Common Myths About Senior Living Communities

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One of the biggest obstacles that keeps people from exploring a senior community is the belief that there are too many sacrifices to be made – freedom, independence, living space – to name a few.

The reality is that today’s senior communities can provide gracious living, security, an active way of life along with many other wonderful benefits that can enhance an older adult’s independence. It’s all about living life to the fullest. Healthy living; social, educational and fitness activities; safety; security; and, if needed, licensed health care professionals are available.

Senior living communities give you the relief you’ve earned from home maintenance, housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, planning social activities and so on…but still help you maintain your independence. You want to retire from work…not life! And retirement communities can be surprisingly affordable!

With a Continuing Care Retirement Community, a community that provides all level of care including skilled nursing, the full spectrum of care needs is anticipated and addressed in one location.  You can avoid having to move if your needs, or the needs of your spouse, should change.

Sound good? The truth is—it’s VERY good. Don’t close your mind to it and say “I’m not ready yet” or “I don’t need it” without actually knowing what you’re passing up.

MYTH #1:  “My current home will be  the best place to live in my retirement years.”


Throughout your life, you have chosen different types of homes to meet your evolving lifestyle. From your parents’ home, to college dormitories, to smaller apartments during your singlehood, to larger homes when raising your family, you have repeatedly moved to new homes that provide the best communities, living space, lifestyle, and amenities for each stage of your life. The best home for your next stage of life should be one that provides more freedom, more convenience, better care and less worry.

Behind the Myth

What makes it so difficult for many people to move from their current home?  Some people are concerned that their lifestyle will be limited by rules and restrictions when moving into a CCRC. In reality, however, there are few restrictions at a CCRC. Residents are just as free to engage—or not engage—in activities both at the CCRC and in the community, to eat when and where they like and to come and go when they please. Said one resident, “If you went to the symphony all your life where you lived, you can go to the symphony here, too. And if you like, they’ll take you there and bring you home. The difference is that here you have convenient transportation if you need it and can enjoy your favorite pastimes with other like-minded people.”

Residents we interviewed consistently spoke of having greater independence and freedom. “In a CCRC you’re free to focus on what’s most important to you, rather than being weighed down by the anchor of daily chores.”     Residents have freedom to explore new pathways, from learning how to paint, volunteering in the community, becoming an expert on healthy cooking, authoring a book, reaching new levels of fitness, to developing rewarding new friendships.

We will be sharing the other four Myths About Senior Living Communities in upcoming e newsletters. 

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