Cost Comparison Worksheet

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Many of the benefits of our community cannot be communicated through monetary values, such as the social interaction; emotional support of the community; the opportunities to meet new friends; and an environment that encourages overall wellness.  In addition, should the health care needs of you or your partner change unexpectedly, higher levels of care are conveniently provided within the Franke Tobey Jones community

That said, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the numbers. Our convenient calculator will help you understand different living options at Franke Tobey Jones and how they compare to your current monthly budget.

Many living options come with additional amenities.  After you receive the results of your budget analysis, review the Living Options pages  Each living options come with many amenities.  Our community brochure also includes many of the amenities of each living option.

Fill out this worksheet to see how your monthly expenses compare to living at Franke Tobey Jones.

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