UPS Doctoral Physical Therapy Students Assess FTJ Wellness Participants

As part of FTJ’s ongoing partnership with the University of Puget Sound, recently UPS Doctoral Physical Therapy students came on-campus to offer Functional Gait Assessments to FTJ’s Wellness Participants.  This was a series of walking tasks that identified gait impairments that could increase the risk of falls. Afterwards, participants had the opportunity to discuss their individual results with students and their instructor.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that every one in four American’s aged 65+ takes a fall every year in the U.S. This number is significant considering that falls can be detrimental to the health, safety and financial independence of the individual. The good news is that with increased awareness surrounding this issue both individuals and their loved ones can contribute to reducing the risk of falling and the serious impacts that may follow.  The purpose of fall prevention awareness is to share education on effective strategies for increasing mobility and strength, while also offering practical solutions for safety. It is also a great opportunity for individuals to reflect on their own risk factors or those of a loved one.

We appreciate this partnership with the University of Puget Sound, and applaud these Doctoral Physical Therapy Students in their efforts to help keep these seniors informed about potential fall risks.

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