Senior University April Class Highlights

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Friday, April 12

Tips for Gender Inclusive Language and LGBTQ Support*
Participants will learn LGBTQ terms and inclusive language, current state policies, and ways to be supportive allies and peers.

2:00 – 3:30 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

Thursday, April 18

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole, Reimaging Aging*
When Alice falls down the rabbit hole in the classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, she encounters a new reality. Aging is a major life transition, and rather like falling down a rabbit hole, what we find can be unexpected.  Our task is to challenge our perceptions of growing older, many of which are not positive, and to reimage aging.

In Claiming Your Place at the Fire, authors Richard J. Leider and David Shapiro invite us to view the second half of life through a different lens, suggesting that it is the “…first real chance to define ourselves and to live in a manner of our own choosing.”     

This highly interactive workshop will examine the attributes of positive aging and guide participants in reimagining their aging journey.  

10:00 – 11:30 am, Bristol View 1st Floor Bowditch Room

Tuesday, April 30

Best Friends by Design?*
In this class, we will explore the role domestication played in the creation of new species like dogs and house cats. We will use discussion and lecture as a way to unpack some of the scientific hypotheses for why humans might keep pets, the morality of it, as well as lingering questions that remain regarding the practice of pet ownership.

4:00 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

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