Life’s More Fun Without Cleaning Toilets

September 15, 2021 — So many of us conjure up images from when we might have visited our mom or grandmother in a nursing home, but senior living has changed significantly over the past few years. Communities today are simply not our “mother’s nursing home.” Most are beautiful, homelike, comfortable and like an all-inclusive luxury resort or cruise ship.... Read More

New Hospice Suite Helps Resident and Family Members Share Time Together

March 5, 2021 — Watch the Hospice Suite Video: With a generous FTJ resident donation, the beautiful Bruda Family Suite in our Care Center has been furnished for any resident or community member in need of end-of-life Hospice care.   This two-room living area includes new sleeping recliners, a coffee maker, games, cards and other cozy amenities that provide... Read More

How Do FTJ Residents Stay Connected and Active?

January 8, 2021 — Aside from our stringent safety measures, every effort is made to engage with and maintain the health of our residents as well as help them stay connected to family and loved ones. Through weekly door to door happy hours, hallway exercise, ice cream delivery in the summer, outside and window visits, Facetime calls, help with... Read More


December 14, 2020 — Because of the COVID guidelines we are unable to gather for any holiday festivities, but we wanted to deliver some Merriment to our residents and team members. For ten days during December we will be delivering special treats and beverages to all residents/every building on campus, as well as to all team members.  Things like... Read More

A Lot of Good News/Making a Difference

June 16, 2020 — Every day we are privileged to see acts of kindness and compassion from our residents, colleagues and the community  ~  meals that are lovingly sent to our caregivers by residents’ families; flowers and chocolates sent to staff; thank you cards and messages that arrive on a regular basis.  Each week more heartwarming stories come to... Read More

How Are Residents Keeping Busy These Days?

May 6, 2020 — With all our activities, fitness center, classes, trips and tours cancelled, what are residents doing to fill their days?  We recently spotted several of our residents who enjoy riding their bikes…circling around campus.  With 20 acres they can really put on the miles!

Keeping Your Mind Engaged While At Home

April 3, 2020 — From Jana Wennstrom Franke Tobey Jones Senior University Coordinator Folks have been kind enough to share some resources with me to pass along to you for helping to make this interim time at home more stimulating.  Steve Dunkelberger from History Hour with Steve shared: I did a two hour show last Friday that can you... Read More

Are you bored?

April 3, 2020 — Is staying at home starting to drive you up the walls?  Here are some educational and entertaining videos you might enjoy. Go to the links below to find the videos. Educational Videos Historical Events You Won’t Believe Happened At The Same Time Landmarks of Western Art – A Documentary Series on You Tube The... Read More

Missing Your Favorite Gym?

April 3, 2020 — Are you feeling lethargic and out of shape?  Here are some exercise videos you might enjoy. Go to to find these videos and more. Exercise Videos Chair Exercises Gentle Chair Yoga Routine Chair Yoga Dance Chair Yoga Dance with Sherry Zak Morris “Hand Jive” Chair Dancing by Jodi Stolove Zumba Gold: Tango-Chacha Zumba Gold:... Read More

We Get A Lot of Questions About Pets

October 2, 2019 — We love pets at Franke Tobey Jones! Many people who tour our community are surprised that we welcome pets with open arms because so many retirement communities do not allow pets. But, we know from our many years of experience how important pets are to seniors, and we’re thrilled to see the smiles on our... Read More

Skilled Nursing At Half the Cost

October 2, 2019 — If you are currently receiving 24-hour skilled care at home, or if you will need it in the future, you might want to consider our Franke Tobey Jones Care Center. Typically 24-hour in-home skilled care is approximately $20,000 per month. At Franke Tobey Jones you will receive so much more starting at $10,500 per month... Read More