Do You Need Some Free Assistance For A Loved One Who Feels Isloated?

female caregiver chatting with senior woman on a bench outside

As people age, there are many reasons they may become isolated and withdraw from social interaction.  Many older adults become isolated due to declining health or giving up driving.  We know that isolation impacts our mood, diet, and overall health.  At MultiCare Celebrate Seniority we have a focus on addressing social isolation through two of our in-home programs, Care Pairs and Senior Friends.  


The Care Pairs program walks alongside those who are new caregivers and their care recipients. The non-paid caregiver may be a spouse but also may be a neighbor, a friend or a family member who doesn’t live in the area. One of the Pair needs to be 60 years or older.  The program offers support, tools, and guidance in aiding older adults, who they live with or are actively supporting. Weekly check-ins meet people with respect and kindness while offering ideas, guidance, and resources.


The Senior Friends program aims to match trained volunteers with seniors, 60 years or older, who are isolated and lonely. The goal is to decrease isolation through the development of a friendship that can support the recipient by offering in-person and telephone visits.  Visits can be in the recipient’s home or include activities in the community such as: traveling to appointments, doing errands, attending events at a local senior center or food bank, for example.  Activities and scheduling are determined by the two, senior friends.  Senior friends are matched by their interests and locality (generally within a 5 mile radius of one another). All volunteers are screened, complete program specific training and have on-going oversight by Celebrate Seniority’s Community Coordinator.


People can learn more online at MultiCare Celebrate Seniority or contact us directly at 253-697-3005 or

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