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Memory Care and Alzheimer Resources Tacoma

There will come a time when a person with Alzheimer’s disease will need more care than can be provided at home. The individual may need to move into residential care, at a nursing home. Planning for a move into a Alzheimer care facility should begin well before admission is needed. This advanced planning allows families to:

  • Learn about what memory and dementia care service options are available
  • Determine which will best be able to meet the needs of an individual with dementia
  • Anticipate the costs of care and find resources to help pay for them

Determine the Level of Care Needed

The first step in choosing the right Alzheimer’s care facility is determining the care needs of the person with dementia at this point in time. Whenever possible, involve the person with dementia in caregiver decisions. How much care a person needs depends on many factors, including how independently he or she can walk, eat, use the restroom and bathe.

Compile a List of Possible Memory Caregivers

Once you have a clear idea of the type of memory care services needed, ask others for referrals. Here are some good places to start:

Contact Memory Care Homes to Find the Right Fit

Once you have a list of possible dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers, call them. Describe your situation and explain what you would like from a memory care service. Ask questions over the telephone regarding qualifications, types of services offered, cost and hours of availability. The more information you receive over the phone, the easier it will be to identify which service is a good fit. You will also be able to limit the number of services you interview in person.

When contacting dementia and Alzheimer’s care providers, be prepared by having the following information available about the person with Alzheimer’s:

  • Name
  • Physician’s name and number
  • Diagnoses and other health and behavioral care needs
  • Insurance coverage including Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care insurance

Interview Potential Dementia Caregivers

After you have obtained referrals and narrowed your options, screening caregivers is the next important step. You want to find a memory care service provider whom you trust and who interacts well with the person who has dementia. When you interview potential providers, have a list of questions to ask. Here are some basics to get you started:

  • Services needed
    Does the caregiver offer the specific services the person with dementia needs?
  • Care plans
    How are care plans created and reviewed? The family and the person with dementia, if able, should be involved.
  • Training and experience
    Is the staff trained in dementia care or have experience in working with someone with dementia? Are those credentials verified?
  • Background check
    Does the agency, memory care service provider or care facility conduct background checks on all staff?
  • Backups
    What is the procedure if the care provider is sick, on vacation or quits?
  • References
    Ask the care provider for at least three references. Contact the families and ask about their experience, the care the person received and any concerns they had.
  • On-site visits
    For adult day/respite care providers or residential care, arrange a meeting with staff and take time to look around. Are individuals involved in activities? What is your overall feeling about the environment? For in-home help, ask if the care provider can come to your home to meet you and the person with Alzheimer’s. Does the care provider interact and communicate well with the person with Alzheimer’s?
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