Upcoming Understanding Dementia Classes

Seats Are Limited

Jake Gamble from Generations Home Care will, once again, be presenting four Understanding Dementia classes this spring.  If you’ve ever attended any of his classes, you know how wonderful they are.  He is a deeply compassionate person with a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with people with memory loss and their loved ones coping with the journey.

Classes will be held in the Franke Tobey Jones Care Center Gathering Room from 2:00-3:30 on following days.  Seats are limited so please RSVP to Adelia at 253-756-6278 or anunn@franketobeyjones.comOr RSVP online here.

  • March 27 – Various Types of Dementia and how they affect people differently.
  • April 10 –  Early Onset Dementia.  10 Warning Signs, when to get help, how to let go.
  • April 24 –  How to Address and Cope with Difficult Behaviors.  Also, family dynamics around memory loss, how to resolve issues with out-of-touch family.
  • May 8 –  How to Visit With a Loved One Who Doesn’t Recognize You Any More.