Franke Tobey Jones Takes Safety Seriously During Pandemic

Our housekeeper, Victoria, posing for the camera

This past year has been challenging for everyone living inside or outside a retirement community.  We are proud to say that Franke Tobey Jones has gone above and beyond on a daily basis to help residents stay safe and healthy during the Pandemic.

“One of the reasons our campus has remained so healthy is because disinfecting is done in all our buildings throughout the day,” says Jeff McQuay, our remarkable FTJ Housekeeping Supervisor. “We always use a 7-step process when cleaning which includes: 1) safety (correct Personal Protective Equipment), 2) hand hygiene, 3) damp wiping of all easy touchable surfaces, 4) infection prevention and control and use of disinfect, 5) routine floor care, 6) waste handling and 7) restroom cleaning.  We also have a back-pack fogger to sanitize rooms after a deep clean.”

The FTJ vehicles are also cleaned and sanitized before and after each resident trip, drivers always wear PPE and residents are asked to sit in the back of vehicles as a social distancing practice.

“Franke Tobey Jones is an excellent community,” comments Alison Yeager, a resident family member. “The staff are friendly, well qualified, attentive, and they care about their residents. Their response to COVID has been stellar. It’s such a comfort knowing my mother is in such good hands, especially during these difficult times.”

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