Employee Scholarship News!

Employee scholarship recipients and committee posing for a group photo

The Employee Scholarship Committee unanimously voted to approve the application of three outstanding Franke Tobey Jones employees. With the help of these funds Heidi White, Patricia Moore, and Vivienne Campbell will be able to enroll in a Coach Training course that will not only benefit our beloved memory care residents but will allow them to train other staff!

In response to finding their applications were approved, Heidi said, “We’re so excited for this opportunity to increase the skills of our staff members. Thanks to the Scholarship Committee we are able to get Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Coach Training and Certification for three key staff members. These three staff members will then be able to coach and teach the skills of working in the best possible way with people with dementia to the rest of our staff.”

“This is a game changer, not only for our residents but our entire community. Having staff members trained with an understanding of the best way to approach and work with people with dementia will dramatically improve their quality of life. Using the PAC method improves the way staff interact and respond to those living with dementia, allowing residents to feel safe, understood and accepted. We’re so grateful that the Scholarship Committee recognized the need for this training and made it possible for FTJ to improve the quality of life of their residents!”

The Scholarship Committee members instantly saw the value and longevity of this training, and the benefit it will have for years to come for staff and residents alike on FTJ’s campus. Per a couple of the members, “This is a great use of funds!” Congratulations Heidi, Patricia, and Vivienne for your outstanding dedication to the quality of life for our FTJ residents and your respective scholarship awards!

Photo caption:  Scholarship Recipients meet the Employee Scholarship Committee:  from left, Scholarship Committee Chair Jack Falskow, Hannah Gitonga, Phyllis Gill, Lynn Brown, Heidi White, Shelby Clayson, Patricia Moore, and Nancy Cook.

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