Questions to Ask When Choosing a Memory Care Facility in Tacoma

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Perhaps no form of care requires more patience, compassion, or skill than caring for those living with memory loss. Finding the right memory care community and home away from home with a new family is essential in helping ensure a life of purpose and fulfillment for your loved one.

First, you’ll need to find a community in Tacoma, WA that has a separate facility for memory care. It is also important to find an Alzheimer’s and dementia care home with professional staff that receives specialized training for working with individuals dealing with memory loss and their unique health situations.

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Memory Care Facility in Tacoma:

  1. Is it a secure neighborhood that specializes in memory care?
  2. What specific services does the community provide?
  3. Does the staff receive specialized training?
  4. What level of personal attention and assistance can individuals expect from staff?
  5. Does the memory care community have a special dining program that uses various techniques to address the specific challenges people living with dementia have while eating?
  6. What programs and activities are offered to stimulate and support the mind, exercise the body and provide socialization opportunities?
  7. Does the Alzheimer and dementia care community group people by level of cognition?
  8. How does the memory care community handle medical emergencies?
  9. What is the ratio of professional caregivers to residents at the facility?
  10. How does the memory care facility communicate with families about a resident’s well-being?

Our innovative Franke Tobey Jones Care Center in Tacoma, Washington is now open! This facility is home for 49 memory care residents with secure outdoor courtyards and 23 skilled nursing residents. If you or your loved one needs professional memory care or long-term skilled nursing let us give you a tour of our beautiful new dementia and Alzheimer’s retirement facilities.  If you are interested in learning more about choosing a memory care facility for Alzheimer’s and dementia and the care we provide at our nursing home facility, please call Michelle Olafson at 253-756-6251.

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