An Act of Love Reaches Deep

music heart shaped illustration

Many times we hear stories of someone with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia being touched by music from their lifetime.  Often times it’s someone else’s story, but this time it’s about the Puget Sounds, a group of musicians who play weekly for the Tuesday Sing-Along at the Point Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center.  They also play at various other venues around the Sound and are a generous bunch who do not charge for their services.  They do this out of their love of music, generosity and the desire to simply share something that can touch the heart and mind of the people for whom they play.

This was the case on May 10th when they visited Franke Tobey Jones.  Even they did not know the profound effect they would have, especially on one person that day.

The words were up on the monitor for people to sing along with and a small group of residents banded around. But one resident didn’t need the  words. This particular FTJ  resident attending that concert is noncommutative with memory issues.  Another resident in attendance observed this resident and wrote the following letter to The Puget Sounds.

“I want to thank all the musicians and singers in The Puget Sounds who performed at Franke Tobey Jones on May 10th. You played for over two and a half hours and somehow found songs even the 90-year-olds knew.  It was like watering dry plants: you made them come alive.  One woman who is normally catatonic sang every song!  (And that made me cry.). Thank you with my whole heart.  I promise never to complain again that I can’t hear telephone calls because of the music.”

(The person writing this letter is a FTJ resident who volunteers at the Senior Center answering the telephone during the Tuesday Sing-along.) C

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