up-to-date class offerings.