Taco-Bout A Fundraiser!

Taco-Bout A Fundraiser

Pt. Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center
Taco Lunch Fundraiser
Friday, May 17, 2024

When Kate Gray and Ron Yaden at the Pt. Defiance ~ Ruston Senior Center decided to hold a taco lunch to raise money for the Senior Center, it became the perfect opportunity for Franke Tobey Jones residents and team members to get involved and help with their fundraising efforts.

“I thought what a great idea if Ron was willing to make a few extra tacos and I made Mexican wedding cakes for dessert ~ we could add to their success and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time. And we would provide delivery to their doors and offices!” said Director of Philanthropy Shelley Harris.  Word quickly spread that a $10 lunch would include 3 tacos, refried beans, chips, salsa, guacamole, and dessert.

“Surprise” was an understatement when Ron asked for an FTJ lunch count and learned he had 50 lunch orders (150 tacos plus the sides) to make in addition to the lunches for the Senior Center. 

Thanks to Ron’s organization of shopping, chopping, ordering, and cooking, the  Beacon Center supervisor and activities coordinator, and Senior Center volunteers, the packing of to-go meals and delivery was seamless with everyone receiving a warm lunch.

“I am just overwhelmed with gratitude!  This was the most successful fundraiser we have ever had, raising over $1,200!  A simple idea brought so much kindness and my utmost thanks go to everyone involved who made it a success – from taking orders, to volunteering in the kitchen, to FTJ residents and staff purchasing lunches and donating funds for extra meals.  We provided lunch for 20 extra people who would not have been able to participate. With the remaining food, we were able to bring meals to the homeless youth who are housed at Beacon Community Center, and they were so excited. Many, many thanks for touching the lives of a lot of community members.” 

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