Senior University October 2022 Class Highlights

woman dressed like witch gazing into her crystal ball

Friday, October 21

Varieties of Envy

“Envy slays itself by its own arrows.” “Envy spoils the good it covets.” These and many other sayings suggest that envy is irrational, counterproductive, and malicious. But is envy really so bad? In this lecture, Professor Protasi defends a novel taxonomy of envy, according to which there are four kinds of envy: emulative, inert, aggressive, and spiteful envy. She will illustrate four paradigmatic cases and provide a detailed analysis of how each of them feels and what it motivates one to do. She will end by briefly alluding to the role envy plays in human flourishing.
3:00 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

Friday, October 28

Murder, Magic, & Witchcraft: The Science of Herbal Poisons During the Salem Witch Trials
For centuries, plants have been used as sources of medicinally active compounds. These compounds extracted from plants and used in their optimal amounts can help cure certain diseases but are toxic if the concentrations are too high. Herbalists of the 17th century often accidentally overdosed during self-experimentation on physiological or psychoactive plant extracts—thus was born the idea of witches, witch-brews, and wild drug-induced flights on broom sticks into the night. University of Puget Sound Biology Professor Andreas Madlung will talk about the world of plant drugs, poisons, and hallucinogens and relate them to what we know about witches and their traditions.

3:00 pm, MJ Wicks Wellness Center

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