FTJ Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group

senior woman and her daughter hugging

Our FTJ Memory Care Resident Care Supervisor, Vivienne Campbell, and FTJ Social Services Coordinator, Maggie Conley, have recently started an Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Group for FTJ resident family members.  The goal of this support group is to help people navigate the memory loss journey they are having with their loved one which is completely different for every person.  “As I always say, if you’ve seen one memory care resident you’ve seen one memory care resident because everyone one is so unique,” comments Vivienne.  “We know and feel the pain of spouses and family members who have partners/loved ones with memory loss.  It is devastating.  We are here to try and give support to people who are struggling with this journey.  Most spouses feel a tremendous sense of loss and guilt, and feel they are abandoning their loved one if they move them to a memory care community.  They feel as though they should be doing more and also feel so alone in their struggle.  These feelings are all common, and in the support group we talk about these feelings.  This gives people a great deal of comfort and a place where they can compare notes and discuss their particular situation.”

“We are trying to keep the group small so sharing feelings and situations won’t be more overwhelming than it already is,” says Maggie.  We suggest a couple of topics or possibly an article of interest to focus on, but the meetings are organically driven and center on whatever topics and feelings people need to discuss that day. Although Vivienne and I are there to facilitate the meeting, it’s really participant led.”

Although we only have one support group at the moment, in the future we are hoping to expand it to more groups, each staying small in size.  If you are interested in participating in a future group, please contact Viviene at or, or call-752-6621 and ask for either one.

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